Our Purpose

To discover ourselves and connect with others through climbing.

Our Promise

We promise to commit ourselves to offering every customer, partner, and guest who walks through our doors (or whom we meet outside of our doors) an inspiring climbing and fitness experience, an opportunity for self discovery, and a sharing, social atmosphere.

Core Values

We live these values each and every day, to enrich each other, ourselves, and Sender One while at the same time fulfilling our Promises and Purpose.

Find Creative Beta

Harness your imagination thoughtfully by finding novel and interesting approaches to our everyday responsibilities.

Learn from your projects…and send them

Learn and grow from each task, challenge, and interaction. And follow them through to the end.

Climb together

Work together, support each other, share ideas, and earn trust.

Share Your Passions

You love something; something makes you happy—whether it’s climbing, working with kids, or teaching. Pass that love along so that others can experience what you feel.

See the world from other people’s perspectives

Treat others as they would want to be treated by conscientiously putting yourself in their shoes. Help others to also understand your point-of-view.


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Meet Our Setters



Route Setting Director

Moses began his love affair with climbing in his hometown, San Luis Obispo. After more than twenty years, that passion continues to influence his lifestyle and professional pursuits. Moses is a Level 4 USAC nationally certified route setter, most recently contributing to ABS Youth Nationals 2015, CCS Nationals 2015, and SCS Open Nationals 2014. Moses’ route setting style, which he imparts to his coworkers, is informed by his rock climbing adventures across North America – including the Southeast, Squamish, and Hueco Tanks – and around the world – places such as Rocklands, South Africa; Catalunya, Spain; and Fontainebleau. His climbs are known for their sustained, technical nature, as well as their “flowing,” comfortable movements. Moses has climbed 5.14a and v13. He teaches the occasional belay class, Foundations class, or private lesson, on request. Just ask!



Route Setter

Brian began climbing in 1999 in NC at age 12 and began setting for his local gym 4 years later. In 2006 he relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, worked for several large climbing gyms, and picked up the nickname CUZ. He’s climbed extensively throughout the United States with a broad interest in many disciplines within climbing. Together with the legendary Steve “Shipoopi” Schneider, Brian has climbed El Capitan aid routes up to the grade A3+, with a possible third ascent of the Virginia variation of Tangerine Trip. He has also been forced into many notable retreats from numerous Yosemite big walls, either due to logistics or inclement weather. During the winters he tries to avoid falling off of boulder problems up to



Route Setter

Kody, a long Beach native, has been addicted to climbing since 2005. He started gym climbing when he was a spry tween, at what was formerly The Rock Gym at Signal Hill, gleefully absorbing every dimension of the sport. Having now evolved into the man-child seen above, his love for climbing has pushed him deep into the art of route setting. Beyond setting, Kody enjoys wresting boulders outside with a child-like enthusiasm. His favorite areas include The Buttermilk Country of Bishop, Black Mountain, and Geology Tour Road in Joshua Tree. His proudest sends include Evolution (to the lip), Zen Flute, and his recent ascent of Sharma Traverse.



Route Setter

A SoCal native, Randy Casillan has been climbing since 2006 and has turned it into both a career and a way of life. He enjoys both bouldering and sport climbing and is trying his hand(s) at doing more trad routes. Some of his favorite climbing spots include Bishop, Hueco Tanks, Joe’s Valley, and Tramway. His other interests include sailing, biking, photography, and playing Magic the Gathering.



Route Setter

Kris has been a non-stop climber since 2008. From the very first time he went to the local climbing gym in Sonoma County, his hometown, he knew climbing would be a life-long obsession. By the end of 2010 he was a route setter & team coach for that same gym and has never had a job that he enjoys more. He began working as part of the Sender One setter team in 2016. Kris loves bouldering outside, particularly in Bishop, crushing local comps & coaching the future leaders of the sport. He hopes to live & work in the climber lifestyle well into old age.

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