Cardio Equipment


Our 1,500 square foot fitness area features first-in-class strength, cardio, and core fitness equipment. We have a large variety of equipment, including the latest Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers, EFX cross trainers, treadmills, and both recumbent and upright exercise bikes.

Strength Training

The strength training area includes a lat pulldown / seated row machine, combination leg extension / leg curl machine, assisted chin-up / dip machine, as well as benches, free weights, and kettle bells. Also included are plenty of medicine and swiss balls.





Personal Training with Nicola Strother, Fitness Coordinator/NESTA CPT

“You Either Worked Out Today … Or You Didn’t !”

I believe that with our busy schedules, it is incredibly tough to commit an hour and a half to work out. One hour strength and 1/2 hour cardio. I also believe that strength training sessions that last for an hour can be tedious and clients tend to lose their focus; which in turn, leads to less energy and less attention to form.

So, how do I structure my sessions? My strength training workout is similar to circuit training. My sessions are also only a 1/2 hour. This type of workout is usually intense and focused; in addition to a great full body strength workout, you are also increasing your cardiovascular health and endurance. Instead of resting between exercises, we move onto different body parts, and then we return to the original exercise; thus accomplishing more much in less time. My priority is to always train in a fun environment whilst maintaining proper form and safe exercises. All of my sessions are specifically designed to each of my clients needs and goals.

1/2 hour private training $40.00
1/2 hour semi-private training $50.00
Group training (dependent upon # in group)

Contact Nicola at or (310) 210-7052


Nicola Strother grew up in an athletic family and as a teenager was a competitive gymnast training 6 days a week, 5 hours a day.  Being in peak condition was critical to her success.   As she grew up, she had a desire to pursue more intense sports such as rock climbing, wake boarding, skydiving, martial arts and stunt driving.

Nicola was able to parlay her athleticism into a successful career as a stuntwoman in Los Angeles.  Again being in great shape, and knowing muscles, their strengths and limits, helped her succeed in another fiercely competitive field.  Nicola has doubled Jessica Biel on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and worked on such movies as MIB, Spiderman II, The Italian Job, and even boxed Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby.  She also doubled Amber Tamblyn in the Oscar nominated 127 Hours where she did a 45 foot drop down a slot canyon followed by a 60 foot freefall into water.

After moving to Orange County from Los Angeles, Nicola transitioned into personal training, tennis specific training, and nutrition, working with both athletes and adults that wanted to improve their overall health. Over time her role expanded into Fitness Director with Advantage Tennis Academy (an elite academy where juniors train with aspirations of playing on the tour), and Fitness Coordinator at the Racquet Club of Irvine where she oversees the fitness department and group exercise programs which including yoga, Pilates and circuit training.

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