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On its own, or as a compliment to climbing, yoga is a great way to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. Sender One’s dedicated yoga studio hosts daily classes and has floor-to-ceiling mirrors and eco-friendly bamboo flooring


Yoga and Fitness

Select classes are conducted with music. Our certified yoga instructors teach a variety of yoga styles, accommodating students of all experience levels.

Learn more about our yoga instructors on our yoga teacher page

For the complete calendar of classes and events including updated instructor schedules, please visit our calendar page.

6:15pm: 90 minute level 2 Rohaya Esa
7:55pm: 25 Minute Core Conditioning
8:30pm: Restorative Yoga with Carrie Cowan

12:00pm: Vinyasa Flow with Laura Hovrath
6:15pm: Level 1 with Shireen Kaviani
7:30pm: Level 2 with Lindy Ker

8:45pm: Community Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Melody Vo

6:15pm: 90 minute level 2 with Rohaya Esa
7:55-8:20pm Stretching for Climbers with Melody Vo
8:30pm: Mat Pilates with Carrie Cowan

12:00pm: Vinyasa Flow with Laura Hovrath
6:15pm: Level 1 with Rebecca Fink
7:30pm: Level 2 with Rachel Silverman

6:15pm Power with Rachel Silverman

10am: Vinyasa Flow with Carrie Cowan

10:00am: Rajika with Shireen Kaviani

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