Approaching the Peak - Sender One Climbing

So there I was, standing on the top of this giant peak, looking out over this vast expanse made of nothing but back-country. All I could do was steady myself and breathe in huge, slow gulps of fresh mountain air.

I've noticed that people have very different drives for why they go outdoors. They also have such vast differences with how they approach life. Some people want to attack life so ferociously and explore every crevice until they feel nothing but pure fulfillment, pure bliss from their achievements. Some people are driven by their unabashed curiosity, wanting to find answers to the way their world seems to function. Others simply love where their feet take them as they wanderlust around, knowing that quite simply, their endeavors will naturally take them to the exact place they need to be in life.

Whatever your strategy for living, we are happy that you have stumbled upon this blog and our adventure.In this current phase of our life as a gym, we are so happy to have been able to get to this point. We know all-too well that we would not have gotten here without the commitment from those who seek a challenge, strive to surpass their goals, and live to seek adventure outside of their normal comfort zone. We welcome you here. This is a place for you.

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Thanks for stopping by! We can’t wait to carry on this adventure with you until we stand breathless on the top of those peaks, taking in the view, feeling proud of our accomplishments and where our wanderings have taken us.


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