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iSWOLation Workout Series: Week #1

iSWOLation Workout Series: Week #1

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Welcome to Week #1 of the iSWOLation Workout Series!

We know - it's been really hard with the climbing gym being closed. It has become one of our top priorities to ensure that our community can stay active during this time. In addition to our online virtual classes, our Sender One LAX Head Coach, Dom Barry, has put together a workout series for the upcoming weeks while we remain closed.

This guide is aimed to keep you moving and maintain a baseline of fitness, so no need to strap on your weights for this! Check out our other blog post for the full introduction of this workout series.
Each week we’ll have a new workout for you that will have a variety of exercises to help keep your body in shape. We'll also provide some exercise how-to videos that go along with each workout. You can view these videos and more on our YouTube Channel!
Aim to complete these exercises 3 days per week with 1 day of rest or cross training (a light run with your dog or bike ride around the neighborhood) in between each day you do this work out.

1. Warming Up

50 Jumping Jacks -
Smooth, controlled movements focusing on even movements and landing softly
10 Arm Circles -
Forward & Reverse Small/Med/Large Circles
5 Hip Circles

2. Activation + Stabilization

10 Scapula Push Ups x 1 Set
10 Second Handstand Walk Outs x 1 Set

3. Strength (2 Options)

Option #1
10 Elevated Feet Push Ups x 3 sets (1 min. rest between sets)
10 Push Ups x 3 sets - (1 min. rest between sets)
Option #2
10 High Knee Step Ups x 3 sets (1 min. rest between sets)
10 Bodyweight Squats x 3 sets (1 min. rest between sets)

4. Core

1 min Hollow Body x 3 sets (30 sec rest in between sets)
15 Side Plank Dips x 2 sets

5. Mobility + Supplemental

1 min Wall Slides I-Y-T
20 sec Thread the Needle x 2 sets (hold left and right sides)
20 sec Pigeon Stretch Each Leg x 3 sets (w/ 10 sec rest between sets)
40 sec Frog Stretch x 3 sets (w/ 10 seconds rest between sets)

Introducing the iSWOLation Workout Series

Introducing the iSWOLation Workout Series

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Due to the exponential rate of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to confine within our homes and find alternative means of staying fit. We at Sender One would like to provide you with an alternative way of staying fit for when we are able to get outside and climb together again. This way you'll still be as strong as you were before self quarantine.

Led by our very own LAX Youth Program Comp Team Head Coach Dom Barry, he is set on providing a weekly workout series that is easy and accessible to all households.

This guide is aimed to keep you moving and maintain a baseline of fitness, so no need to strap on your weights for this!

Each week we'll have a new workout for you that will have a variety of exercises to keep your body in shape.

Here are the basics:

  • Warming up - Every workout requires a warmup, and much like climbing, you need to get the heart rate bumping so your warm and ready.

  • Activation/Stabilization - Starting off your workout is maintaining stabilization by activating your muscles through these exercises.
  • Strength - It goes a long way and will help you further your climbing. These exercises are standard and necessary.
  • Core - One of the key essential muscles in climbing is core. These exercises will strengthen your abdominal area so you maintain a good solid core.

  • Mobility/Supplemental - These exercises will help sustain mobility in addition to the previous exercises. Movement is extremely important in climbing and mobility only makes it that much better.

Aim to complete these exercises 3 days per week with 1 day of rest or cross training (a light run with your dog or bike ride around the neighborhood) in between each day you do this work out.

Stay tuned for each weeks workout through our blog or social media (Instagram and Facebook)

Ascent | Short Film by Jessica Cisneros

Ascent | Short Film by Jessica Cisneros

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At Sender One, one of our core values is to share our passions with one another.  Recently Sender One staff member, Jessica Cisneros, shared her passion for filmmaking with the climbing community by creating a short-film documentary, Ascent - The Life of a Climber.  We asked Jessica a few questions to learn more about her passion for filmmaking and rock climbing.  Check out her film, and what she had to say, below!


How long have you been climbing? What about filmmaking? 

I have a weird relationship with climbing.  It is very off and on based on the complexity of my schedule and the seasons of life.  As of right now, it is very much on and I am loving it!  If I had to say a time, it's been about 3 years.  Filmmaking, however, I have been doing for 2 years consistently.  Prior to that I was a video editor for 5 years. 


What inspired you to you to combine your passions of climbing and filmmaking? 

They were both easily accessible!  I think sometimes as filmmakers, we get stuck having to produce a story from a narrative that we don't fully believe in or support.  Under those circumstances, it becomes difficult to create.  If I was going to be the pre-editor of this project, I had to be 100% behind the concept. 


What made you want to make a film about climbing? 

When I was brainstorming on ideas to produce a small documentary for school, I wanted to educate on a topic that would be attention grabbing!  Documentaries can be a bit boring sometimes and I wanted to give people something enjoyable to watch that they could still learn from.  I began working on this way before Free Solo, and other rad climbing docs, and the idea felt very original since these others didn't exist yet.  I scripted, carefully sought out my interviewees, pre-selected outdoor climbing locations, and prepared the schedule to get shooting with a couple of my classmates.


What was something you learned while making this film? 

I learned many things while creating this piece.  I learned about the dedication and passion from a climber's perspective, and how important it is to preserve our crags.  Overall, I learned that regardless of the type of climbing you engage in, practicing minimizing risk and not making rash decisions is extremely important - your life depends on it. 





Adidas Ticket to Rockstars – Coming to Sender One LAX

Adidas Ticket to Rockstars – Coming to Sender One LAX

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Coming to Sender One LAX  |  Saturday, August 17, 2019

Come boulder with us and rock out to music!  Participate in the boulder jam, try out the other challenges, or just come for the fun!  This will be the first time the event has ever been held in California, and the top performing male and female climber in the Open Jam will get to travel to compete at the Ticket to Rockstars finals in Stuttgart, Germany!  Get more information in our FAQ below, and mark your calendars for an exhilarating day of climbing, music, and more!

How do I sign up?

The sign up process may feel a little tricky, so we're here to help!  There are two places where you need to sign up:

  1. Event Registration through Sender One here: Click Here (or the orange button above!)
  2. Electronic Scorecard/Climb Tracker with Vertical Life: Click Here


Lastly, if you have never been to our facility before, or if it has been over a year since your last visit, you will need to fill out a facility waiver, here.
(Waivers must be on file for everyone entering the facility, regardless of if they are climbing or not)

What areas of the gym will be closed?

A floor map for closures is currently in development and will be available soon. The below dates are 'rolling closures,' meaning that once closed, they will NOT be open again until competition day.

Tuesday, August 13th
Bouldering Area (Downstairs) - Learning Corner to Ships Prow (all walls along the windows on the downstairs bouldering) - CLOSED
Wednesday, August 14th
Bouldering Area (Downstairs) - Ships Prow to the Sunset Slab - CLOSED
Thursday, August 15th
Bouldering Area (Upstairs) - CLOSED
Friday, August 16th
All Bouldering will remain CLOSED

Saturday, August 17th - Event Day!

  • Sender City - CLOSED
  • Bouldering Area (Upstairs) - CLOSED to non-competitors. Open to all at 7 PM.
  • Bouldering Area (Downstairs) - CLOSED to non-competitors. Open to all at 7 PM.
  • Rope Area - CLOSED
  • Fitness Area - CLOSED
  • Yoga Studio - CLOSED

There will be NO yoga classes and NO Intro to Climbing classes taking place on 8/17.

*Closure information is subject to slight adjustment prior to the event. We will update this post with any changes, should they occur. 

How much does it cost to attend?

Here is how it will break down on the day of: 

  • Sender One Members have free entry to the gym per their membership.  Members can use their guest pass to bring a friend as well!
  • Sender One Guests will be able to purchase discounted day passes for just $15! 

There will be no additional charge to participate in the adidas Ticket to Rockstars competition.

Where can I park?

A parking map will be posted closer to the event.  Should the gym lot be unavailable, there is street parking along Hindry Ave and La Cienega Blvd, as well as nearby pay-to-park lots.  The closest pay-to-park lots are the airport lot on 111th, and the Metro Station lot off of Imperial Highway.
Here is more information for parking options:
- The Metro parking lot, $3 all day
- Airport courthouse on La Cienega/Imperial, free on weekends
- The Edge Food Plaza parking
- Economy public parking lot on 111th street (Lot E), $4/hr or $12 max
- Limited amount of Lyft codes! Use ADIDAST2R for $5 of credit; good for one time use per guest

Can I sign up on the day of the competition?

Yes, if space permits!  Participation is limited to 300 climber for the Open Jam (14+ years) and 250 climbers for the Minis, Kids, and Youth Jam.  Sign up ahead of time to save your spot!

Can you specify the age categories?

Of course! There will be two boulder jams - one for anyone 13 years or younger, and one for anyone 14 years or older. The youth jam will be divided into three more categories based on age. Here is the break down:
• Mini Jam (under 10)
• Kids Jam (10-11)
• Youth Jam (12-13)
• Open Jam (14+)

What if I'm not very experienced?

This event is open to all levels of climbers, and is a day full of climbing fun and entertainment for everyone!  Please join us!

What is a jam?

There are four different bouldering jams.  During the jam sessions, you can climb on different boulder problems for the set period of time. With great prizes available in every age group, it’s worth a try!  Here are the different jams to register for: 

  • Minis Jam (under 10 years old)
  • Kids Jam (10-11 years old)
  • Youth Jam (12-13 years old)
  • Open Jam (14+ years old)

What is the competition format?

The format for Ticket to Rockstars will be a red-point bouldering competition.

What is first prize?

The top male and female climbers in the Open Jam (14+ years) will be invited to the adidas Ticket to Rockstars Final presented by GORE-TEX in Stuttgart, Germany! This final will be held on September 13, 2019.  There will be other opportunities to win fun prized throughout the day through climbing and other fun challenges! 

Can I come to Sender One LAX, but not participate in the event?

Yes.  You are not required to participate in adidas Ticket to Rockstars if you come to the gym, however we definitely recommend it!  Please be advised that our Intro to Climbing Classes, and Sender City sessions will not be offered on this date, and several areas of our facility will not be accessible during the hours of the competition (see above for list of closures).

Check out photos from past adidas Ticket to Rockstars events:

Pictures by Angie Payne and Marc Schwartz

Sender One’s 6th Birthday Bash | Highlights

Sender One’s 6th Birthday Bash | Highlights

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On Saturday we celebrated 6 years of our community climbing, connecting, and growing together.  There would have been nothing to celebrate if not for you - our amazing community of families, students, professionals, climbers new and old, and so many more. 
Looking back on the last 6 years of bouldering leagues, climbing competitions, youth camps and climbing team practices, Sender City sessions and birthday parties, athlete visits, headlamp nights, movie premieres, Monday night meetups, and more, it is inspiring to see how much the Sender One family and experience has expanded and evolved.  6 years of discovering ourselves and connecting with others certainly deserves one amazing celebration! 
Shout out to all who attended Sender One's 6th Birthday Bash!  We celebrated the occasion with a Redpoint Bouldering Competition, Ropes Sufferfest, Discounted Sender City Sessions, and an awesome Vendor Village highlighting businesses owned by Sender One Members!  Check out some pictures from the event, as well as the final scores from the competitions below!

Photos by M. Becker, G. Lively, & C. Tan

We had so much fun, and cannot wait to start planning a bigger and better party next year!  As we look ahead to our 7th year, we are stoked to bring you Adidas Ticket to Rockstars, the 2020 Pan American Continental Championships, Sender One Playa Vista, and more fun along the way! 


Special thanks to all of our vendors and donors who helped support an epic 6 Year Birthday Bash!
Brewheim, Maiz Cocina, Friends of Joshua Tree, Adidas/Five Ten, Gear Co-Op, Kind Bar, HippyTree, Static Climbing, Mad Rock Climbing, LaSportiva, Embark Wear, Wear AM, Harle Hands, Dynamite Starfish, Element Climbing, Säpp, Garuka Bars, Kris Terry, Tiny Namaste, Ariel Lee Art, Josh Hernandez Photography, Amarillo, All Ways Tie Dye, Crag to Crux, Britney Berkstresser, Wild Soap Co., Anni Crafts Anniwhere, Newport Pain & Wellness, Inky Origins, The Craft Effect + Co, and Shy Fish Studio.

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