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Fall Activities for the Family

Here at Sender One Climbing, we have been recognized for our awesome climbing opportunities and exciting new activities.  This fall, give our Los Angeles rock climbing gym or our Orange County rock climbing gym a try as a family! From our classic...

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The Connection Between Climbing and Yoga

Sweat begins to form drops on your forehead as you control your breath.  Your arm muscles swell as they are stretched to comply with your requests.  Your core body is engaged as it maintains your balance, keeping you from falling.  Whether you are hanging...

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Climbing as Therapy: What Research Shows

Words and Climbing Images by Jane Chin, Ph.D. Website:   "Therapeutic bouldering for depression"? Yes -- bouldering therapy is a thing! A 2015 research study of 47 participants showed that 8 weeks of bouldering therapy improved...

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