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New Season Starting April 2nd @ SNA


Bouldering League Information

EARLY BIRD (3/11 - 3/25):
$68 / Team of 4 or $17 / Climber
$84 / Team of 4 or $21 / Climber


Register online or at the front desk.
*Participants may be members, punch pass holders or guests. A punch will be used for Bouldering League sessions. Guests must pay for a day pass (discounted to only $20!) on their chosen climb night.
Registration can be done by a full team or by an individual participant.
  • 4 Climbers maximum per team
  • Free Agents* will be assigned to a team
  • No Substitutions
  • Registration includes league night participation, bouldering league shirt/ tank, finals night, raffle entry during finals
  • Indicate T-shirt/ Tank size
  • Indicate Handicap, your hardest grade that is climbed during a single session

For online registration, please be sure you are registering under the "Free Agent" event slot. We will help assign you a team, so that you are solo no more!

Team members can climb on any league day during the week. We encourage teams to climb together each week but it is not required.

Climbing Days:

Weeks 1-3 Run Tuesday 5p - Sunday Closing
Climb any 1 day each week starting Tuesday after 5p.
Week 1: 4/2 – 4/7
Week 2: 4/9 – 4/14
Week 3: 4/16 – 2/21
Finals Night: Thursday, 4/25 5p - 10:30p

Finals Night: Thursday, April 25th

  • Pizza
  • Raffle
  • Bouldering League Winners Announced
  • Swag

Finals Night Schedule 

  • Climbing begins at 5:00 PM
  • Climbing ends at 9:30 PM
  • All Scores Submitted by: 9:35 PM (no exceptions)
  • Raffle: 9:30 PM
  • Awards: Following Raffle


Please email [email protected] with any questions.


Paper scoresheets are available during Bouldering League climbing days at the front desk. Track your climbs on the paper but don't forget to log your scores online! The paper scoresheets can be turned into the box at the front desk. These are a backup in case of any discrepancies.


Scores are posted at the end of each week in the facility and on the Sender One Bouldering League Facebook page.


  • Scoring is normalized by your handicap (which is decided by you), which may be adjusted during the competition.
    •  Example: A climber with a V2 handicap climbing a V2 graded problem will receive the same amount of points as a V10 climber climbing a V10 graded problem.
  • Handicap Adjustment: As you progress and improve throughout the competition, your handicap may be increased accordingly.
    • Example: A climber with a V2 handicap sends a V4 problem, or multiple V3s, their handicap will likely be bumped up to V3.
  • Flashing will earn you extra points, and climbing at your handicap will also give you a higher score.
Notice: route grades will not be presented during climbing nights and the scoring is weighted progressively more each week. How mysterious!


3How can I sign-up?
Either online or at the SNA Front Desk.
How much does it cost?
$68/team ($17/person) during early bird registration (3/11 - 3/25)
$84/team ($21/person) for regular registration, (After 3/25)
How many people to a team?
Four. The top 3 teammates' scores are recorded each week.
What if I don’t have a team?
You may sign up as a free agent. We will assign you a team!
Do I need to climb on a specific day/night each week?
Weeks 1-3 run Tuesday at 5pm until closing on Sunday. Teams do not have to stick to climbing on the same night each week. You are welcome to climb on any day and don’t have to compete on the same day as your team. Week 4 (finals), all teams will compete on the same night, Thursday 4/25, starting at 5:00p.
Can I climb on the new Bouldering League problems multiple sessions before submitting my score?
Absolutely not! The first session you climb on the routes, you must submit a scorecard! If you are caught submitting scores after trying the problems multiple days, your scores will not count that week!
Must I attend every week?
No, but without you competing each week, your team will suffer.
Can my team have substitutes?
Nope! No substitutes, sorry.
How does the scoring work?
Scoring is normalized by your handicap, which may be adjusted during the competition.  You can read more about scoring on the 'Rules & Scoring' Tab on this webpage!
Wait, what is a handicap?
A handicap is your hardest grade that is consistently climbed during a regular session.
Do the first week's scores count?
Yes. All weeks of Bouldering League will count toward your score.
Will there be 5 climbing days during finals week?
NO. Finals week is actually just ONE night! Climbers will climb Thursday 4/25 5:00p - 9:30p. The raffle and winners announcement will begin at 9:30p.
I'm not a member, can I participate in Bouldering League? 
Bouldering League is open to members, punch holders and guests! Guests can climb on one Bouldering League day each week for a discounted day pass rate of only $20.


  • Each participant will receive a t-shirt or tank! The T-shirt & tanks are unisex.
  • Prizes are given out on finals night for best team name! Please keep names to an appropriate standard.
  • Bouldering League is a fun, inclusive community event! It's our chance to climb together in a team setting, while seeing progress in climbing each week and supporting others!
  • New Climbers: Check out this blog post on climbing terms to help catch you up to speed with the lingo!


Competitors Will Get:
  • a Bouldering League shirt or tank
  • entry in a raffle on finals night for a chance to win sweet swag
  • to participate in 4 weeks of Bouldering League!
  • to compete to win the title of Bouldering League champion and a coveted Bouldering League trophy!
Follow our Bouldering League Facebook page for photos, updates, and scores.



  • Good sportsmanship is key. We encourage camaraderie between teammates and other competitors!
  • The first session that you climb the problems each week, you must submit your online scores! Attempts from later climbing sessions will not count!
  • Climb any problem in the week's new bouldering set (the tags will not have a grade and will say Bouldering League with a number). Mark down the climbs you have completed, and mark whether it was a flash or not.
  • A climber's top 5 climbs will be scored and the top 3 teammates' scores will be recorded for that week.
  • Go to to submit scores after your session. All scores must be in for weeks 1-3 by Sunday evening. You can use your phone to enter scores.
  • Week 4 is Finals. All competitors will climb Thursday 4/25 between 5p & 9:30p. Awards will be announced on Thursday evening in person starting at 9:30p.
  • Paper score sheets are one per person / per week. Please drop your paper score sheet at the front desk before leaving. Remember to log your climbs before! Paper sheets are just used as backup.
  • No SANDBAGGING. Set your honest handicap. A handicap is defined by the hardest grade you can consistently climb in one session.
  • Individuals can climb on any league day. This means that you may climb with your team each week but it is not required.
  • No substitutes allowed.
  • We will be requiring a witness to initial your climbs. Please be honest with your scores!
  • Try hard!

Facility Health Guidelines: 

Climbing During Any League Day
  • Competitors can choose any ONE day to climb beginning Tuesday 5p through Sunday's closing (weeks 1-3)
  • Don’t have to climb with their teams
    Follow Current Gym Guidelines
    • Only liquid chalk or chalk balls are permitted while bouldering. Loose chalk is not permitted.

    Thank you to our supporters!

    Who will be the next Bouldering League Champions?!

    For More Information and Questions, Please Email [email protected]

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