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A Gift-Giving Guide to Sender One

A Gift-Giving Guide to Sender One

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Written and Formatted by Alexandra Erdman


As the holiday season kicks in full swing, consider the Sender One shop for potential gifts!

While December is Member Appreciation Month, we are also running Holiday Deals and a Sender City Annual pass sale so you can show appreciation for yourself and your loved ones! 

From now until December 24th, our Sender City Annual Pass will be only $369. Normally it's $439, that’s over 15% off! You can purchase a Sender City Annual Pass online or in person. Here’s a link to buy online for SNA and LAX!

Not sure about Sender City, yet? That’s okay! Here’s a link to book your Sender City session: SNA and LAX.

You’ll also have the opportunity to earn an additional gift card on qualified purchases over $50! Here’s a breakdown of what that’ll look like!

  • Spend $50; Get a $5 Gift Card
  • Spend $100; Get a $25 Gift Card
  • Spend $200; Get a $50 Gift Card

(This deal is only valid on gift cards and retail items and must be purchased in-person.)

Whether you’re purchasing a gift for a new climber or an experienced one…(Or maybe you’re looking to treat yourself!) Here is a quick guide of what gear fits best for the different types of climbers!

Top Essentials for any climber; Sport Climbers and Boulderers alike:

(You simply cannot  go wrong with this gear)

  • SHOES 
    • Climbing shoes at Sender One vary in style and difficulty level, as well as the type of climbing. 
    • For example, the Evlolv Geshido's are a particularly great shoe because they are designed for all types of terrain and a great shoe for both outdoor and indoor climbing. 
    • Sender One has a particularly extensive chalk bag selection, ranging from collabs with Cotopaxi and Static to Sender One's very own chalk bag
    • You can never go wrong with gifting a climber their very own brush to use on holds in the gym or on the rock outside! You can even choose from vegan or boar's hair chalk brushes.

Must-Haves in the Rope Area:

  • Partial to Top Roping or just new to ropes in general? YOU NEED A HARNESS
    • Sender One carries 2 different brands of harnesses: Petzl and Edelrid
    • We also carry different types of harness depening on the size (including youth sizing) and comforability you're looking for!
  • A Few Gift Ideas for the Lead Climbers
    • Rope!
      • If you're interested in lead climbing, you definitely need your own rope. Sender One offers both Sterling and Edelrid ropes and they can vary from 50m-60m
    • Rope Bag (Because who wants to carry a giant rope around all the time?)
    • Belay Device! 
      • Like ropes, we also do not loan out belay devices (You can only rent shoes, chalk and harness from the front desk). BUT if you want to be like Sender One, grab a Gri-Gri from our shop! There are a lot of different belay devices out there in the world and not all can be used at Sender One. Sender One carries our "pre-approved" belay devices for purchase, which includes the Gri-Gri (which is what we have set up on all of our top ropes) 
    • Belay Glasses! Why strain your neck when you could get some colorful glasses to help you watch your climber?
  • Special Gift for a Specialized Climber?
    • Gloves for Crack Climbing!

Maybe you and your friends are all set on gear. That’s cool. But are you all set on style?

Here are some gift ideas for lifestyle!

    • Merch! 
      • There is no shortage of stylish shirts and sweaters at Sender One. Shop our seasonal collections, including our recent Fall Line, OR shop our collab collections with Cotopaxi!
    • Water Bottles (Hydration is key)!
    • Packs!
      • The Sender One x Cotopaxi collab has got you covered when it comes to packs. You can get anything from a fanny pack, cooler bag, rope bag, or just a good old fashioned backpack!
    • Crashpads!
      • Newton said it best: Whatever goes up, must come down. So when you inevitably take that fall outdoors, have a crashpad below you to protect those precious bones.


Most, if not all, of these products are offered at any of our 3 gyms. When you go into your gym, ask a team member at the front desk to help you find the right gear or merch! If you buy or receive a Sender One gift, be sure to tag us on Instagram or use the hashtags #senderone #sendwithus

For more information about our Holiday Deals and Sender City Annual Pass Sale, visit this page. Happy Shopping!

We Appreciate You!

We Appreciate You!

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Written by Hailey McFelia | Edited by Alexandra Erdman | Photos by Jason Chang & Bell Sarian Wong


December is a time for giving and spending time with those important to you. At Sender One, our members are important to us and we want to give back to you! As a thank you for being part of the Sender One community we have events, sales, classes and clinics just for our Sender members! 

Since it’s the holiday season, each gym will have a holiday party exclusively for our members. Santa Ana and LAX will host their holiday parties in Sender City. Join us in Sender City for games, bites, and a raffle! Meanwhile, Playa Vista will host their Holiday Party after hours where you can partake in drinks, snacks, a holiday raffle, games, a white elephant gift exchange, and, of course, bouldering! 

One of our anticipated clinics is with The Climbing Doctor. The Climbing Doctor is not only known for educating climbers on injury prevention and training, but utilizing medical providers as well. You can take part in the Injury prevention clinics at Santa Ana and LAX. 

If you haven’t had a chance to try one of our mending clinics now is your chance! Not only will you be taught mending skills to bring those beloved climbing pants back to life, but you will also be able to make a gift! Come and make awesome embroidered holiday ornaments while enjoying hot cocoa with friends! Make a thoughtful gift for your loved one, or bring your own stitching project. No experience or materials required, just a festive mood!

Members can also further their climbing education with exclusive climbing classes. Hone in your speed or crack climbing skills at our SNA and LAX locations. If you haven’t been able to try our Adult Training Club at SNA, now is your chance! Usually these classes are an extra cost, but for member appreciation month it is free for our members! It’s our gift to you! 

If you’ve ever wanted to try out Sender City, now is the time to do it! On December 11th and 19th all of our Sender City locations are free for our members during 6:30pm and 7:30pm time slots. Please book a session ahead of time, as space is limited. 

If you are looking for a more laid back event, Playa Vista has you covered with Boulders and Brews. Swing by our bouldering gym for a climbing session followed socializing and merriment at our neighboring restaurant Hopdoddy. First round is on us! 

We can’t thank you enough for sending with us! We are so grateful for your presence and support. And, don’t forget! In addition to these classes and events, you also can enjoy 20% off of our Sender One shop and an extra guest pass (2 total)! Enjoy these tokens of our appreciation and don’t forget to RSVP ASAP to these classes and events.

Learn more and RSVP here!

Friendsgiving at Sender One

Friendsgiving at Sender One

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Written by Kadisha Aburub | Edited by Alexandra Erdman | Photos by Bell Sarian Wong


While some folks in the western world associate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving with miles of food like mashed potatoes and turkey it's crucial to acknowledge the history behind this day. 

Thanksgiving, for Indigenous people, is a day of mourning and protest commemorating the arrival of settlers in North America and the centuries of oppression and genocide that ensued for Indigenous people. We recognize this and honor those who choose to publicly mourn or not partake in festivities. In light of this, we honor and hold space for the Indigenous communities, past and present, who have lived and continue to live on this land. 

As we delve into the significance of these historical truths, we find resonance in the spirit of community and unity. Sender One Climbing Gyms across the region recently united for a unique celebration, blending the joys of climbing with the warmth of shared food. Members also participated in a canned food drive in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club.

As we reflect on these interconnected themes, we invite our community to continue exploring the history of the land you work, live, and recreate on. Let this reflection serve as a foundation for fostering an environment of respect and appreciation for the diverse communities that make up climbing and beyond.

Check out last year’s blog on Indigenous People’s Month.

Fall & Winter Rock Climbing Camp!

Fall & Winter Rock Climbing Camp!

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Written by Eric Ho & Keigin Tosh | Edited by Alexandra Erdman


With school breaks fast approaching, you may be wondering: What can my kids do during this down time? Well, we can an answer for you: Rock Climbing Camp!

Camp is a three day experience where kids can learn about the sport of climbing, and the many fun, wacky, and challenging ways to enjoy it! Each of our locations will be offering camp sessions during Fall and Winter Breaks. While activities may vary depending on which location you choose, all 3 camps are equally fun and enticing! Throughout the day, kids will learn how to climb efficiently, understand the lingo, and play climbing related games in an environment that encourages socialization, creativity, and fun! They get to do tons of cool activities, such as crate stacking (only at LAX), slacklining (at SNA & PV), the treadwall (only at PV), and  the KING SWING (at SNA & LAX)! It’s a great way for kids to get some exercise and learn about this awesome sport!

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from Sender One staff who aren’t just camp counselors, but camp experts!

Our different camp counselors all have a favorite apparatus. Coach Andrew likes crate stacking, while Coach Keigin likes the King Swing. Coach Mac likes the slackline because it’s a challenge for both the core AND the mind! Coach Von likes Sender City, an offering exclusive to LAX and SNA. Finally, Coach Jonas likes the treadwall, exclusive to Playa Vista.

Our Fall and Winter camps aren’t just climbing, but also include a variety of games! Here are some recommendations from our panel of expert counselors: Coach Keigin likes ninja ball, which combines fun with climbing technique. Coach Mac likes snaps because snaps is the name of the game, the name of the game is snaps! Coach Von endorses Captain’s Coming because of the high energy. And, Coach Jonas vouches for gym-wide dodgeball (when the space allows).

What is so great about camp, you might ask yourself? Let some of our best camp counselors convince you! Coach Andrew loves both snack time AND open boulder time. Coach Keigin loves the crafts.

Whether it’s your first time camping with us or you’re a returning camper, our counselors have some great advice for you. Coach Andrew says, “Use your feet, stay close to the wall, fight your fears,” and Coach Keigin says, “Trust yourself, you can do way more than you think!”

Depending your ideal location, some locations like LAX and SNA have both morning and afternoon camp sessions to choose from. Coach Mac suggests PM camp for those who aren’t early birds. Coaches Keigin, Von, and Jonas want you to take AM camp because the gym is all yours in the morning; less people means more space to play!


Now let’s hear some of our counselors’ favorite camp memories. Coach Andrew will never forget the obstacle course of 2022 (if you know you know). Coach Keigin cherishes the memory of all the coaches switching their names around, and the kids not believing which names were real. Coach Mac remembers being called Waldo the whole week due to similarities with the guy from “Where’s Waldo?” And finally, Coach Jonas recalls setting up hula hoops on the walls and playing a new kind of basketball with the kids. 

We asked our counselors who their favorite camp counselors were. If your counselor ends up being on this list, pass along the praise! Coach Keigin voted for Coach Summer. Coach Mac voted for Coach Erica. Coach Von voted for Coach Keigin (for their awesome Sender City slide calls). Coach Jonas voted for Coach Dom because "Coach Dom is da bomb". Whether they’re on this list or not, all our camp counselors are here to support you!

There you have it. All the reasons in the world why you should join us at camp this season. Coach Andrew looks forward to chill vibes for the chilly season, and Coach Keigin looks forward to climbing with excitement and wonder!

Here are the links to sign up for Fall AND Winter Camps at any of our open locations:

LAX | SNA | Playa Vista

Climb SoCal: Sender One’s Fall Merch

Climb SoCal: Sender One’s Fall Merch

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Written by Hailey McFelia 

Devan Roper, our Fall Merch Concept Designer tells us a bit about herself and her inspirations for her design. Devan is an Oregon State University graduate with a degree in Environmental Science. She enjoys finding different ways to be active outside and recently took up surfing. Now that you know a little bit about this Sender One team member, let’s talk about her climbing journey and design creation. 

Where is your favorite crag and why is it your favorite?

My favorite crag is Black Mountain. It is so remote, quiet, and has really great views. I love the sequoias that are scattered throughout the crag. I have a boulder project up there that would be my first outdoor V3/V4 once I send it. Only downside is the road in is kind of intense and parking at the top can get crowded.

If you could climb anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Probably the Gunks in New York. Although I lived in NYC and worked at a gym there, I never went to the Gunks out of fear for outdoor rope climbing. I want to go back some day and check that crag out. I didn’t really start climbing outdoors until I moved to California. I want a chance to go back and check out some East Coast crags.

What is the story for this design?

My design was inspired by the National Parks tees that showcase all the different parks. I wanted to do something similar, but narrow it down to places that are important to not only myself, but the Sender One community.

Why these crags?

These are crags that are nearby but also frequented by Sender One climbers. I wanted to include some that aren’t as famous, like Stoney Point, since it still is a great crag that has a wealth of climbing history. Malibu was the first place I climbed ropes in California and is one of my favorite places to sport climb. Black, Tram, and Joshua Tree are all popular spots especially for Santa Ana climbers. I didn’t include some crags like Horse-Flats and Pirates cove since I didn’t want the design to be too cluttered, but those are also important places that climbers love to go to as well.

You can grab Sender One’s fall merch designed by Devan and our marketing team after November 11th at any of our open Sender One locations. Feel free to post and tag us in your Sender One merch!


@SenderOne | @SenderOne_PlayaVista | @SenderOne_LAX | @SenderOne_SNA

Care For The Crag: Stoney Point

Care For The Crag: Stoney Point

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Written by Kadisha Aburub


Our Sunday crag clean up was a success! We greeted all cleaner-uppers at the big tree by the first boulders of the crag.

We had a lot of folks join us who had never been outdoors to climb, so it was a great way to not only participate in cleaning up the crag but to also check out all the potential boulders you can climb. 

We had 15 participants show up for the event and we even had folks who were just there bouldering participate in the clean up! This is why the climbing community is SO RAD and so passionate about continuing these clean ups, because we know that they are needed and wanted.


Crag clean ups are crucial in ensuring that we keep the crag clean for decades to come. We hope you consider volunteering at our future crag clean up in January at Malibu Creek. 


We packed out over 30 pounds of trash!

We want to thank our volunteers and our Sender One community for showing up and helping us clean this beautiful outdoor space!

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