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Sender One Gift Guide | The Zen Seeker

Sender One Gift Guide | The Zen Seeker

Who is the Zen Seeker?

The Zen Seeker is easily one of the most impressive people you know.  From their general flexibility and overall control of their body, to their peaceful sense of self and general self-awareness, the yogi is admired by many. Is there a special yogi in your life that you need a gift for this holiday?  Check out some of our ideas below! 


Yoga Mat

Every Zen Seeker needs a good yoga mat!  Mats help keep a yogi’s hands and feet from slipping during their yoga practice, which is critical to helping them hold different poses!  They also can provide a small amount of cushion to help alleviate any discomfort a yogi may feel in their hands or wrists during their practice.  They come in all kinds of designs, colors, and thicknesses, and can double as a good exercise mat for when your yogi wants to do other workouts as well! 



Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are extremely helpful tools in any yoga practice.  They help fine tune a yogi’s alignment, and assist with restorative stretching and poses! Yoga blocks also serve to make different poses more accessible to all body types and abilities! You can’t go wrong with a good block or two!



Comfortable Yoga Clothes

Every yogi needs some comfy, stretchy clothes – just imagine trying to do those poses in stiff jeans!  Whether it’s a pair of stretchy leggings, or a breathable shirt, your favorite Zen Seeker will loving having some new cozy clothes to complete their practice in. Find a variety of yoga clothing from Prana and Glyder at our Sender One Shop! Not sure what size to get? Pick up a Sender One Gift Card online or at the front desk!  

*Sender One offers size exchanges on unworn clothing


Yoga Towel

It is easy to build up a sweat really quickly during a yoga practice!  A mat towel will help absorb moisture that collects on a yogi’s mat, therefore minimizing slipping.  This way they can maintain maximum stability during their poses in their practice! 


Books about Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about holding awareness in the present moment.  Mindfulness and yoga are therefore extremely complimentary practices. Gift your yogi a book or two about mindfulness! Not only will it help them promote mindfulness during their yoga practice, but also in their day-to-day lives! 



Sender One Punch Pass or Membership

Give your favorite Zen Seeker the gift of Yoga! With daily classes, access to aerial silks (in Santa Ana), and more, your favorite yogi will love the opportunity to further their practice at Sender One! 

For pricing in Santa Ana, click here.
For pricing in Los Angeles, click here. 



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The Connection Between Climbing and Yoga

The Connection Between Climbing and Yoga

Sweat begins to form drops on your forehead as you control your breath.  Your arm muscles swell as they are stretched to comply with your requests.  Your core body is engaged as it maintains your balance, keeping you from falling.  Whether you are hanging on, upside down, clenched to the rock, pulling yourself up a mountain; or you are face down on a mat, pushing yourself up into a knee-to-arm Chaturanga Pose, the Yin and Yang of yoga and climbing find a perfect complement and balance to each other.

Rock climbing and yoga require you to step out of your comfort zone while strengthening the connection between mind and body through similar types of movement and mindfulness.  The secrets to both yoga and climbing can be found through the following connections:

Improve Your Balance

The key to building balance from both yoga and bouldering in Los Angeles is both physical and mental.  Balance improves your coordination and can prevent injury from falling, and yoga can help do that by mastering transitions between poses and developing power.  Yoga helps you connect your body with your mind and allows you to find your center of gravity – a critical skill when rock climbing.  It gives you a sense of where you are in space and how your body parts work together, which can be invaluable when you are reaching for that next foothold.  Having an awareness of your body can help you know where pain and other sensations in your body are coming from.

Balance centered yoga poses also improve coordination, increase your strength, and help you develop stability.  Each balance pose works to strengthen different muscles and joints of the body.  Standing balance poses strengthen the legs and knee joints, while arm balances strengthen the wrists, arms, and shoulder muscles.

Besides physical benefits, learning and practicing yoga poses also provides emotional benefits like relieving stress, and reducing tension and fatigue.  These asanas also help to improve focus, concentration, and memory, which are all strong components of the climbing practice.

Sender One members working on their Hollowback Handstand at Sender One SNA’s Yoga Studio
Image by Crystal Tan

Build the Same Sets of Muscles

One of the most apparent benefits of yoga is becoming more flexible.  Rock climbing can be challenging and physically draining.  From drop-knees to heel-hooks, adequate flexibility is a necessary part of climbing movement.  Did you know that your yoga training can be geared specifically to improve the muscles you need most to pull off these moves when climbing?  Your core, back, arm, and hand muscles will be put to the test when you scale a Los Angeles rock climb.  Rock climbing, particularly on steep overhanging cliffs or boulders, requires a great deal of upper-body pulling strength.  It is also a fact that finger strength is usually the weakest link as well as the first thing to waste away with disuse.  Poses, like the downward-facing dog and plank, help strengthen your core.  The side plank is great for toning your arms and shoulders.  You can stretch out those hamstrings with poses like the wide-legged standing forward bend.  Performing these poses with your fingers spread out can help strengthen your wrists and increase your finger grip while out on the rock.  You can also create more strength and flexibility in your hands with specific yoga exercises like the salutation seal.

Sender One member bouldering at Sender One LAX
Image by Crystal Tan

Increase Ability to Focus through Breathing

Many believe the most important crossover between rock climbing and yoga is breath.  When mastering the complexity of movement in both rock climbing and yoga, breathing is the key ingredient.  Yoga trains you to concentrate on breathing and let everything else fade away.  By concentrating on breathing, your brain and body can emphasize movement and intuition.  Maintaining a concentrated breath helps climbers keep calm on the rock when they are exerting themselves or find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Combine Climbing and Yoga at Sender One

The best rock climbing facility in Orange county offers expanded yoga training at its Santa Ana location.  Daily yoga classes are held at Sender One’s Los Angeles location as well.  In addition to yoga, Sender One Climbing has one of the finest bouldering and rope climbing facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County and offers kids birthday parties, corporate team building events, as well as a fitness center, and a place to share your climbing passion with others.  You can choose from a wide selection of yoga classes at both locations. Sign up or stop by for a class that fits in your busy schedule!

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The Benefits of Yoga

The Benefits of Yoga

With all of the conflicts and stress in today’s world, there is no better time to find an avenue or process to combat these negative energies. Millions of people across the world have turned to yoga to do just that. While some consider yoga as just another exercise routine, those who teach and practice it faithfully know that it is much more.

Derived from the Sankrit word “yuj” which means “to unite or integrate,” yoga is a 5,000+ year old Indian body of knowledge. Yoga is recognized as a form of mind-body medicine that integrates an individual’s physical, mental, and spiritual components to improve aspects of health, particularly stress related illnesses. It’s all about creating a mind-body-breath harmony through various breathing exercises, yoga poses and meditation. While there are many types of yoga, one of the most popular styles is Hatha yoga, which focuses on pranayamas (breath-controlled exercises), followed by a series of asanas (yoga postures), which end with savasana (a resting period).

Besides the physical benefits of taking yoga classes, a multitude of studies have been conducted throughout the years showing th