Climbers Vote: Prepare for the Polls - Sender One Climbing

Despite what you believe in, we all have something in common - we love to climb. As climbers, our votes can help decide the future of our public lands, create actions to combat climate change, and build a more equitable community and environment. This voting season, let’s climb together at the polls. We’ve compiled a short list of resources to help prepare you for the upcoming election.

Register to Vote or Check Your Voter Registration Status

Maybe you’ve moved recently or need to update some of your voter information. You can easily check your registration status online. If you’re voting for the first time and still need to register to vote, it only takes two minutes! For comparison, it takes two minutes to: brush your teeth, microwave a hot pocket, do 25 sit-ups, travel one mile going 30 mph, and watch this video twice of Chris Sharma on some heinous climb in Spain.

Ways to Vote

If you can’t make it in-person to a local polling place, you have the option to conveniently vote-by-mail! In CA, you must request a vote-by-mail ballot by October 27, 2020, and return by mail postmarked on or before November 3, 2020. You can also return your ballot in-person by contactless drop-off at any local polling place before 8 pm on election day or at one of your county’s ballot drop boxes.

Get Involved

Here are some ways you can get involved when preparing for the upcoming election:

  • Educate -  Learn about the candidates you plan on voting for. Understand their agendas and how it may impact what’s important to you. Double-check your sources (articles, social media posts, etc.) and try to avoid misinformation.
  • Have Conversations with Family Members and Peers - Discussions that challenge you, give insight, and offer different perspectives are valuable even when you disagree on certain topics. 
  • Support Voting Campaigns that Align with You - Here is a small list of different voting campaigns that focus on fighting voter suppression, empowering young voters, and promoting effective voting in marginalized communities.
  • Volunteer or Create Art - Our community consists of extremely talented people. Use your talent to spread awareness and/or donate to a voting campaign by creating powerful, impactful art or volunteering with organizations like Rock the Vote.

As a climber, your vote matters. So let’s climb together at the polls this November and vote like our futures depend on it. #sociallydistancedvotingparty

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