Devan Gutierrez - Sender One Climbing

Devan started climbing in 2011 at a gym called Rock City in Anaheim, CA. He very quickly fell in love with the sport and once he finally took his headphones out at the gym, he realized that the community was what would steal his heart and keep him coming back. This, like many of us, was the start of a complete life take-over. In 2012 Devan began routesetting at his home gym. He began to become obsessed with this art form and the idea that he could create something that manipulates the way everyone moves on the wall. Soon, he would be falling asleep thinking about how he could "force" or "encourage" a certain move/body position. This became an addiction, just as much as climbing itself. Devan hasn't looked back since then and has been working at Sender One since 2017. If you can't tell by reading this, he loves talking about climbing and routesetting. So if you see him around the gym, don't hesitate to ask him any questions about your project or the in's and out's of this wacky sport.

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