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New routes set weekly by the best setters in the industry
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Setting expectations

You can expect to climb on new routes and boulder problems each week ranging a wide variety of difficulties.

The average age for a boulder problem or route is roughly 7-9 weeks before they’re replaced with imaginative new challenges. Every set is unique and subject to the setters’ creativity. Did we mention that our setters are some of the best in the industry?

Latest Top Rope & Lead Climbs

Route LocationDateGradesNumber of Routes"Best in Show"
Turkey Leg2/13/20205.10a - 5.13a5Pink .11a set by Christian
Turkey Leg2/11/205.9 - 5.12d6Purple .11a set by Devan
Arch Wall2/10/20205.7 - 5.11d5Green .11b set by Jordan
Arch Wall2/5/205.6 - 5.12b8Blue .12b set by Kris
Torch1/30/20205.11a - 5.12c3Pink .12c set by Jordan
Torch1/27/205.10b - 5.12c4Black .11b set by Kris
Left Corner1/22/205.8 - 5.12a8Pink .10b set by Kody
Left Corner1/16/20205.9 - 5.12a6Orange .11c set by Christian
Broken Column1/15/205.7 - 2.12b12Green .11c set by Kris
Sender Slab1/13/20205.8 - 5.10d5Green .10c set by Marcus
Sender Slab1/9/20205.5 - 5.11d12Orange .7 set by Eduardo
Turkey Leg, Randy's Roof1/8/20205.10c - 5.12c8Pink .10c set by Devan
Turkey Leg1/6/20205.10b - 5.13a3Green .11d set by Jordan
Turkey Leg12/19/20195.11a - 5.12d4Black .11d set by Kody
Turkey Leg12/18/20195.10b - 5.12c3Blue .10b set by Christian
Turkey Leg12/16/20195.10c - 5.11d3Yellow .11a set by Jordan
Turkey Leg12/13/20195.10a - 5.12c4Purple .11c set by Eduardo
Turkey Leg12/10/20195.11c - 5.12a2Black .11c set by devan
Turkey Leg12/9/20195.10c - 5.11d3Orange .10c set by Marcus