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Route LocationDateGradesNumber of Routes"Best in Show"
Turkey Leg11/30/20185.11c - 5.12a2Black .11c set by Adriel
Turkey Leg11/29/20185.10b - 5.12b4Orange .11b set by Brian
Speed Wall and Turkey Leg11/21/20185.10a - 5.13a8
Torch10/29/20185.11a - 5.12d3Green .11a set by Kody
Exit Corner10/10/20185.8 - 5.12d6Orange .10a set by Devan
Broken Column10/8/20185.9 - 5.11c7Orange .10a set by Marcus
Broken Column10/4/20185.8 - 5.11d10Yellow .11b set by Kris
Sender Slab10/3/20185.5 - 5.11d15Orange .11b set by Kris
Randy's Roof10/1/20185.10a - 5.11d5
Turkey Leg9/27/20185.10b - 5.13a8Blue .12b set by Cuz and Black .11a set by KT
Turkey Leg9/26/20185.10c - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by Marcus
Turkey Leg9/19/185.10b - 5.12a8
Speed Wall9/17/20185.10a - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by Kody
Sender Slab & Torch9/12/185.8-5.11d7
Torch, Arch Wall, & Right Corner
9/3/20185.7 - 5.12d11
Arch Wall8/27/20185.10d - 5.11d4
The Torch8/23/185.11a - 5.11d2Pink 5.11d set by Devan
The Torch8/16/185.11a - 5.13c6Purple 5.12c set by Brian
Left Shoulder8/13/20185.10a - 5.13a4Yellow .13a set by Kody
Left Shoulder8/8/20185.8 - 5.11d6Green .10d set by Devin
Broken Column8/2/20185.8 - 5.12b6Blue .12b set by Kody
Sender Slab & Broken Column8/1/20185.6 - 5.11c10Blue 11a set by Kris
Sender Slab7/30/20185.7 - 5.12a7Orange 5.7 set by Marcus
Sender Slab7/26/20185.4 - 5.10a9Green .10a set by Kris
Turkey Leg & Randy's Roof7/25/20185.10a - 5.12b10Green .10a set by Devan
The Turkey Leg7/23/20185.11c - 5.12d2
The Torch7/2/20185.11c - 5.13b3
Turkey Leg6/26/20185.10c - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by Marcus
The Torch6/21/20185.11a - 5.13a4
Torch6/18/20185.11a - 5.11d2
Torch6/14/20185.11b - 5.12c3Green .12a set by Kris
Torch, the Corners6/13/20185.10a - 5.12b3Pink .10a set by Brian
Left Corner, Left Shoulder6/11/20185.9 - 5.12c6Blue .11d set by Marcus
Left Shoulder6/7/20185.10c - 5.12c4Yellow .12c set by Kody
Broken Column6/4/20185.7 - 5.12a7
Sender Slab6/1/20185.6 - 5.11b7
Sender Slab05/30/20185.4 - 5.12a13
Randy's Roof, Sender Slab5/25/20185.5 - 5.11d10
Turkey Leg5/21/20185.10d - 5.13a7
Arch Wall4/12/20185.9 - 5.11c6Green .10d set by Brian
Torch Right Flank & Arch Wall4/11/20185.7 - 5.10d6Blue .10d set by Moses
Right Corner4/9/20185.8 - 5.11b5Pink .11 set by Kris
Turkey Leg, Randy's Roof3/13/20185.10a - 5.13b8
Turkey Leg3/5/20185.9 - 5.11d3Yellow .11 set by Kris
Turkey Leg3/1/20185.10a - 5.12c4Purple .12 set by Kody
The Torch2/12/20185.11d - 5.13c3Yellow .13a set by Marcus
Arch Wall2/8/20185.7 - 5.11b9Orange .10a set by CUZ
The Torch, Right Corner2/1/20185.10a - 5.12c5Blue .12a set by Kris
The Torch1/31/20185.11b - 5.12d5
The Torch1/29/20185.11a - 5.12d3Blue .11d set by KT
Torch1/25/20185.10c - 5.11c2
Left Shoulder1/22/20185.10c - 5.13a3Orange .13a set by Kody
Left Shoulder, Torch1/18/20185.11a - 5.12c3Pink .11d set by KT
Left Shoulder1/17/20185.10b - 5.12b7Green .12b set by MP
Left Corner1/15/20185.7-5.11d9Yellow .10d set by KS
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab12/21/175.5 - 5.10d8Pink .10d set by KS
Turkey Leg12/18/20175.10b - 5.12d6Blue .12d set by Kody
Turkey Leg12/14/20175.11b - 5.12c3Black .11b set by Kody
Turkey Leg12/12/20175.10d - 5.12b8Blue .11c set by Brian
Turkey Leg12/7/20175.10a - 5.11d4Orange .10d set by Kody
Turkey Leg12/6/20175.10c - 5.12a6Pink .10c set by Marcus
Arch Wall and Turkey Leg12/4/20175.5 - 5.12c7Black .11b set by Kris
Speed Wall11/28/20175.10b - 5.12c6Green .12b set by Kody
Arch Wall11/27/20175.6 - 5.11b4Blue .10b set by Kody
Right Corner11/22/20175.7 - 5.10c5Blue .10c set by Moses
Right Corner11/16/20175.10b - 5.12b5Orange .10b set by Kris
The Torch11/13/20175.10d - 5.11a2Purple .10d set by Marcus
The Torch11/9/20175.11a - 5.13b3Yellow .11a set by Kris
The Torch11/7/175.11b - 5.12d7
The Torch11/6/20175.11a - 5.13b4Yellow .12a set by Kody
Left Shoulder10/31/175.10c - 5.12b6Green .12b set by Marcus
Left Shoulder10/30/20175.8 - 5.12c6Orange .11d set by Kody
Sender Slab, Left Corner, & Left Shoulder10/23/175.7 - 5.12b17Green .12a set by Marcus
Sender Slab, Broken Column10/19/20175.6 - 5.13a11Green .13a set by Kody
Sender Slab & Broken Column10/18/175.4 - 5.12a18
Turkey Leg & Randy's Roof10/11/20175.10b - 5.11d6
Turkey Leg10/9/20175.10c - 5.12d6Black .12d set by Kris
Turkey Leg10/5/20175.11a - 5.12c6Orange .11d set by Kris
Turkey Leg10/2/20175.10c - 5.11d3Blue .11c set by Kris
Turkey Leg9/26/20175.10b - 5.12a2
Turkey Leg9/25/20175.9 - 5.12c4Green .11b set by Kris
Turkey Leg9/20/20175.11a - 5.11c3
Turkey leg9/19/20175.10a - 5.12b6Orange .12b set by Kody
Torch and Speed Wall9/14/20175.10a - 5.12c7Green .11c set by Kody
Torch & Arch Wall9/13/175.6 - 5.13a19
The Torch9/11/175.11c - 5.14a3Green .14a set by Kody
The Torch9/7/20175.11b - 5.13c3Pink .13a set by Kody
Torch & Arch Wall9/6/20175.11b - 5.12d4
The Torch8/29/20175.12a - 5.13b2
The Torch8/28/20175.11a - 5.12a3Orange .11a set by Kris
Left Shoulder & Torch8/23/175.10d - 5.13a10Pink .13a set by Kris
Left Shoulder8/21/20175.9 - 5.12a4Blue .12a set by Kris
Sender Slab, Left Corner8/15/20175.10a - 5.12a12Pink .11a set by Kris
Sender Slab8/14/20175.5 - 5.11b9Yellow .10d set by Kody
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab8/9/20175.6 - 5.11c11Blue .11a set by Marcus
Turkey Leg, Randy's Roof, Sender Slab8/8/20175.7 - 5.12a7Blue .11c set by Kris & Purple .12a set by Kody
Turkey Leg8/7/20175.10d - 5.13a4Green .12b set by Kody
Turkey Leg8/3/20175.11a - 5.12d3Blue .12c set by Brian
Turkey Leg8/2/20175.10b - 5.12b4Green .12b set by Cuz
Turkey Leg7/31/20175.10b - 5.11d6Orange .11a set by Kris
Turkey Leg7/27/175.10c - 5.12a2Orange .10c set by Kris
Turkey Leg7/26/175.10b - 5.11d4
Turkey Leg7/25/20175.10b - 5.1b3Yellow .12b set by Kody
Turkey Leg7/19/20175.10c - 5.12a4Orange .11a set by Brian
The Arch Wall7/17/20175.7 - 5.11d6Blue .10a set by Kris
Torch, Right Corner, Arch Wall7/12/20175.9 - 5.12c9Yellow .10a set by Jonny
Torch, Right Corner7/11/20175.10b - 5.14b6Blue .11b set by Kris
Torch7/10/20175.12b - 5.14a3Orange .12b set by Marcus
Left Shoulder, Torch, Right Corner7/6/20175.10a - 5.12c6Pink .11a set by Kris
The Torch6/29/20175.10d - 5.12d4Green 5.11d set by Kris
The Torch6/28/20175.11c - 5.13a4Blue .11c set by Devan
Left Shoulder6/26/20175.10a - 5.11d4Rainbow .10a set by Marcus
Left Corner and Left Shoulder6/22/20175.10a - 5.12c10Orange .11c set by Devan
Broken Column and Left Corner6/21/20175.7 - 5.11d8Yellow .11c set by Marcus
Broken Column6/19/20175.9 - 5.10d4Yellow .10b set by Kris
Sender Slab6/14/20175.5 - 5.11c8Blue .10c set by Marcus
Randy's Roof, Sender Slab6/13/20175.5 - 5.11b10Yellow .11a set by Moses
Torch, Arch Wall6/7/20175.8 - 5.14a6Yellow .12a set by Kody
Right Corner6/6/20175.9 - 5.11a4Pink .10b set by Kris
Turkey Leg & Left Corner6/5/175.7 - 5.11c6Blue .11c set by Kody
Left Corner & Left Shoulder5/31/175.8 - 5.11c5Yellow .10b set by Marcus
Turkey Leg5/30/175.10c - 5.12b5Green .11c set by David
Torch, Turkey Leg, Arch Wall5/29/175.7 - 5.12b5Orange .10a set by Kris
Front Side of the Turkey Leg & The Corners5/24/175.8 - 5.12b12Blue .12c set by Brian
The Turkey Leg5/17/20175.11a - 5.12a5Pink .12a set by Brian
Left Shoulder and The Torch5/16/175.10b - 5.12c10Green .10d set by Kris
Sender Slab, Broken Column, Turkey Leg5/2/20175.9 - 511a6Pink .10d set by Brian
Sender Slab and 5 Degree Wall4/27/20175.6 - 5.11b8Orange .8 set by Kody
Arch Wall, Randy's Roof, Sender Slab4/18/20175.6 - 5.11d8Orange .10d set by David
Arch Wall, The Corners4/11/20175.6 - 5.11d5Black .11a set by Brian
Turkey Leg, Left Shoulder4/5/20175.10a - 512c8Yellow .11a set by Kris
Torch, The Corners3/21/20175.9 - 5.12b6Blue .11d set by Kody
Torch, The Corners3/20/175.10a - 5.12c4Green .12c set by Moses
Turkey Leg, Left Shoulder, The Torch, The Corner, Arch Wall3/18/20175.7 - 5.14c21
Left Shoulder3/8/175.11a - 5.11c2Green .11c set by Randy
Left corner & 5 Degree Wall2/27/20175.10a - 5.12c2Green .12c set by Kody
Left Corner & 5 Degree Wall2/23/20175.10c - 5.12a7Blue .11a set by Brian
Left Corner & 5 Degree Wall2/22/20175.10b - 511b3Yellow .11b set by Chad
Randy's Roof, Sender Slab, Broken Column, Dihedral Wall2/16/20175.7 - 5.11d10Yellow .11d set by Kody
Sender Slab2/7/175.5 - 5.12b15
Sender Slab & Torch2/1/175.6 - 5.13c7
Sender Slab & Torch1/25/175.7 - 5.12a6


Boulder LocationDateGradesNumber of Routes"Best in Show"
The Ship10/24/2018v0 - v1120Orange v2 set by Devan and Purple v5 set by Kris
Learning Corner10/9/2018v0 - v925Purple v5 set by Devan
Upstairs Center10/02/2018v0 - v1013Yellow v6 set by Adriel
Top Out Left9/18/2018V0 - V711Black V4 set by Kody
The Stern 9/18/2018V0 - V79Yellow V5 set by DG
The Ship (Starboard)8/22/2018V1 - V1218Black V5 set by Moses
The Wave Wall8/14/2018v0 - v820Pink v8 set by Brian
Learning Corner8/7/2018v0 - v820Yellow V4 set bt Kody
Top Out Right7/31/18v0 - v1020Purple v4 set by Brian
The Wave7/17/18v0 - v1120Black V3 set by Kody
The Ship6/26/2018v1 - v1117Green v3 set by Devan
Top Out (Right), Learning Corner6/19/2018v0 - v620Pink v3 set by Devin
Pink V6 set by Kody
The Barrel, Top Out Right6/12/2018v0 - v1123Black v3 set by Kris
Top Out Left6/6/2018v0 - v815Black v4 set by Marcus
The Ship (Stern)5/31/2018v0 - v914Black V1 set by KS
Green V6 set by Cuz
The Ship5/29/2018v0 - v1023Orange v1 set by Kris and Green v6 set by Kody
Sunset Slab, The Ship5/15/2018v1 - v1024Green v1 set by CUZ
Top Out Boulder3/8/2018v0 - v810
Top Out Left/Center3/6/2018v0 - v1017Blue v3 set by Devan
Sunset Slab & Ship's Bow2/6/18v0 - v918Yellow V7 set by KS
The Learning Corner1/30/2018v0 - v824Orange v6 set by KT
Top Out1/25/2018v0 - v105
Top Out Boulder1/23/2018v0 - v1124Green v5 set by Kris
Top Out Left1/15/2018v0 - v1121Yellow v3 set by KS
The Wave Wall12/20/2017v0 - v1018Yellow v5 set by Brian
The Prow, Wave Wall12/19/2017v0 - v1120Green v6 set by Kris
The Ship12/5/2017v1 - v1121Blue v5 set by Kris
Top Out Boulder11/30/2017v0 - v1116Blue v8 set by Kody
Top Out Center & Right11/29/17V0 - V1118Pink v4 set by Christian
Top Out Left11/21/2017v0 - v1121Blue v3 set by Kody
Sunset Slab & The Learning Corner11/20/2017v0 - v823Green v1 set by Marcus
The Learning Corner & Wave Wall11/14/17v0 - v820
The Wave Wall, The Stern11/2/2017v0 - v1024Pink v6 set by Kris
The Ship10/26/2017v1 - v1114Blue v11 set by Kody
The Ship10/24/2017v2 0 v1014Yellow v7 set by Brian
Top Out10/16/2017v0 - v918Purple v5 set by Kody
Top Out Boulder10/12/2017v0 - v1225Black v6 set by Kody
Top Out Left10/10/2017v0 - v815
The Ship10/4/17V0 - V917
Downstairs10/3/2017v0 - 828Purple v7 set by Kris and Yellow v7 set by Jonny
The Ship9/5/2017v1 - v920
The Ship8/31/2017v0 - v1040
Top Out Boulder8/17/2017v0 - v1040
The Stern & TLC8/10/2017v0 - v720Blue v4 set by Kris & Pink v6 set by Kody
The Wave Wall8/1/2017v0 - v916Blue v6 set by Jonny
The Ship7/25/2017v2 - v1018Yellow v10 set by Brian
The Ship7/20/2017v0 - v1114Yellow v7 set by Brian
Downstairs7/13/2017v0 - v414Blue v1 set by Kody
Sunset Slab and The Stern7/6/2017v0 - v1120Yellow v0 set by Devan and Purple v10 set by Devan
Top Out Left6/27/17v0 - v924Blue v7 set by Kris
Top Out Right6/20/2017v0 - v1017Purple v3 set by Kris and Pink v4 set by Kody
The Learning Corner6/15/2017v0 - v817Yellow v3 set by Brian
The Wave Wall6/12/2017v1 - v68Purple v4 set by Kris
The Wave Wall6/8/2017v1 - v711Pink v4 set by Kody
The Wave Wall6/1/17v2 - v86Yellow v5 set by Kris
The Ship5/25/2017v0 - v1022Pink v8 set by Kody
The Ship and Sunset Slab5/18/2017v0 - v1122Green v3 set by Kody
Top Out Right4/25/2017v0 - v710
Top Out4/20/2017v0 - v1118Green v5 set by David
Top Out Left4/13/2017v0 - v711Purple v1 set by Brian
The Ship4/10/2017v2 - v77Green 7 set by Kody
The Prow4/3/2017v2 - v78Blue v6 set by Kody
The Learning Corner, Wave Wall3/23/2017v0 - v717Orange v1 set by Kody
Downstairs3/18/2017v0 - v1345
The Ship3/2/17v2 - v1020Green v8 set by Brian
The Wave Wall3/1/17v0 - v1310Purple v7 set by Brian
The Wave Wall & The Stern2/28/17v0 - v915Green v6 set by Kody
The Learning Corner, Sunset Slab (backside)2/21/17v0 - v816Orange v6 set by Kris
Top Out Right2/14/17v0 - v1126
The Ship (Starboard)1/31/17v0 - v1022
The Ship (Prow)10/30/18v2 - v11 20Blue v3 set by Kody
The Wave11/6/2018v0 - v1120Yellow v6 set by Kody and Orange v8 set by Brian


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