Routesetting (LAX) | Sender One Climbing


Route LocationDateGradesNumber of Routes"Best in Show"
Turkey Leg5/15/20195.10c - 5.12b3Green .12b set by Devan
Sender Slab5/13/20195.5 - 5.94Yellow .8 set by Marcus
Turkey Leg5/9/20195.10a - 5.12c9Yellow 10b by Kris
Turkey Leg5/6/20195.10c - 5.12c5Blue 12c by Marcus
Speed Wall4/30/20195.11b - 5.13a4Purple 13a set by Kody
Turkey Leg4/16/195.11c - 5.12b4Yellow 11c set by Devan
Torch Right4/11/195.5 - 5.11b8Orange 10b set by Kris
Torch Right4/10/195.10d - 5.12a5Blue 11b set by Kris
Torch4/8/195.12d - 5.13b2
Torch4/4/195.11d - 5.13c4Blue 13a set by Devan
Torch4/3/195.11a - 5.12c3Yellow 12c set by Cuz
Torch4/1/195.11c - 5.12b2Black 12b set by Cuz
Torch3/28/195.11a - 5.12c4Black 12a set by Kody
Torch3/27/195.11b - 5.13a3Yellow 13a set by Kody
Torch3/21/195.10d - 5.13a6Yellow 11b set by Kris
Torch3/20/195.10c - 5.12c5Blue 12c set Kris
Exit Corner3/18/20195.10b - 5.11d3
Broken Column3/11/20195.10b - 5.12a3
Sender Slab, Broken Column3/7/20195.8 - 5.11c8
Sender Slab, Broken Column3/5/20195.7 - 5.12a7
Sender Slab, Broken Column3/4/20195.4 - 5.11c10
Sender Slab2/28/195.4 - 5.10c10Blue .10b set by Kris
Turkey Leg2/19/20195.11d - 5.12d2
Turkey Leg2/14/20195.10d - 5.12a4Green 5.11c set by Kody
Turkey Leg2/13/20195.10b - 5.12b8Yellow 5.11c set by Brian
Turkey Leg2/11/20195.10b - 5.11d5Yellow 11c set by Brian
Turkey Leg2/7/20195.10d - 5.12a4Blue 5.10d set by Devan
Turkey Leg2/7/20195.10a - 5.12a4Blue 10a set by Devan
Turkey Leg2/6/20195.10a - 5.11d6
Speedwall2/4/20195.10c - 5.13a4Yellow 5.12b set by Marcus
Left of Speedwall1/31/20195.8 - 5.12d12Yellow 5.12b set by Marcus
Right Torch1/28/20195.7 - 5.11c12Pink 5.10d set by Brian
Right Torch1/24/20195.9 - 5.12d8Yellow 5.11a set by Kris
Torch1/23/20195.10d - 5.12b4
Torch1/21/20195.11d - 5.14a3
Torch1/17/20195.11a - 5.13a4
Left Torch1/15/20195.11b - 5.13d4Orange 12a set by Wes
Left Torch1/14/20195.11a - 5.13a4Yellow 13a set by Marcus
Left of Torch1/10/20195.10a - 5.12b12
Broken Column1/3/20195.10a - 5.12a12
Broken Column12/20/20185.9 - 5.12c9Black 12c set by Kris
Sender Slab12/19/20185.8 - 5.11c14Blue 11b set by Kris
Sender Slab12/18/20185.8 - 5.11d12Pink 11b set by Brian
Turkey Leg12/17/20185.10c - 5.12b6Green 12a set by Marcus
Turkey Leg11/30/20185.11c - 5.12a2Black .11c set by Adriel
Turkey Leg11/29/20185.10b - 5.12b4Orange .11b set by Brian
Speed Wall and Turkey Leg11/21/20185.10a - 5.13a8
Torch10/29/20185.11a - 5.12d3Green .11a set by Kody
Exit Corner10/10/20185.8 - 5.12d6Orange .10a set by Devan
Broken Column10/8/20185.9 - 5.11c7Orange .10a set by Marcus
Broken Column10/4/20185.8 - 5.11d10Yellow .11b set by Kris
Sender Slab10/3/20185.5 - 5.11d15Orange .11b set by Kris
Randy's Roof10/1/20185.10a - 5.11d5
Turkey Leg9/27/20185.10b - 5.13a8Blue .12b set by Cuz and Black .11a set by KT
Turkey Leg9/26/20185.10c - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by Marcus
Turkey Leg9/19/185.10b - 5.12a8
Speed Wall9/17/20185.10a - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by Kody
Sender Slab & Torch9/12/185.8-5.11d7
Torch, Arch Wall, & Right Corner
9/3/20185.7 - 5.12d11
Arch Wall8/27/20185.10d - 5.11d4
The Torch8/23/185.11a - 5.11d2Pink 5.11d set by Devan
The Torch8/16/185.11a - 5.13c6Purple 5.12c set by Brian
Left Shoulder8/13/20185.10a - 5.13a4Yellow .13a set by Kody
Left Shoulder8/8/20185.8 - 5.11d6Green .10d set by Devin
Broken Column8/2/20185.8 - 5.12b6Blue .12b set by Kody
Sender Slab & Broken Column8/1/20185.6 - 5.11c10Blue 11a set by Kris<