Point Dume - Adopt a Crag - Sender One Climbing

This past Monday, Sender One sponsored an Adopt a Crag event with Access Fund to help maintain and clean trails in Point Dume! Point Dume is a famous climbing and hiking area on the coast of Malibu that sheds an incredible view encompassing the north Malibu Coast, Santa Monica Mountains, Catalina Island and Santa Monica Bay. The iconic wall of rock that rests right on Pirate's Cove Beach has been an iconic place for climbers for decades.

Volunteers and Sender One employees came out to help keep this preserve in the condition that it deserves. We were directed by the State Park representatives to work on mitigating the eroded social trails that have been developing over years, because it interferes with the native animals and plants that reside there. To do that, we groomed the existing trails and used the trimmings to cover the social trails to block access so that vegetation will grow over time. With that task done, we moved onto removing the weeds that began to grow, picked up trash, and cleared the summit of loose rock that could potentially fall on people below.

One of Sender One’s proud initiatives is a program called Care for the Crag. As climbers we like to seek national parks, campsites, deserts, mountains, etc., to send out projects and create memories. As you go out more, you’ll notice pieces of trash lying around the campgrounds, illegal trails that have been paved, even graffiti that destroys the landscape. Please help maintain the beauty and stability of these crags to help climbers visit these locations in the future!

Check out what we did to help out with restoring Point Dume's trails and crags!

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