Reel Rock 14 - Sender One Climbing

What is REEL ROCK?

REEL ROCK is an annual event that premeries a collection of short films to communities all over the world. REEL ROCK features athletes, prize giveaways, sponsorships and fundraising for non-profit organizations. The first REEL ROCK film debuted in 2005 by filmmakers, Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer and since has grown into the premiere global platform for award winning films that cater for people who want to begin climbing, to people who have been climbing for years. Some featured documentaries, such as The Dawn Wall and Valley Uprising, have given REEL ROCK dozens of festival awards, ecstatic reviews and even Emmy’s! 


The North Face presents : REEL ROCK 14, one of the best climbing celebrations, is finally here! The new collection of short films this year will truly make your palms sweat and stoked for your next outdoor adventure. REEL ROCK 14 presents three unique films featuring some of the most renowned climbers in the world.

The High Road, featuring Nina Williams (among the only women who climb elite level problems) and her ambitious endeavors while bouldering in the Buttermilks, California. She is one of the most determined climbers with her eyes on the most challenging boulders that scale up to 50 feet high...WITH NO ROPE. 

The second film, United State of Joe’s shows how the first wave of climbers influenced and shaped the state of Utah to be THE STATE for famous rock climbing areas. This film goes into the history of the first group of climbers that clashed with the conservative community of Mormons, cowboys and coal miners. After years of antagonism, the climbers banded together with the locals to help clean the city and helped build a more harmonious future.

The final film, The Nose Speed Record goes into one of the most anticipated journeys an advanced climber can hope to dream. For many years, climbers have been trying to compete for the fastest record on the nose in Yosemite National Park, held by little-known climbers : Brad Gobright and Jim Reynolds. This film features Alex Honnold (held the record before Brad and Jim) and Tommy Caldwell and their ambition to take the title back. Their journey is one that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

REEL ROCK 14 is one that you do not want to miss out on the big screen! Come join Gear Coop on November 14th in Costa Mesa (5PM - 11PM) for an outdoor screening experience along with many climbing and outdoor exhibitors! Get your tickets here and watch the trailer below!

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