Sasha DiGiulian: Leading Us Through Sender One LAX's First Clinic - Sender One Climbing

Words by Lauren Irvine
Photos by Crystal Tan

On Saturday, December 10, Sender One LAX hosted its first climbing clinic with one of the strongest, most accomplished pros on rock today: world champion competition climber and top-ranked First (Female) Ascent ticker, Sasha DiGiulian. With a propensity for pink gear and the bubbly personality to match, Sasha is also one of the friendliest people you’re likely to encounter at the crag--making her a perfect fit for LAX’s inaugural learning session, which are designed to encourage members to discover their abilities and connect with other climbers of all levels.

During the climbing off-season, Sasha has focused on teaching clinics around the United States to help climbers streamline their training and top their aspirational projects. Don’t let her age throw you off: with dozens of 5.14 ascents on the world’s hardest sport climbs under her harness, Sasha fully understands what’s needed both physically and mentally to push through the most intimidating cruxes.

Sender One member Charles Landis recalls, “She was remarkably instructive. Her warm-up exercises were effective--and some I’d never thought about! And watching her demonstrate and climb was great. She’s so effortless and efficient; I learned volumes just by watching her positioning and movement.” Her clinic was a learning experience packed with practical demonstrations and knowledgeable observations as she walked members through the phases of a sport project, from warmup stretches to difficult clips.

But most importantly, everyone in attendance had an amazing time just hanging out with Sasha and each other, sharing stories and swapping tips. Landis has nothing but praise for Sasha’s character: “It was just a joy to meet her. She’s poised, confident, friendly, and professional. While I'm thrilled she's a great climber, I'm even more impressed that she seems to be a great human being.”

Thank you so much to Sasha for hosting LAX’s first clinic and being the first pro climber to grace its walls! We can’t wait for more exciting opportunities to bring climbing’s most accomplished names to LAX to discover and connect with everyone.

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