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Rock climbing provides an experience full of thrill, excitement, and commitment. It builds physical and mental strength as you reach new heights on each route you try. It’s an experience that Sender One wants to make accessible to everyone in our communities, which is why we’re pleased to announce our Send Forward Program. 

The goal for the Send Forward Program is to break down barriers that limit underrepresented groups, especially amongst youth, from participating in the sport of climbing. Additionally, we want the youth participating in the program to build self-esteem, develop life skills and grow confidence in overcoming obstacles, so that what they perceive as possible will transform beyond their current veils.

The Send Forward campaign will offer these groups of youth an opportunity to explore a world outside of what they know, to experience challenges that will push them beyond what they envisioned they were capable of. It will also offer them a chance to get to know our State and National parks through climbing.

We’ve had the opportunity to partner with Andrew King and Outward Bound Adventures who have helped make this dream program a reality. Learn more about these amazing partners below

We look forward to building partnerships with even more organizations to help this program grow.

About Andrew King

Andrew King is an African American explorer who has climbed over 50 different mountains around the world from Kilimanjaro to the highest mountain in the Atlantic, Indian, and the Pacific Ocean to the highest mountain in Western Hemisphere. He is currently training and climbing towards being the first African American to climb the highest mountain and volcano on each continent.

He is a dedicated advocate, providing help and digital media exposure to individuals, non-profits, developing communities battling sexism, racism, climate change, and other economic barriers along his nature expeditions.

Andrew is climbing, surfing, and diving for an inclusive outside with brands including Black Diamond, who will be donating shoes and harnesses to the participants of the Send Forward program. 

About Outward Bound Adventures

Outward Bound Adventures (OBA) is the oldest non-profit in the nation created and dedicated to providing outdoor education, conservation and environmental learning expeditions for primarily low income, urban and rural youth and their families who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience time spent in wild places and open spaces. 

We are thrilled to partner with them on the Send Forward program to bring rock climbing into the lives of these young adventurers. 

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