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Welcome to Sender One’s Sendemic Series!

Every person is experiencing something different during this unexpected time in our lives. We want to share your perspectives by featuring stories, essays, art, small businesses, and more from our very own community.
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This week we're highlighting some real-time covid-19 data, an everyday artist, and sharing how folx in our community are staying active.

Daily Doodles

Artist and committed doodler, Nicole Aydë, shared that she has been working on a 365 day challenge where she draws something each day. While social distancing, she has taken a few online workshops to learn some more drawing techniques! Check out some of her daily doodles below and DEFINITELY check out her Instagram for more drawings -- @teacupsful.

Tracking Data

Jane Chin (who might as well be called Jane of all trades) is a climber/mother/wife/friend and has a Ph.D in Biochemistry with a B.S. in Microbiology. There's more, but this blog just can't handle it. Jane and her family have been members of Sender One LAX since 2017 and we love them! Her son, Jaden, also crushes on the Sender One Climbing Team. Thank you Jane, Cass, and Jaden for continuing to be part of our community!
Jane shared with us something that she has been working on since the global pandemic hit. She's been tracking the hard truth -- the mortality rate in the US vs Italy.

This data may be difficult to consume, but it's also a reminder of why we're practicing social distancing, why businesses are temporarily closed, and why it is so important to stay at home. Right above you can see screenshots of where the data sits today. See more on her website!

Creative Beta

Finding different ways to fuel our hunger for climbing has been a daily struggle. We all miss it - the chalk filled air, the feeling of rock (or plastic) on callused fingertips, all your friends yelling "c'mon!" "you got it!" "get it!" "niiiiice!". By now, you have probably seen a number of at-home first ascents, but there's always room for more! Community member, Shannon Berger, shares how she's been getting creative at home during isolation.

Shannon also shared that she's been taking some of our online virtual yoga classes! Way to go!
If you didn't know about these - we have virtual yoga classes offered each day. Check out the full by clicking the button below!
You'll also find our new iSWOLation Workout Series on there and options for 1-1 private instruction.

Thank you for tuning in to Sender One's Sendemic Series!

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