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Who is the Pebble Wrestler?

This climber leaves the ropes at home, grabs the crash pads, and hits the road (or the gym) in pursuit of some of the most dynamic climbs out there.  Your favorite pebble wrestler (boulderer) is admired, as well as thought to be crazy, for their lack of gear, but many would argue that they perform one of the most pure forms of climbing on a daily basis. 

Stuck for ideas on what to gift a boulderer this holiday season? Check out our ideas below, and find a majority of these items at our Sender One shops at both our Santa Ana and Los Angeles locations! 



Climbing Chalk

Got sweaty palms watching your bouldering friends scale the rocks or the walls of Sender One?  Just imagine how they must feel!  Gift them some chalk to help improve their grip while on the rock.  Find chalk from the following retailers at the Sender One Shop: Black Diamond, PurChalk, Friction Labs, and Joshua Tree Skin Care.


Chalk Bucket

All that chalk has got to be kept somewhere!  Gift your climber a chalk bucket.  Slightly different from chalk bags, these buckets are especially useful for boulderers due to their large opening that lets climbers chalk up both hands at once, which won't slow down their sends!  Chalk buckets also come with useful pockets to store things such as climber balm, bouldering brushes, hand massagers, and more!  Find chalk buckets from E9, Static Climbing, Organic Climbing, and Friction Labs at the Sender One Shop!



With the increasing popularity of the sport, more and more people are getting on some of the best climbs out there, both outside and at Sender One Climbing!  With this increase in climber traffic, comes an increase in rubber, dirt, and chalk that is left behind on the holds of every climb.  Whether in the gym or outside, your boulderer is looking for clean routes to ensure that their hands and feet stick to every spot they place them on the wall.  The brush is a useful tool to keep those climbs crisp and clean, and to help your boulderer send their projects every time!


Climbing Shoes

There's nothing like a new pair of shoes to make your climber feel like Spiderman up on the wall.  Our Sender One Shops offer new grips from La Sportiva, Mad Rock, SoIll, Scarpa, and Evolv!  While we know that shoes can be a pretty personal decision, maybe your climber has been dropping some hints, or just busted a hole in a pair of shoes that you can replace!  Still uncertain, or maybe you don't know their size*: you can always pick up a gift card online or at the front desk! 

*Sender One offers size exchanges on unworn gear


Guidebook to a Local Crag

Is your favorite pebble wrestler looking to expand their climbing to outside?  Get them a guidebook so they don't get lost!  Local crags include: Black Mountain, Joshua Tree, Tramway, Bishop, Holcomb Valley, Stoney Point, and Bishop!  While we don't currently have any guidebooks in stock at Sender One, you can get them online or at storefronts such as REI and Nomad Adventures. 


Intro to Climbing Class

Perhaps your favorite climber is looking to expand their skillset and learn the ropes!  Or maybe you're a boulderer looking to hit the ropes with a friend?  Gift an Intro to Climbing class!  Climbers will learn how to properly tie in to the rope, as well as how to provide a top rope belay - moving them one step closer to being top rope certified at Sender One Climbing!  Get more information and purchase an Intro to Climbing Class at Santa Ana here, and at Los Angeles here.


Sender One Climbing SNA | Santa Ana, CA

Sender One Climbing LAX | Los Angeles, CA

Punch Pass or Membership to Sender One Climbing

Visit our pricing page to view the best options for you or your favorite boulderer, and gift them access to the best climbing gyms in Southern California! Click here to view membership and punch pass options for LAX, and here for SNA!




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