Sender Staff Highlight: Jerry Sea - Sender One Climbing

Words by Lauren Irvine

Name: Jerry
Job: Sender One LAX Fitness Coordinator

If you’ve ever seen someone intently traversing their way around SNA’s walls, scampering up and down and all around, chances are they’re probably training under the watchful eye of Jerry Sea, Sender One’s Fitness Coordinator. For two years, he’s been teaching climbers both young and old, new and seasoned, at SNA--building strength and endurance while refining technique and problem-solving--and he’ll soon be bringing his expertise to LAX when it opens later this month.

Ready to get sweaty? Get to know this climbing all-arounder:


How did you get into climbing?

When a friend of mine invited me to go climbing, I assumed it was going to be indoors. Wrong: to my surprise, we ended up sport climbing at Malibu Creek State Park. Thus was the beginning of my climbing career!

What's your favorite style of climbing and why?

I can honestly say that I don't have any one favorite style of climbing. Whether it's the simplicity of bouldering, the complexity of traditional climbing, or the strategizing of sport climbing: they all have specific individual qualities that make them unique (and fun) challenges in their own right.

Where’s your favorite place to climb?

Leavenworth, Washington--no question. It’s one of Rock & Ice’s top 10 places to climb in the U.S., and it has tons of crags full of great granite for sport and trad.

What are your must-do problems/routes and why?

I can’t name any one specific route, but I gravitate toward any problems/routes that rely on body tension and compression--really physical stuff that makes it feels like you’re in a wrestling match with the rock. It makes you earn it!


What aspect of Sender One LAX are you stoked to share with everyone?

I can’t wait to train people on the amazing Walltopia terrain that the LAX location has to offer. And, of course, its great staff!

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