Sender Games - March 18, 2017

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What is Sender Games?

Sender Games is an Olympic format competition that we hope to continue every year! This is a red point competition that will consist of three different categories: Sport, Speed & Bouldering. Teams of 5 must compete in all categories.

How is Sender Games scored?

The Sender Games are essentially a team-based climbing triathalon – every climber on each team competes in Boulder, Sport, and Speed.  Climb harder, score higher for your team.  Scoring is based on each climber’s top 5 boulder problems, top 3 routes, and top speed score.  Results are weighted so that any climber’s best efforts are rewarded.  This means that beginner and intermediate climbers climbing at their limit have the opportunity to score the same points as advanced climbers climbing at their limit. The team with the most points will win.

Are substitutes allowed for competing teams?

No substitutes

What if I don’t have a team of 5? Can I sign up without a team?

If you would like to compete but you do not have a team of 5, you can sign up as a free agent and will be assigned a team!

Where can I sign up for Sender Games?

Online or at the LAX front desk. You must register for all 5 team members together when signing up.

Will there be judges?

No. We want this to be a fun competition to get a little taste of climbing in the Olympic format. We will be enforcing the honor system by giving each team their own scorecard (similar to Bouldering League).

When is the Grand Opening & Sender Games?

March 18, 2017. Doors will open and check in will begin at 10 am.  (Time subject to change)

Will there be a party?

Yes. After the competition is over its party time! We will have beer, food, a raffle, climbing and music.

Will there be vendors?

Yes. There will be a vendor village throughout the day with some great booths to check out! If you are interested in participating in our vendor village, please contact

Will Sender City be open?

Yes. Sender City will be open as a “carnival style” event where 1 ticket = three climbs.

Will the gym be open for regular day use during the competition?

Yes. We will have sections of the gym available for climbing for those who do not wish to participate in Sender Games.

What is the cost?

Day Pass + Wristband for After Party : $15/Non-Member, Free for Members
Competing in Sender Games + Day Pass + After Party + Exclusive Sender Games Shirt : $20/Non-Member, $10/Member
Sender Games Spectators may watch for free. (All spectators and participants will be required to fill out a Facility Waiver)

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