Routesetting (SNA) | Sender One Climbing

We want you to be as excited when you leave as when you came in.  Toward meeting that goal, you can expect to climb on new routes and boulder problems each week.  You can expect there to be a wide range of climbing difficulties in each week’s set.

In addition to our quality new climbs set each week, none of our “old” climbs is ever older than 9 weeks (boulders average only 6-7 weeks before they are re-set!).  After that, it’s time for a new challenge.  Oh and, did we mention that our setters are some of the best in the industry?


Boulder LocationDateGradesNumber of Problems"Best in Show" color/grade/setter
Monster Boulder, Pipeline5/14/2019v0 - v1117Green v7 set by Christian
Vert Wall and Devan's Den4/26/19v3 - v66
Vert Wall and The Hulk4/24/19v0 - v1123Green v6 set by Cuz
Pipeline & Kody's Korner4/18/19v0 - v86
Pipeline Slab, Kody's Korner, & Vert Wall4/16/19v0 - v918Blue v6 set by Randy
Pipeline4/15/19v2 - v96
Pipeline4/12/19v1 - v118
Pipeline4/9/19v2 - v910
Monster Boulder and TLC4/2/19v0 - v1011Green V5 set by Christian
Top Out and Monster Boulder4/1/2019v1 - v118
Top Out3/26/19v2 - v87Black v7 set by Christian & Randy
Hulk Out3/12/19v0 - v99Pink v6 set by Christian
Devan's Den & Hulk3/5/19v0 - v1024Black v6 set by Kris
Pipeline Slab and Vert Wall2/27/19v0-v825Blue v8 set by KS
TLC, Pipeline, & Pipeline Slab2/19/19v0 - 1222Pink v2 set by Kris
Hulk & Top Out1/22/19v0 - v923Green v5 set by Jordan
Vert Wall, Devan's Den, & Hulk1/16/19v0 - v1029Black v3 set by Adriel
Pipeline1/3/19v0 - v1013White v5 set by Jordan
Monster - TLC - Pipeline left12/20/18v0 - v1020White v4 set by Marcus
Arch Boulder12/11/18v0 - v1024Orange v6 set by Marcus
Pipeline & System Wall11/28/18v0 - v1112Orange v6 set by Randy
Monster, Pipeline, & Kody's Korner11/20/18v0 - v618Blue v4 set by Marcus
Pipeline11/7/18v1 - v815Green v6 set by Jordan
Monster Boulder and TLC9/19/18v0 - v1015Green v6 set by Kody
Vert Wall, Devan's Den, & The Hulk8/28/18v0 - v928
Monster Boulder, TLC, & Pipeline8/8/18
v0 - v815Black v7 set by Randy
Arch Boulder7/24/18v0 - v816
Top Out7/20/18v0 - v68
Top Out7/17/18v0 - v911
The Hulk7/10/2018v0 - v1021
Vert Wall & Devan's Den7/5/18v0 - v921Green v2 set by Marcus
Vert Wall7/2/18v0 - v67White v5 set by Randy
Pipeline6/26/18v1 - v1021
TLC & Left Pipeline6/12/18v0 - v915Blue v4 set by Jordan
Arch & Monster Boulder6/6/18v2 - v1112White v6 set by Jordan
Arch Boulder6/2/18v0 - v89Orange v5 set by Devan
Top 0ut Boulder5/29/18v0 - v820Orange v5 set by Randy
The Hulk5/26/2018v0 - v1119Blue v5 set by Kris
Vert Wall5/8/18v0 - v811Orange v6 set by Randy
Learning Corner & Pipeline5/1/2018v0 - v820Pink v5 set by Jordan
The Hulk & Top Out3/29/2018v0 - v1015
Vert Wall3/14/18v0 - v817Blue v4 set by Jordan
Monster Boulder, TLC, & Pipeline2/21/18v0 - v1122Green v2 set by Kody
Arch Boulder2/13/2018v0 - v1013Pink v5 set by Randy
Vert Wall1/23/18v0 - v822Blue v5 set by Moses
Pipeline, Kody's Korner, Vert Wall1/17/2018v0 - v716Black v6 set by Kody
Pipeline1/9/2018v1 - v1016Orange v8 set by MP
Arch Monster12/19/17v0 - v1019Blue v8 set by Marcus
The Hulk, Top Out Boulder12/13/2017v0 - v1031Green v5 set by Marcus
Hulk12/5/17v0 - v916Black v6 set by Marcus & Randy
Pipeline & Vert Wall11/21/17v0 - v1130Black v5 set by Moses
Pipeline10/3/17v0 - v820White v2 set by Devan
Pipeline9/28/17v1 - v912Black