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Adrea Reed

Mat Pilates & Vinyasa Flow 1/2

Adrea's Bio

As a former dancer and cheerleader, Adrea has long known the value of movement for maintaining the body's health and the mind's well-being. A longtime practitioner of yoga and pilates, Adrea has been teaching yoga since Spring 2016 and Pilates since Fall 2017. Adrea is a graduate of the 200-hour Deeper Than Asana program, where she studied under Rebecca Fink and Erika Burkhalter. Her additional yoga certifications include: Yin Yoga with Melissa Christensen, Trauma Informed Yoga with Zabie Yamasaki, Kids & Family Yoga with Rainbow Yoga, and Yoga Anatomy with Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine. Adrea was certified in Mat Pilates by Lisa Schlaeger of YogaWorks/StudioEight in the Spring of 2018 and will be certified by her in Reformer in 2019.

Ali Rumani

Vinyasa Flow 2

Ali's Bio

Ali is an experienced practitioner and teacher with over 1000 hours of training. His teaching style is inspired by a wide range of sources and often settles into an ideal balance between the strength and athleticism of Ashtanga and the mindful, therapeutic approach of TKV Desikachar, whose lineage Ali was trained in for his yoga therapist certification.
Ali is a passionate advocate for increased awareness and understanding around mental health. His predominant interest lies in yoga’s ability to improve our wellbeing as well as the profound benefits it can bring to our mental health. As a perpetual student of this ancient Indian system, Ali is fascinated by how many aspects of the yoga sutras are reflected in contemporary psychology. He firmly believes that a true yoga practice is infinitely deeper than physical postures alone, advocating Desikachar’s philosophy that “The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.”

Ali teaches group classes throughout Orange County, as well as working on an individual basis, creating customised practices for his students’ specific goals with a particular focus on stress, insomnia and anxiety.

Alisha Vasquez

Vinyasa 1/2, Core Class

Alisha's Bio

Alisha fell in love with yoga at age 19 and started teaching soon afterward. She specializes in strong and athletic Vinyasa flow and hopes to empower her students through the practice of challenging postures (especially inversions)! With creative sequences and dance-like transitions, her classes invite students to challenge their self-limiting beliefs and explore their untapped potential. Alisha balances the fiery aspects of her classes with the centering practices of pranayama and meditation. You can practice with her in yoga studios throughout Orange County.

Catherine Chiu

Vinyasa Flow 1/2

Catherine's Bio

Catherine fell into yoga when she hit a mental and physical dead end in 2016. She had suffered a slipped disc during a deadlift workout. A spinal specialist told her she needed surgery. She was also working 70 hours a week in Finance on Wall Street in NYC. Yoga was instrumental in transforming her mind and body. Within two months of practicing yoga, Catherine’s chronic sciatica pain disappeared, and she went from being unable to walk without pain to hiking and traversing all over NYC. She also lost 25 pounds in the process. Yoga has also inspired her to devote her work to health and wellness in service to others. Catherine teaches meditative, fun, and funky flows. Each class includes a healthy dose of core work. She specializes in inversions, arm balances, and accessing deep backbends. She focuses on creative transitions and linking breath to movement to cultivate a moving meditation. Off the mat, you can find Catherine hiking, doing acro yoga, climbing, meditating, planning yoga retreats, devouring books, and hunting for new specialty coffee shops. Catherine is a 200-Hour Certified Teacher. She will be completing her 500-Hour Certification with Steph Gongora and Erin Kelly in Costa Rica in May of 2019. She has a B.S. in Hospitality Business Management from Cornell University. You can follow her journey on Instagram @hiiicattt.

Chiara Delfino

Mat Pilates

Chiara's Bio

Chiara discovered her passion for Pilates through dance training. Because of the immense benefits she received, she strives to share her knowledge of the art of Pilates to help people progress towards their goals, whether that be in general wellness, rehabilitation or serious athletic pursuits.

Jacky Au

Acro Yoga

Jacky's Bio

One eventful day in 2012, Jacky was strolling through a park when he suddenly saw a girl perched rather precariously upside down on her partner’s hands. Concerned at her predicament, Jacky went over to offer his assistance, only to discover that she was actually doing it on purpose, and apparently for fun. That was how he discovered the curious sport of acro yoga and has been an avid practitioner ever since, continuing the tradition of confusing onlookers in parks with his wild anticsWith his background in gymnastics, parkour, and martial arts, Jacky took to the sport quickly, as both a base and a flyer. Acroyoga quickly became one of his life’s passions, and he has been teaching and sharing this passion with others since 2014. His classes and teaching style focuses on technique, body mechanics, and fall safety. He enjoys breaking down complex movement patterns into their component parts and making acro skills accessible to everyone of all body types and experience levels.

When not tossing people around on his feet, Jacky also moonlights as a Ph.D. neuroscience student and works as a personal trainer. He looks forward to seeing you in class and earnestly wishes to watch you succeed and perform skills you previously may never have imagined. Feel free to check out his personal practice on Instagram: @jackrobat84

Jessica Gong

Vinyasa Flow 1, Move and Meditate

Jessica's Bio

Jessica discovered yoga in 2015, and hasn’t stopped immersing herself in it since then. Yoga not only brought her physical health, but mental clarity (sattva) as well, so it was only natural that she wants to share her passion with others to help enrich individuals and the community. Jessica is RYT-500hr certified and has taught in a variety of settings, including yoga studios, corporate offices, gyms, personal development retreats, and assisted in 200-hr teacher training. She is currently studying to become a Yoga Therapist. Her hobbies include spending time outdoors going on hikes, backpacking/camping, and slacklining.

Laura Horvath

Vinyasa Flow 1/2

Laura's Bio

Having grown up in Huntington Beach, Laura has always been able to take advantage of outdoor as well as indoor activities. Sailing, ballet, gymnastics, backpacking, and surfing has kept her busy throughout her youth. In 2010 Laura began taking yoga classes beginning with Bikram Yoga. Then through a random Groupon was introduced to Vinyasa Yoga. The Vinyasa style of yoga offered a fluid flow along with the option to step-it-up with the more powerful strength moves. Besides improving the athletic aspects of life such as surfing (balance), sailing (strength) and backpacking (breath control /stamina), yoga provided an inner contentment, patience, and bliss. In 2012 she decided that she needed to share that joy with others and received her 200Hr. certification along with the extensions program, and level 2 teacher training. "Yoga can open up a whole new world in which patience, strength, and balance live in harmony." By teaching yoga Laura has been able to see that path open for others and watch that joy blossom within their lives.

Margie Wang

Vinyasa Flow 1

Margie's Bio

Margie was inspired to become a yoga instructor after discovering the practice of physical yoga helped her with relieving tension, building strength and flexibility, and improving posture. She holds certifications in 200 hour Power Yoga and 200-hour SmartFlow Yoga. Margie believes yoga can be accessible to everybody. She teaches alignment-based flow yoga and encourages students to explore yoga poses that fit her students' individual bodies through the use of props and modifications.

Melody Vo

Vinyasa Flow 1/2

Melody's Bio

Melody is one of those crazy people who believe everyone should do yoga. However, she also believes in customizing yoga to be what you need most, whether it's for mental clarity, physical conditioning, rehabilitating injuries, or all of the above. Her goal is to create a safe environment where students can explore and perhaps surprise themselves with their amazing capabilities. Mel completed her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Corepower Yoga in 2012 and has been teaching since. As a side job, Mel works as a Powertrain Engineer for an automotive company, which is why she will often talk about "fulcrum points," and "torque," during class. Come to find your cool on the mat so you can crush on the wall!

Mehrnoush Zare

Yin Yang & Strength Yoga

Mehrnoush's Bio

Mehrnoush Zare, RYT® 200, has been dedicated to the study and practice of yoga since 2008. She received her certification to teach, at Deeper than Asana with mentors, Rebecca Fink and Erika Burkhalter and began teaching in 2017. She continues to mentor and practices daily Mysore Ashtanga with Level 2 authorized teacher, David Miliotis. Mehrnoush is devoted to helping people on their path to inner peace and tranquility through the practice of yoga and meditation. Her classes help you to be present at the moment and observing the nature of the mind by focusing on the breath and inner body sensations.

Molly Embrador

Hatha Yoga 2, Vinyasa Flow 2

Molly's Bio

Molly Embrador was born and raised in Whittier, Calif. As a young girl, her parents put her through dance lessons, which she enjoyed, and continued dancing all throughout high school and college. After spending years of competing, she finally took a break and focused more on something new.

She completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Purple Yoga in 2015, and has been teaching ever since! Her mission is to inspire and motivate students to help them connect with their inner self, find self-love, and explore their true potential through the Power of Yoga.

Molly is constantly on the hunt for new ways to be physically active. You will find her climbing rocks, snowboarding, or even in the water. When adventure calls, she always answers.

Morgan Sander-Proschold

Aerial I, Aerial II, All-Level Aerial, Youth Aerial

Morgan's Bio
Nick Bower

Lyra & Aerial Silks

Nick's Bio

Nick's Aerial journey began way back when she was 15 and took her first dance class. Ever since, she has trained and continues to train in a variety of dance styles; a firm believer that dance can help you learn anything. But always feeling drawn to more and more atheletic dancing, she begain training under Diavolo company members and took soon to be good friend Christopher Filkins workshop on Zig. These more active dance styles would lead to Nicks discovery and lifelong passion for Acro of all sorts and Aerial. In 2012, Nick had the great pleasure of beginning her aerial instructing career, teaching a wide assortment of "those crazy circus things" from Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, and Hammock, to Cube, Spanish Web, and other specialized apparatuses. Her classes like to focus on transitions, strength building, and breaking skills and movement down to their most basic elements. Having discovered her passion for teaching others, Nick enjoys instructing all ages. Both young and young at heart and looks forward to meeting you in class, and watching you exceed your own expectations.

Nicola Strother

Yoga/Fitness Director, HIIT

Nicola's Bio

In addition to training the HIIT class, Nicola Strother is the fitness director at Sender One Climbing. She has had a B.A. from UCLA, a current CPR certification and is also a Certified Nutrition Coach. As a teenager, she was a competitive gymnast training 6 days a week, 5 hours a day. Being in peak condition was critical. She has continued along the path of strength training and cardiovascular workouts and eventually parlayed her athleticism into a successful career as a stuntwoman in Los Angeles. Being in great shape, and knowing her muscle strengths and limitations helped her succeed in this competitive field. After moving to Orange County, she has transitioned from stunt work to training to help adults, kids and elite athletes attain their goals in all areas of fitness. Current fitness certifications: Biomechanics Specialist, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Coach and a Pat Etcheberry Certified Trainer. This certification focuses on speed, agility, quickness, and fitness for tennis players. I work with my clients on strength and balance with a focus on rehabilitation exercises to prevent injuries.

Nina Raab

Yogalates, Mat Pilates, and Yoga

Nina's Bio

Yoga and Mat Pilates Instructor Nina Raab received her 200 RYT certificate from the Atmananda Yoga Sequence in New York City and has additional certifications in Personal Training, Spencer Mat Pilates, TRX, and many other group fitness formats. She currently trains clients both individually and in group settings and serves as a personal chef prepping meals for some private clients.
Nina was born in Puerto Rico, where her athletic abilities were not encouraged over dedication to academics but where she always felt she was missing out on some aspect of herself. She joined the US Navy in 1993, where she had the opportunity to discover her love of physical and mental fitness. She began to feel more balanced as a person and gained new confidence as she continued to explore the limits of her physicality. She has enjoyed running, cycling, swimming, and weightlifting, as well as the mind/body systems of yoga and pilates ever since. For the last 8 years, Nina has made Newport Beach her home. She has two daughters, one teen and one young adult, who are both currently enrolled in college. Her additional passions are clean living, meditation, writing, the outdoors, foreign languages, live music, and her Bengal cat.

Favorite Quote: "Having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing seems to me to be one of the most basic principles that you can adopt to contribute to individual and world peace." ~Wayne Dyer

Pantea Mohajer

Vinyasa Flow 2/3, Yin Yang, Restorative

Pantea's Bio

Pantea began her yoga practice as a way to de-stress while she was in school. Her practice inspired her to write a thesis on the effects of yoga on creativity. She practiced off and on for the next several years. Pantea was inspired to take a teacher training course in the same way many of us have our greatest idea - by reading a sign in the bathroom stall of her yoga studio. Pantea believes yoga allows us to live in a limitless world - where thoughts and preconceptions of our bodies and capabilities can be laid to rest - and our minds can start fresh. Her style is focused on open-heartedness and compassion for self and community; from this place, we are able to grow whichever way we choose.

Rebecca Fink

Vinyasa Flow 2/3, Yin Yang 2

Rebecca's Bio

Rebecca Fink, E-RYT500, has been teaching yoga to climbers since 2013 at Sender One Climbing, CA. She has enjoyed guiding and watching her yoga students grow in their asana practice, and always loves hearing their feedback about how yoga has improved their climbing skills. The enjoyment of fitness, the great outdoors, and the exploration of the union of breath and movement has inspired her to embark on a new journey of self discovery—through climbing. Now it all makes sense. Since beginning both a personal gym climbing practice and an exploration of natural rock climbing outdoors, she has first-hand discovered the innate connection between yoga and climbing. Many of the techniques used in yoga, such as personal body awareness and discipline of breath, are crucial in advancing climbing skills and avoiding injury. The mind and body connection can be accomplished on the wall, rock and mat, and in life. And, Rebecca is thrilled to be able to guide you on this path.

Rocky Russo

Vinyasa Flow 2

Rocky's Bio

As the creator of wellness coaching company “Elevated Being,” Rocky thrives in sipping from the most potent seas of life. He fills his cup with ancient wisdom and shares it with the world: as a yoga teacher (Blissology Method, Yoga Alliance 500 Hr (c)), Mindfulness coach and published writer, Rocky is eager to share his practice with all who are ready for it. Rocky also breathes deeply in the breeze of Western education, as he conducts his integrated health coaching and personal training practice while collecting his Master’s degree in Kinesiology- Integrated Wellness. He has flourished with the abundance of knowledge he has gathered through countless Personal Training certifications, a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, and years of cultivating elevated beings in a process of self-love. The message he aims to permeate is one of love beginning from within, as he resolves that “You were already beautiful and perfect; let’s strip away the pieces of your life that have kept you from fully realizing this.”

Rose Ochoa

Aerial Silks

Rose's Bio

10 years ago, Rose broke their back in an off road accident. The accident revealed aspects of Rose's life that were lacking. Physical therapy was not helpful, family was not understanding, and their career was unfulfilling. One day, a friend introduced them to yoga. Since their first yoga class, the words of their teacher has stuck: yoga is for longevity of life, it is your own practice, your choice. Those words motivated Rose to learn more about yoga, which lead Rose to rock climbing and aerial. Yoga, rock climbing, and aerial all complimented each other. They were mentally and physically challenging, and the strength and grace of the practice inspired creativity and curiosity.

2 years ago, Rose committed themselves to training and building their own practice. They have completed a 30 hour Aerial Yoga teacher training in February 2018 and 200 hour Yoga teacher training in February 2019. Rose's passion for yoga, rock climbing, and aerial is driven by the desire for freedom. Freedom of expression, challenging oneself, and finding creativity through flow. This drive lead Rose to compete in the West Coast Aerial Arts festival, where they won 1st place in Open Solo Amateur for their aerial hammock piece titled "Broken Mirrors".

Rose loves the outdoors, seeking adventures wherever possible, helping others' art flourish, and enjoying all aspects of life.

Royaha Esa

Vinyasa Flow 2

Rohaya's Bio

Rohaya has extensive experience in the health and fitness industry including competition with a variety of formal training and certifications under her belt. Yoga and health and fitness have come in and out of her life and did not become a permanent dedication until after 1996; culminating in formal classes and training at various cities throughout the world. Rohaya started teaching Yoga thereafter at a well-known health and fitness center in Asia Pacific. Rohaya has been teaching yoga and cycling since 2001. She has taught and donated her time and experience throughout the world, as she traveled at various established health and fitness centers, including facilities throughout Asia Pacific, Europe, and USA. She is certified in various programs which include: E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance, Yoga Anatomy thru Yoga Medicine by Tiffany Cruikshank 2018, 200RYT YogaFit International since July 2009, 300 RYT YogaWorks teacher training with Master teacher Erika Burkhalter since 2011, 500RYT Yoga Alliance since 2011, AFFA Certified Fitness Group Instructor in yoga & cycling (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) from 2009 to 2014. She has also studied intensive immersion teaching technique primary series of Ashtanga yoga with Master teacher David Swenson, who is one of the world's foremost Ashtanga Yoga teacher in Hong Kong October 2008, and she became a lifetime MADDOG Athletic spinning certified instructor in April 2006. Coming from a very athletic background where she competed in equestrian, fitness competitions and a few full and half marathons, Rohaya brings a vinyasa-flow vigorous and fun style of yoga linking breath and moment, with an established nimble sequence of sun salutation and numerous poses that catered to all levels. Her passion for teaching gives her the feeling of fulfillment and purpose. She loves helping others strengthen their physical, mental, and spiritual body.


Alexandra Boggio

Yoga and Mat Pilates

Alexandra's Bio

Alexandra Boggio is a Certified RYT 500 ERYT 500 Yoga Instructor, CNC – Certified Nutritional Consultant and IFHI- Fellow of the Institute for Human Individuality, Reiki Master Teacher, Energy Healer & Meditation Instructor, Aromatherapist and Lifestyle Coach. Alexandra has been completing her final internships in an intensive two and a half year Yoga Therapist Certification (C-IAYT) working with special medical populations and in clinical environments. She holds specialized training to work with veterans and trauma-sensitive populations suffering from depression, anxiety to PTSD as well as traumatic brain and cognitive impairment. Alexandra has many years of extensive support facilitating workshops and training, mentorships and advising new yoga teachers. Alexandra has owned an IT Consulting business working with Fortune 500 companies throughout the world. Requiring her to work 16 hour days often and travel constantly. She came to yoga over 25 years ago to help manage the mental stress and physical fatigue of her corporate job and to provide tools that can bring peace and ease in the midst of daily chaos. “Yoga is universal. You can breathe, move and meditate at any time and anywhere. That is what is so beautiful about the practice. It frees you at the moment allowing you to regain your physical and mental balance. Anyone can do yoga. “ Alexandra’s focus is on growth, progress, self-healing and on using yoga to maintain balance in one’s life. Alexandra believes that each person can take responsibility for his or her own wellness. Her job is to help increase awareness of the body, assist, guide, and provide tools to aid each person’s unique wellness journey.

Angela Nunes

Mat Pilates

Angela's Bio

Angela has been dancing her entire life, with an emphasis on classical ballet. Being in the dance world, she was exposed to many exercises and strength-training programs, including yoga and pilates. After high school, Angela auditioned and was accepted into the BA Dance program at UC Irvine. During her time there, she began an internship in a physical therapy office and also gained the mentorship of ballet professor and pilates instructor Diane Diefenderfer. Once she graduated, she continued practicing Pilates with Diane at her private studio, Studio Du Corps in Costa Mesa, where she eventually received her Teacher Training Certification. She is now a certified instructor with Club Pilates in Orange County and works as a Physical Therapy Aide at Impact Rehabilitation in Orange, where she first began as an intern. Outside of work, she is continuing her education and will be applying to physical therapy school with hopes of becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy in the near future.

Laura Adona


Laura's Bio

Laura is a certified 200-hour RYT and holds a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years and continues her yogic studies on sojourns through India, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Her classes are suitable for all types and levels, offering challenging poses and their modifications to suit one's anatomy and physical capacity. Students are encouraged to focus on their breath in order to find peace of mind.

Lindy Ker


Lindy's Bio

Lindy’s passion is to provide holistic guidance, encourage self-study, support self-care, and nurture self-empowerment for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health through the lens of yoga therapy and the application of Ashtanga Yoga as written in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.  Lindy’s playful and creative classes incorporate the tools of pranayama (mindful breathing), Ashtanga postures, restorative postures, mantra (sacred sound), and meditation to open and strengthen the mind-body connection.  She is also a devoted wife, mother, and mama of sweet kitty boys. Her greatest joy is to share her love for all things and to help others awaken joy within themselves.

Madisen Clayton

Acro Yoga

Madisen's Bio

Madisen graduated from the University of California, Irvine with degrees in Public Health Policy and Biological Sciences. She has been practicing acroyoga for several years and immediately fell in love with “acro” as both a sport and an art. She has performed and taught at numerous venues and festivals, combining elements of partner yoga, dance, and acrobatics. Outside of Sender One, she works full time both in the therapeutic horseback riding non-profit industry, (which utilizes the three dimensional movement of a horse to assist in treating those with ambulatory disabilities), and as a private math and science teacher. “Teaching has been a lifelong love of mine, and I feel privileged to have students in so many unique capacities.” In her free time, Madisen enjoys spending time at the beach, adventuring, horseback riding, and creating handmade jewelry.

Maria Scufca

Mat Pilates, Yoga

Maria's Bio

Maria’s fascination with movement began in 1997 when she began to study yoga to support her development as a dancer. In 2005, she was introduced to Pilates, while studying Modern dance in Brazil and later, in Buenos Aires. Her interest in developing a strong core, increased flexibility and balanced muscle groups led her to complete the Power Pilates Mat Instructor Training in Atlanta, GA in 2007, and she has been teaching mat Pilates ever since. Her classes are dynamic, yet highly structured to encourage students to develop awareness of correct alignment and strong biomechanics. In 2014, Maria trained with STOTT PILATES to teach both Mat and Reformer classes, and is currently working towards towards completing her certification as a Mat/Reformer instructor. In addition, Maria has been cultivating her personal Yoga practice since 1997 and has studied various Yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Iyengar, and Kundalini with master teachers in Boston, Atlanta, Spain, Brazil and Argentina, all of whom influenced her personal approach to the mind-body relationship. She has been teaching Yoga since 2009, following the completion of her 200-hour level Yoga Teacher Training at the Peachtree Yoga Center, in Atlanta. Special areas of interest: Mobility Training for functional movement (FMS Level 1); Pilates Mat & Reformer; Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga, Viniyoga (a therapeutic approach to Yoga that adapts the various methods of practice to the unique needs and interests of each individual); Personal Training (NASM certified, 2012), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM certified, 2018), with an emphasis on postural analysis and specific movement programming tailored to each individual’s needs.

Stephen Aldaco


Stephen's Bio

Stephen started his movement career when he studied dance in college with dance teachers such as Marie Del La Palme, Raul Cruz, Miriam & Leonardo to name a few. He found himself in his first yoga class for the mobility yoga offered and stayed after he fell in love with the spiritual, calming and meditative aspect of yoga. He completed his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Corepoweryoga in Tustin. Stephen quickly made a name for himself in the O.C. area teaching Acroyoga & compassionate, fun yoga classes. His passion for movement allows him to teach from a place of deep understand and tradition while making the classes fun & challenging for all levels. His classes are fun, light-hearted guiding each student to advance within their own body, mentally, and spiritually. FAVORITE YOGA MOVE: Revolved Big Toe Pose (Parivrtta Hasta Padangusthasana) HOW HAS YOGA BENEFITED YOU THE MOST: Yoga was the reason I quit a life style of partying and drinking. (It’s hard to do yoga when your hung over!) yoga has allowed me to fully accept love the person that I am in the body I am in. It has also allowed me to see the good in everyone I meet & understand that at some level we are all deeply connected. REASON STARTED DOING YOGA: I wanted to be more flexible in dance this practice started solely physical for me. Over the years of practice yoga turned into medicine to keep my mind & body in shape to live a life of service & happiness. 5 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOUR TEACHING STYLE: Goofy. Happy. Unique. Empowering. Uplifting


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