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Best Rock Climbing Spots in Los Angeles

Best Rock Climbing Spots in Los Angeles

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The Top 5 Rock Climbing Spots in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a lot going for it: a great food scene, plenty of live entertainment, near perfect weather year round. But at Sender One Climbing, we’re pretty certain that rock climbing in Los Angeles is one of the best ways to really understand and appreciate all that this wonderful city has to offer. Find out where our 5 favorite Los Angeles rock climbing spots are below!

1. Stony Point

Stoney Point

Stony Point is one of the many iconic climbing locations found throughout Los Angeles and is notable for its nearly 130 bouldering problems that climbers can enjoy. Located in the Santa Susana Mountains, Stony Point is perfect for those that know how to climb outside safely and enjoy beautiful scenery. Climbers of different abilities will be able to easily find challenging routes for bouldering and top rope climbing.

 2. Malibu Creek Canyon

Malibu Creek Traverse - Photo by RachelATC via Mountain Project

Although traversing to routes at Malibu Creek Canyon can be technically challenging, the bouldering and top rope opportunities are some of the most sought after in Los Angeles. Enjoy a leisurely hike into the Santa Monica Mountains and explore the countless bouldering problems and 100+ bolted climbs ranging from 5.5-5.14, all on steep pocketed volcanic rock. Plus, there are tons great locations to hike, swim, and mountain bike nearby!

 3. Echo Cliffs

Echo Cliffs - Photo by Kimberly Kay via Mountain Project

With over 200 routes available for climbers of every skill level, Echo Cliffs is one of our favorite spots to  enjoy a day outdoors. This beautiful sunny destination is sought after because of its particularly long routes, several of which require over 60-meters of rope in order to top rope. Plus, all Echo Cliff routes are bolt protected and the diverse rock faces range from pockets and holds on vertical faces to overhanging rock.

 4. Point Dume

Point Dume - Photo by Tozankyaku via Mountain Project

If you haven’t been climbing in Point Dume, what are you waiting for? This stunning location offers both a west facing wall and a south facing wall with routes for beginner and intermediate climbers. Point Dume is an excellent spot to practice technique and hone skill, with routes ranging from 5.6-5.10. Did we mention that it’s located along the beach in Malibu?

 5. Sender One Climbing LAX

While we love the great outdoors, heading up the coast to Malibu or making your way into the Santa Monica Mountains isn’t always an option. At Sender One Climbing LAX, we make things simple so you’re able to get in and get climbing without any hassle. Practice and improve your technique on our state-of-the-art bouldering problems and top rope routes, or take a lead climbing class before you take your climbing outside.

 Visit Sender One Today

Rock climbing in Los Angeles is extremely popular for a reason, and we encourage you to get out there and explore all of the incredible climbing the city has to offer. Learn more about rock climbing at our Sender One LAX location and explore the many benefits of our indoor climbing gym here.

Winter Means SEND TEMPS for Day Trips in SoCal

Winter Means SEND TEMPS for Day Trips in SoCal

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Tomorrow marks the official start of winter! You know what that means: SEND TEMPS.  Here in sunny California, most of our climbing destinations are snow-free. Here, we'll outline some of our local day-trip spots for the weekend craggers looking to send projects all season long! This post is aimed towards newer climbers. Comment on our Facebook page if you've got any other recommendations!

NOTE: If you are new to climbing outdoors, please be sure to read all access notices, stay on posted trails, and be stewards to wherever you are climbing to keep areas open and clean for all. Click here to read Access Fund's useful outdoor etiquette guide



Joshua Tree

The hauntingly beautiful blobs of rock that pepper Joshua Tree's alien landscape are tougher on the skin than you think. If you've never been, a bit of hand salve might be a good idea to pack and climbing tape is a must if you're planning to jam your hands into the crocodile-toothed cracks.

Beta: You can squeeze out a solid day of climbing by parking in the Hidden Valley day use lot. Climb at Intersection rock or cross the road to Real Hidden Valley for some short but sweet rope climbing. Boulderers can warm up on the False Hueco Traverse (v2) before playing on the fun Roof Romp (v4).

Drive time: 2+ hrs
Guidebook: Joshua Tree Bouldering
Camping: $10+/night (Varies depending on site)




Photo by Justin Kenderes. Courtesy of Mountain Project

You can climb beachside at Point Dume, but Malibu Creek State Park is worth the long approach for a full day of climbing.

Beta: Here's Mountain Project's parking beta: "There is a $12 fee for parking within the Park, but a free alternative exists by turning right (west) on Mulholland Hwy from Las Virgenes Road and parking on either side of the highway where the Grasslands Trail cuts through the Park." For climbing, check out the Planet of the Apes wall. 

Drive time: 1hr 15 min
Guidebook: Sport Climbing in the Santa Monicas



Photo by Michael Reardon. Courtesy of Mountain Project

Photo by Michael Reardon. Courtesy of Mountain Project

Climb at Stoney Point and you're bound to run into some of the legends of old who continue to climb to this day.  It's covered in graffiti, but the climbing is fun nonetheless.

Beta: Park along the east side of Topanga Canyon blvd. then walk down to the boulders. Guidebooks are available, but Mountain Project will get you around just fine.

Drive time: 1hr 15 min




The Quarry is a dynamite blasted playground where helmets are a must (ignore the picture above). Though the rock is high quality, quarrying operations made loose little to large pieces that can come down without warning. It's private property so please respect the rules!

Beta: Parking is free and there's a long road on Sierra Ave. where climbers can leave their cars. Walk toward the obvious crag up ahead and try Tangerine Dream .10d (climbs the obvious orange streak).

Drive time: 45 minutes
Guidebook: Climber's Guide: Riverside Quarry Edition



mt rubidoux

Mt. Rubidoux is where many SoCal climbing legends messed around before most of us knew how to walk. It's got plenty of quartz-monzonite to play on before ending the day at Asahi Sushi for all-you-can-eat raw fish goodness. It might even be worth skipping Rubidoux and heading straight to Asahi.

Beta: Enter a suburban area and park along the road near the entrance. You'll be walking up a cemented incline and you'll start seeing climbable boulders soon enough. There's a bridge you can climb for the heck of it.

Drive time: 45 minutes
Guidebook: Mountain Project




Photo courtesy of Mountain Project

You don't get the best climbing here, but you do get a killer sunset. And, it's close to Sender! This beach is quite popular among folks unacquainted with outdoor etiquette so be an example and pack out your trash. Heck, maybe even pick up a bottle or two.

Beta: There's plenty of street parking available along the neighborhoods. It's a 5 minute walk down some stairs and to the right where you'll see an obvious formation. Go up and over that to a "secret" beach everyone knows about and yard down on Iron Man (v3). Come in the afternoon after the rock had time to dry out and stay for the sunset. Do NOT use a wire brush or rough bristled brush to clean holds! You'll eat into the rock and ruin it for everyone!

Drive time: 15 minutes
Guidebook: None (Topo available on Mountain Project)


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