Touch the Future: Randori AR Climbing Games at SNA November 30! - Sender One Climbing
Words by Lauren Irvine
Source (Photos & Video)
2016 has officially become the year of immersion. At the high end, virtual reality systems like Oculus and HTC Vive are creating new digital dimensions that are changing the digital landscape.

And for an experience that’s just as futuristic (but a bit more down to Earth) there is augmented reality, or AR...and it’s coming to Sender One SNA! On November 30, from 7-9pm, experience climbing from an an all-new, high-tech perspective as Randori AR transforms the bouldering area into a totally unique, physical arcade.

Created by Brooklyn Boulders climber and programming guru Jon Cheng, Randori AR turns any climbing wall into an interactive video game--and you into the controller!

Randori AR has taken both the tech and climbing worlds by storm, having been featured in publications ranging from Gizmodo and WIRED to Fast Company and, of course, Climbing Business Journal.

Randori’s bouldering-based game modes put your endurance and agility to the test as you throw, dyno, and swing your way to new high scores. It’s part Pong, part Pac-Man, part Donkey Kong, and all you.

Learn more about the tech and philosophy behind Randori at, then come hang out (literally!) on November 30 and touch the future on our walls.

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