Virtual Classes - Sender One Climbing

Virtual Yoga, Fitness, & Movement Classes

Now offering a variety of ways for the community to have access to classes through a virtual platform, while directly supporting our yoga and fitness instructors during this temporary closure.


All live yoga classes are offered on MindBody via Zoom. This platform allows you to connect with your favorite instructor(s) and other students in a "group" setting! In addition, check out our in-person, outdoors class options on the schedule.
If you are unsure about what class is for you, this blog post will teach you about the benefits of yoga for climbers and help you find the perfect class(es) that suit you!

All classes on our MindBody platform are free for active Sender One members who have resumed their memberships and available for frozen members and non-members through affordable drop-in rates or class packages. If you would like to reactivate your membership to access virtual classes and begin booking climbing sessions at the gym, please fill out our billing form. In addition, we will be releasing four previously recorded yoga classes on our YouTube page each week throughout June. Classes provided on our YouTube Channel are free for everyone and can be viewed at any time!
View upcoming classes below!

$10 / drop-in class
$80 / 10-class pack

About Live Classes
  • All active members have unlimited access to our online yoga classes!
  • Classes are available for frozen members and guests on a pay-per-class basis or with the class pack option ($10/drop-in class or $80/10-class pack).
  • You will receive both the Zoom link and Meeting ID upon booking for a class in a confirmation email. NOTE: If you are not receiving these emails, please update your email notifications in MindBody to allow reminders and schedule changes. We recommend signing up for a class at least 15 minutes before it begins.
  • These virtual group classes are a great way to stay connected with your community, but you will not need to share video of yourself unless you would like to.
  • Please read the descriptions for each class to know what to expect. Any class that requires props will note that in the description. Additionally, some classes may have prerequisites and will list those as well.
How to Sign Up & Access MindBody

All you need is a free MindBody account (you may already have one), then you are ready to start signing up for classes! Search for Sender One on the MindyBody App or via the direct link on the website. Sender One's location is listed for Santa Ana (we only use MindBody at our SNA location), so make sure you are searching by city to get it to show up on the app.

How to Connect with Zoom

1. Download Zoom if you don’t already have it from the App Store/ Google Play.
2. Test your settings in Zoom before the class starts to make sure your audio and/or video is set up correctly. Some instructors will auto-mute all participants during class to limit distractions then open up time at the end for questions; others will give the option to turn mics on throughout class. In general, you want to mute yourself whenever you aren't talking to help preserve the audio quality for everyone else.

MindBody Class Schedule

Having trouble viewing the schedule? Try re-opening the page in Incognito (on Google Chrome), or clearing your browser cache & cookies. Otherwise, go directly to the Sender One MindBody website, or download the app! [ iOS | Android ]

Workout & HIIT Series

*NEW* Rise & Shine HIIT Class Series at Sender One SNA with Nina Raab -- IN-PERSON & OUTSIDE
A 4-week* workout series offered every Friday beginning August 28th at 7 am.
This class is included with an active Sender One membership or available for $10/class. Sign up ahead of time through MindBody!
Don't forget to BRING YOUR OWN MAT, sunscreen, and water.

*This series may be extended based on popular demand


Also, check out our iSWOLation Workout Series on the blog! This series can be done at home, anytime, and at your own pace.

1-1 Private Instruction

Experience 1-1 instruction and training in the comfort of your own home!

Please fill out the form provided below if you are interested in seeking private instruction and/or coaching for your child(ren) and/or yourselves during our temporary gym closure.

Meet the Instructors

Virtual Yoga & Fitness Instructors:

Adrea Reed (SNA)
Virtual Yoga, Pilates

Greta Recinto (LAX)
Virtual Yoga

Lizzy Castilla (LAX)
Virtual Yoga

Alisha Vasquez (SNA)
Virtual Yoga

Haylee Nichele (LAX)
Virtual Yoga, Pilates

Rebecca Fink (SNA)
Virtual Yoga

Kristina Macias (LAX)
Virtual Yoga

Molly Embrador (SNA)
Virtual Yoga

Brianna Barraza (LAX)
Virtual Yoga

Rohaya Esa (SNA)
Virtual Yoga

Nina Raab (SNA)
Virtual Yoga

Crystal Nardico (LAX)
Virtual Yoga, AcroFitness

Laura Horvath (SNA)
Virtual Yoga

Jessica Gong (SNA)
Virtual Yoga

Katie Bay (LAX)
Virtual Yoga

Kristine Calderon (LAX)
Virtual Yoga

Margie Wang (SNA)
Virtual Yoga