Women of Sender One: Part 2 - Sender One Climbing
We are incredibly fortunate to work with a solid group of women who not only align with our core values but are mentors and leaders. To the women of Sender One, the managers, gym staff, and yoga instructors, we are inspired by you -- a unique bunch where some are moms, sisters, artists, runners, aerialists, and even an ex-stunt double. Thank you for your passion, kindness, teamwork, and authenticity!

In this two-part blog series and in light of Women’s History Month, we asked a few questions to some of the women at Sender One. Find out who they look up to, discover recommendations for women-focused books/films/podcasts, and take in some thoughtful advice.

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Meet some of the ladies behind our company roles at Sender One HQ!

Alice Kao

Co-Founder, CEO
w/ Sender One since the beginning, before there was a Sender One.

Women who inspire you:
My aunt Ellie, a polio survivor. The left side of her body is paralyzed but she learned to walk with metal braces and crutches. I lived with her for 4 years when I was in elementary school and every night I would massage her back; she has severe scoliosis from the muscle imbalance.

Her condition didn't stop her from living a full life! She ran a gift shop business for 10 years and had a 2nd career as a tour guide. She's travelled to over 30 countries. In her retirement, she completed her high school and college degree.

I can't wait to visit her in Taiwan when we are able to travel again. My kids will love going on rides with her on her 3-wheeled motorcycle.

Favorite women-focused recommendations
Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
Advice for women & young girls
Don't be fearless, be courageous.

Being courageous is to put your whole heart into the world and on the line, even knowing what it might cost you.

Being courageous is to have that conversation even if you're afraid of what the other person might say.

Being courageous is to deeply apologize when you make a mistake.

Always choose courage over fear.

Dersa Cyr

Finance Manager
w/ Sender One since 2013

Women who inspire you:
The women on our team. They are all awesome women that strive for growth and improvement. They support each other like no other team I have been a part of. I have learned so much from strong women at Sender One.
Favorite women-focused recommendations
Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
anything by Brene Brown
Advice for women & young girls
Be kind to yourself, always. We are our own biggest critique.
Learn to take risks to achieve your greatest goals.
Embrace failure not as a negative but instead as an opportunity to grab hold of a lesson and press on.
Be grateful.

Caitlyn Volkman

Merch. Manager, Buyer
w/ Sender One since 2016

Women who inspire you:
Elizabeth Warren, Ashley Fiolek, Stacey Abrams. The strong, smart, capable, and resilient women I work with every day at Sender One. I've been inspired by each and every one of these women in the years I've worked alongside them.
Favorite women-focused recommendations
She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton
Sulwe by Lupita Nyong'o
Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly
These books really connected with and inspired my two little girls, and really moved me in turn.

Muna, Broods, Chvrches, Girl in Red - strong women making music that resonates and empowers me.

Advice for women & young girls
Discover and love your authentic self. Even when it's hard or scary, be true to yourself. Never stop learning. Be humble and teachable when you make mistakes, and then move forward!

Crystal Tan

Brand Marketing Manager
w/ Sender One since 2015

Women who inspire you:
First and foremost - my mom. She's supported all my crazy ideas while giving me wholesome, direct advice. She's never let me down and continues to be the strongest woman in my life. I am also constantly inspired by the women I am surrounded by in climbing and at work. These women are kind, honest, understanding, authentic, all-around badasses, and just truly incredible. I am always learning from them.
Favorite women-focused recommendations
Maya Angelou, Rupi Kaur, Roxanne Gay, Angela Davis, Toni Morrison

The Hey, Girl Podcast by Alex Elle and Life Kit by NPR (not all women-focused, but some great, practical tips for life!)

Nina Simone, Florence and the Machine, Beyonce, Cat Power, Ella Fitzgerald

Advice for women & young girls
Stay present. Celebrate and thank yourself always. There is no "right way" to be a woman. We all have different experiences and that's completely ok. You know best what you are going through. We're all together in this thing called life so it's important to be supportive, kind, to listen, and to always be learning.

Nicole Pate

Director of Gym Operations
w/ Sender One since 2013

Women who inspire you:
I feel lucky to be in a time where there are so many inspiring women to look up to. Since becoming a mom, the women that have inspired me most are other moms. I have friends and family that are working moms (some Sender One moms too!) and stay-at-home moms, and without all of their advice and support, I think my first year and a half as a parent would have been impossible. They have helped me become and be an amazing mom to my daughter while keeping my identity as a climber, leader, friend, yogi, artist, etc. Also, Serena winning the Australian Open while pregnant was a huge inspiration for me to keep climbing while pregnant and to start back up postpartum.
Favorite women-focused recommendations
I love ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary and podcast series. They are not all women-focused, but there are some really inspiring women-focused episodes --"On The Ice", "Back Pass", and "Six Who Sat"
Advice for women & young girls
Be kind to yourself and others. Support and lift up those around you. If you want to see change, don't wait for someone else to do it, you make it happen.

Nicola Strother

Director of Yoga & Fitness
w/ Sender One since 2012

Women who inspire you:
My mom (just because she is amazing), my dad (Kate) who is transgender. Kate lived the first 70 years of her life in the "wrong body" and was expected to live up to certain stereotypes. She is now living her life to the fullest in New Zealand as the person she was meant to be. Defying any gender roles, redefining life, and breaking boundaries. My co-workers because they lift me up and support me in being learning to be the best that I can.
Favorite women-focused recommendations
West with the Night by Beryl Markham
Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens
Advice for women & young girls
Be you! Let the small things go. You live once, so live it to the fullest.

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