climbingbannerSender One showcases some of the tallest and most beautiful walls in the United States. Our bouldering terrain includes 18-foot high walls, a unique bouldering tunnel, and a topout boulder.

Climbing for the first time?

    Even if you haven’t climbed before, don’t worry! We have everything you need to get you started:

    • Everyone in the gym needs to have a SIGNED WAIVER. If you’re under 18 years old, you’ll need to have a waiver signed by your parent or legal guardian. You can fill out the waiver online, or if you’d prefer, you can print a hard copy of the waiver and bring it with you on your first visit.
    • Want to try roped climbing? Book one of our daily Intro to Climbing (BELAY CLASS) classes. The 60-minute lesson includes all the gear you’ll need, instruction on how to hold the ropes, and how to tie-in. PLEASE BOOK YOUR INTRO CLASS AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE TO GUARANTEE AVAILABILITY.
    • Sender One supplies Gri-Gri’s for all tope ropes and requires a figure eight knot with a fisherman’s finish to tie in. If you have belayed before you can take our belay check. The belay check will require you to operate a Gri-Gri belay device and tie in. If you have belayed before but not with a Gri-Gri our staff can update you on it’s operation.
    • Want to lead climb? Please bring your own rope. Sender One does NOT rent lead ropes but we do sell a 35 meter lead rope for $99. The lead test can be taken on any tube style belay device or a Gri-Gri. A Gri-Gri belay requires the modern style with your brake hand ALWAYS on the brake side of the rope. For a demonstration click HERE.
    • Already have your belay certification and need help finding a climbing partner?  Come talk to us at the front desk and we can find you one.
    • Interested in the bouldering area but don’t know where to start?  We can give you a quick bouldering orientation.



Our nationally-renowned setting crew refreshes the terrain weekly, so you always have new challenges ready to inspire you.



Take advantage of our climbing-specific training tools – our hydraulically adjustable boulders and system board, rings, fingerboards, and a campus board.  Or join us for the many cross-training opportunities available in our fitness facility.



Want to get on the beautiful lead wall Chris Sharma designed? Sign up for our Intro to Lead or Accelerated Lead classes and learn all you need to know to lead climb in the gym.  Click here to book classes:




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