Announcement: Sender One Westwood - Sender One Climbing

We have big news! Sender One is growing, even more!

Yes, we just announced our first ever bouldering gym opening in 2020 in Playa Vista, CA, but we aren’t done yet! Introducing our fourth Sender One location, and second bouldering only facility in Westwood, CA. This welcoming neighborhood is in the middle of everything you need, except for climbing of course. With that said, hello, Westwood Village! We are thrilled to bring the Westwood community a world class bouldering facility along with the phenomenal service Sender One provides.


The Facility:

Originally built in 1929, the soon-to-be Sender One Westwood was one of Westwood Village’s first six historical buildings. What once used to be the Mann Festival Theatre that opened in 1970, will now transform into a place for the community to discover themselves and connect with others through climbing. This building has preserved its historical significance for 90 years and we plan on maintaining what makes this location unique and special.
Prepare yourself for 10,000+ sq. ft. of diverse bouldering terrain, an inviting climbing community, and offerings for families and climbers of all levels. We will be working with Walltopia to bring our community beautiful and dynamic climbing walls that scale 12-15ft. Sender One Westwood will also be the place for all your fitness and yoga needs! 


The Location:

We are excited to open up a facility in an area that exhibits and welcomes diversity within the community of students, families, small business owners, and young professionals. Westwood Village is home to the historical preservation that encompasses itself with student-friendly restaurants, bars, theaters and entertainment that can cater to each individual. Why is it student-friendly? UCLA is right down the street! With a short seven minute walk from campus, students can finish their arduous day of classes and studying, then head over to the Village for a session of climbing at Sender One Westwood. If you’re hungry, you can grab some food at local surrounding restaurants. Check out more about Westwood Village here!


This is really exciting, but … what is bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing where no climbing gear (ropes and harnesses) is required. All you need are some shoes, chalk, and a desire to send! Indoor bouldering routes involve walls of around 12-15 feet, and are designed for climbers at every skill level. Climbs may be inclined, or overhung, powerful, or balance focused, or all of the above! We cannot wait for you to come climb with us! 



As it turns out, our very own, Alice Kao, Sender One CEO, is an alumna from UCLA! Much like everyone else, Alice found her passion in life through climbing. 

When I went to the climbing gym, I found my community…I climb because it reminds me of a happy time in my life, and it reminds me of a time that climbing made me better. And that’s why I get on the wall – because when I’m climbing, the only thing I can focus on is me and the wall and everything else just gets tuned out.” 

As an alumna, she is in touch with the Westwood and UCLA area is very excited to announce the upcoming Westwood location and to connect more people through climbing! To find out more about Alice and her journey, click here.


Opening 2021

We are so proud to be expanding climbing opportunities to so many more people and wish we could blink and make it happen immediately!  Construction takes a bit of time, however, and the plan is to be opening our doors in 2021. Follow along for updates and job opportunities through our social media platforms and website.