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In-person Youth Camps are available at LAX & SNA.
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Welcome to Sender City SNA

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What is Sender City?

Sender City is an interactive climbing center for kids & adults of all ages.
Climb buildings & towers at our facility located inside Sender One Climbing SNA. We use auto-belay devices which automatically retract a cable attached to climbers during ascent and control speed during descent or in the event of a fall.

What to Expect:

Step 1

Meet and greet our staff members to receive your wristband.

Step 2

Get your harness and helmet on!
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Step 3

Staff will teach adults (14+) to clip in and out of auto belays!

Step 4

HAVE FUN! ewgffrrhgehrrhghrhterher

Each location features its own set of interactive climbing walls & challenges

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