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First Time Visitors

Whether you’ve never been rock climbing before or you’re looking for a new place to train, Sender One Climbing has a ton of great options for rock climbers at every skill level. You can learn more about what our Los Angeles-based climbing gym offers below!

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First Time Climbers (ages 14+)

Intro to Climbing Class

This 1-Hour rock climbing class will teach you how to tie in to the rope as a climber, top rope belay using a GriGri, use climbing commands and perform checks to minimize risk while climbing. After completing this course, you will be able to climb independently at Sender One.  This class includes a day pass to our Los Angeles climbing gym and rental gear. Students must be at least 14 years of age to take the class.  Reservations Required.

Intro Package

  • Intro to Rock Climbing Class
  • Intro to Movement and Technique: This three class series teaches participants fundamental climbing techniques, problem solving skills, and mental strategies.
  • One Month Membership at our climbing gym
  • Rental Gear Included

New to Sender One? 5-Visit Punch Pass with Rentals

(1st time visitors ONLY.  Limit 1 per person)

  • This is only available to purchase on the day of your first visit or after your first Intro to Rock Climbing class
  • Expires 60 days from purchase date
  • Non-transferrable and non-refundable
  • Sign up for a monthly EFT membership for $0 initiation

Experienced Climbers


Everyone MUST have a Sender One Top Rope Belay Card visible on their harness whenever they are belaying. Top Rope Belay Check Requirements:

  • Correctly tie in with a figure-8 follow-through knot backed up with a double overhand knot (sometimes referred to as a fisherman’s knot or double fisherman’s knot)
  • Correctly operate a Petzl GRIGRI 2 belay device.
  • Sender One requires use of the PBUS (pull, brake, under, slide) style of belaying