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Welcome to Sender City

Discover a colorful, unique and interactive climbing center suitable for all ages — toddlers to adults.

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Sender City Challenges*

*May vary by location

Spider Man

Here’s your chance to be Spiderman! Climb the facade of the building. How about only using the window panes?

Trembling Towers

How high can you climb on the trembling towers? Can you climb the towers with no hands? or your eyes closed?

Drop Slide

The ultimate adrenaline rush — no Sender City visit would be complete without a giant human slide! This is a bonus challenge.

Toddler Park

For small ones under 40lbs! Your little ones are going to love building blocks and learning the ABCs on the traverse wall!

Gear Head

Test your balance and climb the spinning gears!

Fun Walls

Younger kids’ favorite walls – hungry giraffe, fire house, owl tree, and the maze wall!

Spider Web

Spider Web – accommodates 2 climbers.  Catch the bugs on your way up to the spider web!

Tire Climb

Climb the tire ladder! This is a side by side challenge for 2 climbers.

Box Builder

Stack as many blocks as possible and stand on top.  Lose your balance and you’ll have to start all over again!


Ascend to the top guided by the glowing holds!

Sender City Mountains

Toddler friendly bouldering wall with colorful alphabet and animal holds!


Los AngelesOrange County


All climbers and observers must fill out an online waiver. This includes parents, grandparents, babies and kids who are only watching. Fill out a waiver online to save time at check-in.