A Glimpse at Fall 2016 Bouldering League - Sender One Climbing

Words by Lauren Irvine

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray...another season of Bouldering League has come and gone, leaving behind only scuffs and smears across the Hulk’s curving facade.

Over a period of six weeks, 185 climbers across 37 creatively-named teams hugged jugs, crushed crimps, and squeezed slopers in the hopes of having their names inscribed upon the belt.

For six weeks, you’ve battled it out in the spirit of friendly competition. But who would flash their way to triumph? Who redpointed the route to victory?

Congratulations to “I Got Nothin’” for bringing home the Fall 2016 Bouldering League Belt & winning each an Evolv crash pad!

1st Place - I got nothin

HUGE THANKS to EVOLV for donating these sweet crash pads!!!! <3

2nd place - Team Meghan

3rd place - 5Leaves

Best Team Banner Design - Get Pumped or Die Trying

Best Team Name - Crimpsy Bacon and Eggs

Nice job crushing it! And thanks so much to all the teams who participated in yet another awesome round of Bouldering League. You guys are what makes the Sender community truly unique, and we can’t wait to see you all next season.

Wait! Some of you are saying. What is this Bouldering League that you speak of, and how can I join it?

Bouldering League is Sender One’s seasonal community bouldering competition that encourages Sender members of all climbing abilities to team up and push their limits! Whether you’re just trying V1, flirting with V5, or edging your way up V8, Bouldering League has a spot for you!

When we announce the next Bouldering League season, form a five-person team with your Sender friends (awesome name mandatory). Every week for six weeks, Sender One’s intrepid routesetters put forth fresh problems for you to tackle, with scoring based on your individual ability handicap. The top-scoring team after the finals in week six gets their name etched onto the champions’ belt!

Sender One is dedicated to helping its members discover their abilities and connect with other climbers, and Bouldering League does just that: it allows novice climbers to team up with stronger climbers to learn and progress together. Train hard, climb harder, and we’ll see you next season!

Check out more photos and find out more on our Bouldering League Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/s1boulderingleague/

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