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Frequently Asked Questions

Sender One Climbing FAQ

I am new to climbing. What are my options?

We have bouldering and rope climbing. First time climbers are recommended to take our Intro to Climbing Class (SNA/LAX), where you will learn the basics of rope climbing.

I am not a member. Do I need to make a reservation to climb?

You will not need to make a reservation to climb! We are open to the public for anyone who would like to climb with a day pass. Reservations are only necessary for Sender City or climbing classes, like our Intro to Climbing Class.

What should I wear when climbing at Sender One?

Clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in are recommended. Examples include: yoga and workout clothes.

Where can I purchase a gift card?

You can purchase a gift card online or in person at one of our locations.

I would like to come check out a Sender One facility without climbing. Do you offer tours?

Yes! You may come by any Sender One location and a staff member will be happy to show you around. You can also give yourself a tour, but please let the desk staff know. Anyone who enters a Sender One facility will need to fill out a waiver

What is included with a day pass?

A day pass includes climbing, yoga classes offered on that day, and access to the fitness area. Day passes do not include rental gear or entry into Sender City.

How old do I have to be to climb?

We do not have an age requirement for regular day use. However, climbing is inherently dangerous and we require children under the age of 14 to be accompanied by a parent or approved guardian.

Do you have auto belays?

We do not have auto belays in our main rope climbing area. Auto belays can be found in Sender City, the interactive climbing space.

We do have many ways to find rope climbing partners:

What options do you have for my kids that want to climb?

Sender City, our interactive climbing area, is a great place for kids to get their climb on! We also have a very extensive Youth Program for all levels of youth climbers with offerings like Climbing Academy, Climbing Camps, Recreational Teams, and Competition Teams.

How do I become a Sender One member?

You can sign up to become a Sender One member at any location. The front desk staff will gladly help you out! You can also sign up online through our website.

Do I need to schedule my Top Rope or Lead Climbing test?

You do not need to call ahead and schedule your Top Rope or Lead Climbing test. However, if we are experiencing high traffic at the front desk, we will put down your name(s) and call you to the front desk as soon as possible for your Tope Rope or Lead Climbing test. To lead climb, you will need a 35m rope at SNA, a 45m rope at LAX and your own belay device.

What type of belay devices are allowed for Lead Climbing?

We allow the following belay devices:
– Petzl GriGri Family
– Edelrid Jul2, MegaJul, MegaJul Sport
– Mad Rock Lifeguard
– Black Diamond ATC Pilot
– Mammut Smart Alpine, Smart Alpine 2.0
– Beal Birdie
– Click Up

In addition, the Edelrid Ohm is allowed as a fall resist device.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we have free guest WiFi available at all Sender One locations!

Why should I climb at Sender One?

We center our community and business around our purpose to Discover Yourself and Connect with Others through climbing. At Sender One, we foster a second home for families, partners, the LGBTQ community, youth, and climbers of ALL levels. 

Oh, and because we have phenomenal staff and really, really fun climbs.