FAQ - Sender One Climbing

Frequently Asked Questions

Sender One Climbing FAQ

I am new to climbing. What are my options?

We have bouldering and rope climbing. First time climbers are recommended to take our Intro to Climbing Class (SNA/LAX), where you will learn the basics of rope climbing.

I am not a member. Do I need to make a reservation to climb?

You will not need to make a reservation to climb! We are open to the public for anyone who would like to climb with a day pass. Reservations are only necessary for Sender City or climbing classes, like our Intro to Climbing Class.

What should I wear when climbing at Sender One?

Clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in are recommended. Examples include: yoga and workout clothes.

Where can I purchase a gift card?

You can purchase a gift card online or in person at one of our locations.

I would like to come check out a Sender One facility without climbing. Do you offer tours?

Yes! You may come by any Sender One location and a staff member will be happy to show you around. You can also give yourself a tour, but please let the desk staff know. Anyone who enters a Sender One facility will need to