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Climbing Center

Why should I climb at Sender One?

We center our community and business around our purpose to Discover Yourself and Connect with Others through climbing. At Sender One, we foster a second home for families, partners, the LGBTQIA+ community, youth, and climbers of ALL levels. 

Oh, and because we have absolutely phenomenal staff and really, really fun climbs.

I am new to climbing. What are my options?

Our facilities offer bouldering (climbing without a rope) and rope climbing. First time climbers are recommended to take our Intro to Climbing Class (SNA/LAX), where you will learn the basics of rope climbing, or the Intro to Bouldering Class (Playa Vista).

  • For first-time young climbers, we recommend exploring Sender City (LAX/SNA), our interactive climbing center. Climb buildings and towers at this fun center using auto-belay devices that automatically retract a cable attached to climbers while controlling the speed at a comfortable pace when descending a climb or activity.
  • First-time climbers also have the opportunity to take advantage of our 5-punch pass deal. On your first visit with us, grab this pass for only $69 which includes 5 day passes to any gym, plus free rental equipment! Visit a gym to learn more.

I am not a member. Do I need to make a reservation to climb?

  • Our SNA and LAX locations do not require a reservation to climb! We are open to the public for anyone who would like to climb with a day pass. Reservations are only necessary for Sender City or climbing classes, like our Intro to Climbing or Bouldering Class. 
  • At Playa Vista, kids and adults over 14 do not need to make a reservation to climb. However, kids under 14 who are not members will need to reserve a spot during Kid’s Hours. Read more about Kid’s Hours here

What should I wear while climbing at Sender One?

Clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in are recommended. Examples include: yoga/workout clothes, and socks to wear if you’re renting shoes.

Where can I purchase a gift card?

You can purchase a gift card online or in person at one of our locations. 

I would like to come check out a Sender One facility without climbing. Do you offer tours?

Yes! You may come by any Sender One location and a staff member will be happy to show you around. Anyone who enters a Sender One facility will need to fill out a waiver even if you’re just checking it out.

What is included with a day pass?

A day pass includes climbing, yoga and some fitness classes offered on that day, and access to the fitness area. Day passes do not include rental gear or entry into Sender City.

Can I visit multiple Sender One locations on the same day with one day pass or punch pass?

Sure! If you happen to visit multiple or all Sender One locations in one day, then we’ll honor the day pass you purchased on that day or the punch pass you use. Just let our Customer Experience staff know you purchased a day pass or used your punch pass at another location on that day so we can confirm. 

How old do I have to be to climb?

We do not have an age requirement for regular day use. However, climbing is inherently dangerous and we require children under the age of 14 to be accompanied by a parent or approved guardian. At Playa Vista we require kids under 14, who are not members, to reserve a spot during Kid’s Hours. Read more about Kid’s Hours here

Do you have auto belays?

We do not have auto belays in our main rope climbing area, with the exception of Speed Walls located at SNA and LAX. Auto belays can be found in Sender City, the interactive climbing space at SNA and LAX.

We do offer ways to find climbing partners:

  • Facebook Community Pages: LAX, SNA, Playa Vista (For Bouldering Buddies)
  • Community Meet Ups
  • Climbing Buddy Finder located on the community boards

What options do you have for my kids that want to climb?

Sender City, our interactive climbing area located only at SNA and LAX, is a great place for kids to get their climb on! We also have a very extensive Youth Program for all levels of youth climbers with offerings like Climbing Academy, Climbing Camps, Recreational Teams, and Competition Teams. You can also join our Kids Climb sessions which are a great way to introduce kids to top rope climbing. You can also climb with your kids at any Sender One facility under your supervision. Youth programs may vary by location. 

At Playa Vista we require kids under 14, who are not members, to reserve a spot during Kid’s Hours. Read more about Kid’s Hours here

How do I become a Sender One member?

You can sign up to become a Sender One member at any location. Our staff will gladly help you out! You can also sign up online through our website.

Do I need to schedule my Top Rope or Lead Climbing test?

You do not need to call ahead and schedule your Top Rope or Lead Climbing test, just ask the front desk staff for a test when you are ready. However, if we are experiencing high traffic at the front desk, we will put down your name(s) and call you to the front desk as soon as possible for your Tope Rope or Lead Climbing test. To lead climb, you must:

  • Have a 35m rope at SNA and a 45m rope at LAX and your own belay device.
  • Have your Top Rope certification at Sender One
  • Be able to follow the PBUS method when belaying.

Top Rope tests will take approximately 5-10 minutes, and Lead tests will take approximately 20-30 minutes. 

What if I don’t pass the belay test? 

If the test results in a fail, you will need to retest on a different day. In the meantime: 

  • There is the possibility of getting a temporary Top Rope card for the day, which is up to the discretion of the tester based on the type correction(s) they needed to give. 
  • You are able to be belayed by someone who is certified. 
  • You are not able to participate in lead climb in any way. 

Do you rent out ropes and belay devices?

No. We do not rent out any ropes or belay devices. All of our top ropes have a GRIGRI attached to them, so you do not need to provide your own if you plan to only top rope. 

What do I need if I am Lead Climbing?

In addition to successfully completing the Lead Climbing test with us and getting Sender One certified, you will need to provide your own rope and belay device. The permitted belay devices include the ATC Pilot, GRIGRI family, MegaJul, MegaJul Sport, Jul 2, Mammut Smart Alpine, Mammut Smart Belay 2.0, Madrock Lifeguard, Click-up, and Beal Birdie. No other devices are allowed. 

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, we have free guest WiFi available at all Sender One locations! The password can be found on the Community Boards and/or front desk of any gym. 

What forms of payment does Sender One accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Apple, and Google Pay. We do not accept cash. 


What is included with a membership at Sender One?

  • Access to all Sender One locations
  • Access to Yoga and Fitness Classes (varies by location)
  • Access to Fitness Center
  • Free Monthly Guest Pass
  • Free Intro to Climbing Class and Intro to Bouldering Class (varies by location)
  • 20% off First Retail Purchase
  • Discounts on Retail Shoes and Harnesses, Climbing Classes, and Special Events
  • $50 off Sender City Annual Pass
  • Member Referral Program (Refer 3 friends and get 1-month free within 12 months)
  • Free Intro to Climbing Class for 2 Friends Every Day (includes day pass and rentals and does not count as monthly guest pass)

Can I pause my monthly membership without canceling?

Yes. There is a monthly freeze fee of $10 unless you are freezing your membership for a medical reason. Just fill out our Billing Form to complete your freeze request. Requests must be made by the 25th of the month prior to the one you want to freeze. 

Can I transfer a prepaid membership if I am moving?

Yes. You can transfer the remainder of a prepaid membership to another person if you are moving and can no longer attend Sender One (we’ll miss you though!). Let us know who you’re transferring the membership to via our Billing Form.

Can I pause a prepaid membership?

Yes. There is a monthly freeze fee of $10 that will be prorated and charged upon your return. The end/expiration date of your prepaid membership will be adjusted according to the amount of time your membership was frozen.

Are there any family options for memberships?

We offer $0 on initiation when you sign up with another person (friend, spouse, family member) and a discounted dependent* add-on membership option.
*a dependent is someone who is 6-17 years old and claimed on your tax return and can only be added on to a full-paying adult membership. Kids 5 and under are free with a paying adult. 


Sender City

Where is Sender City available?

Sender City is only available at our full-service locations, which currently include LAX and SNA. This means that the facilities offering bouldering and rope climbing will also have a Sender City. Our boulder-only centers do not have Sender City.

What is Sender City?

Sender City is an interactive climbing center suitable for kids and adults of all ages! Enjoy a unique climbing experience where you can climb towers, buildings, shapes, or race your friends to the top of the walls.

Is there an age limit to climb in Sender City?

No, there is not an age limit to climb in Sender City. The only requirement is that the climber weights at least 35lbs. 

How long is a Sender City session?

Sender City sessions are 1-hr long from the start of the scheduled session to the end of the scheduled session. This means that your session may be shorter if you arrive late. Climbing times cannot overlap into the next session. If you happen to arrive late for your session, you can jump into the next session if there is availability. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes early to check in, gear up, and watch our safety video to ensure you start your session on time

Are there auto belays in Sender City?

Yes. Adults in Sender City will need to pass an auto belay check in order to clip their children in and out of the auto belay. Don’t worry, we will teach you how!

What is an auto belay?

An auto belay is an automatic belay device that retracts a cable attached to the climber during ascent (climbing up) and controls speed during a descent or in the event of a fall. The auto belay will catch the climber and slowly lower them as they come down the wall.

Are there climbing coaches in Sender City?

No, we do not offer climbing instruction in Sender City. If you are interested in climbing instruction check out our Youth and Instruction pages. While there are no coaches, a staff member will assist with orientation including putting climbers in their gear, and demonstrating how to use the auto-belay devices. They will also monitor each session if you have any questions or need assistance. 

What should I wear when climbing in Sender City?

Comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in is recommended. We require closed toe, non-marking shoes with socks. High heels are not allowed by climbers or spectators.

Is rental gear included during my Sender City session?

Yes! We provide helmets and harnesses for all Sender City climbers.

Does my Sender City session include access to the climbing gym?

No, it does not. For kids interested in exploring the main gym, we recommend Kids Climb for kids under 14, and our Intro to Climbing Class for those 14 and older.

Can I drop off my child in Sender City? 

No, we require a 1:2 (adult:child) ratio in Sender City. Adults will need to be present with their child during the entire session. Adults are responsible for clipping their kid(s) in and out of climbs. 

Can adults climb in Sender City?

Heck yes! We encourage it.

How do I become a Sender City Annual Pass Holder?

When you’re ready to experience Sender City all year long, you can visit our website or the front desk to purchase your Sender City Annual Pass. This pass is good for 360 days of climbing with access to one 1-hr session* every day!

*Sessions can be extended for Annual Pass holders based on availability.

Can I host a party in Sender City?

It’s always a party in Sender City! The real answer is yes, you can host birthday parties, company parties, and parties just for fun.

I’m worried my child is getting too old for Sender City, do you have options for climbing in the main gym?

If your child is ready to advance their climbing skills, we recommend exploring our Youth Program offerings like Kids Climb, Climbing Academy, Camps, or joining the climbing team where they will get introduced to the Main Gym, and start to learn climbing movement & techniques.

Youth Programs

How old does my child need to be to participate in the Youth Program at Sender One?

Our Camps, Climbing Academy, and Mighty Monkey Recreational Team starts at age 6. 

How often are climbing camps offered?

We offer Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter climbing camp sessions for ages 6-13.

If my child is part of the Youth Climbing Team, can I also climb at Sender One?

Team parents and siblings can add-on a Sender One membership for a special discounted price and enjoy all the same membership benefits. 

When is the registration period for the upcoming season?

Registration for the 2022 Spring Season  (March 1-June 30) opens on February 7 for current rec team members and Climbing Academy students, and February 14 for new or returning climbers. Registration for the next Climbing Academy (May-June) will open on April 1.

Is there a waiting list if a program is full?

Yes! If the program is full and you are interested in joining the waitlist, reach out to your home gym:

Please be aware that mid-season cancellations are not very common, so the best way to get into a program is to sign up when the enrollment window opens.

Where do I start?

The first step to joining our youth teams is Climbing Academy, an eight week course where climbers learn basic technique and climbing safety. Climbing Academy is the prerequisite for all of our recreational teams. If you are interested in joining an advanced team (Training Team or Competition Team) we hold tryouts twice per year, once in August and once in January.

To inquire and find out more about the Youth Programs at Sender One, please reach out:

Groups & Parties

Do you offer parties and events for groups?

Yes. You can book a celebration to host in Sender City (only at SNA and LAX) or gear up for an Intro to Climbing Class with your group. You can also book a celebration at Playa Vista for an hour of bouldering and games.

When should I book my party?

For all events, it is recommended that you book at least 6-8 weeks in advance to adequately plan your party. We require a non-refundable deposit and Host Agreement to hold your time slot and date.

Do you offer any discounts for groups?

We offer a 1-hour climbing session in Sender City for non-profits at a discounted rate. We require full payment and a valid Tax ID for your non-profit when booking. Please fill out an inquiry form and we will get back to you with pricing and information.

Am I allowed to bring in outside food?

Yes, outside food/catering is allowed at LAX and SNA. Food must be ready to serve as there are no warming devices allowed in the party room. LAX and SNA have fridge and freezer space that can be utilized by parties. However, please note that there is no party room at Playa Vista, so any/all food items must be consumed outside of the facility at one of the nearby picnic tables.  

Do I need a waiver if I am just spectating?

Yes! A completed waiver form is required for any person (climber or spectator) that enters the building. Climbers under the age of 18 MUST have their Sender One waivers signed by their parent or legal guardian. Yes, even babies & grandparents!

Do you charge for guests who are just spectating?

  • No. We only charge for the number of guests who are climbing. 
  • However, we require a ratio of 1 adult to 2 kids so adult spectators must be present. For Sender City, adults are expected to clip kids in and out of the auto-belays.  All parents are encouraged to also climb with their kids in Sender City and experience the fun! 

What is the cancellation policy for parties?

  • Refunds will not be granted for cancellations, however a credit may be issued for the amount paid. NO credit will be issued if the cancellation is less than 2 weeks from the event date. You can transfer the deposit to another date up until 2 weeks before the already scheduled event date. If it’s under 2 weeks before the original event date, the deposit is no longer transferable unless there is a medical reason, in which proof must be submitted to the Groups & Parties team.
  • If a cancellation is necessary due to a positive COVID-19 test or if symptoms of COVID-19 are present, credit may be given for cancellations made 48 hours or more prior to the party. No refunds will be given. 

Yoga & Fitness

Are yoga classes included with my membership?

Yes! All yoga classes (SNA & LAX) and group fitness classes (Playa Vista) are included with the membership. 

Do I need to bring my own mat?

No, each location that offers yoga classes has mats for members to use. However mats may be limited, so we encourage you to bring your own if you have one!

Do you have additional props for yoga?

Yes, each studio has yoga blocks, straps, bolsters, and mats.

What type of yoga classes are offered?

Both SNA and LAX offer a variety of classes. (classes vary at each location) Vinyasa All Levels, Vinyasa Level ⅔, Yin, Yin Yang, Yoga Fundamentals, Strength Yoga, AcroYoga, and even Mat Pilates. Please visit the LAX or SNA Yoga pages for a full class schedule. 

Are the yoga classes heated?

We do not offer classes with heated rooms where the temperatures are above 85 degrees

Do I have to have a strong background in yoga to take a class?

Absolutely not, all of our instructors are capable of teaching all levels and giving modifications for your specific level.  If you are new to yoga, then a Yoga Fundamentals or  an All levels class would be perfect for you.

Do I need to accompany my child in a yoga class?

Anyone aged 14 or older may attend a yoga class without adult supervision. Youth 13 and younger are welcome to join with a supervising adult.

Do I have to reserve a spot for class?

Although walk-ins are available, classes at each location have a maximum capacity; therefore, it is suggested that you sign up in advance for yoga classes at LAX, fitness classes at Playa Vista, and yoga classes at SNA

What fitness equipment is offered?

  • For both SNA and LAX, we offer a full choice of cardio equipment ranging from treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles, and rowing machines.  Playa Vista offers both a rowing machine and Rogue bicycle.
  • At all locations, we offer one or more squat racks, bench press, full sets of dumbbells, pull up bars, TRX, Bosu balls and resistance bands.
  • SNA and LAX also have functional trainers, lat pulldown machines as well as leg extension or hamstring curl machines.

Do you have towel service?

Both LAX and Playa Vista currently offer towel service. Towel service coming to SNA in 2022. 

Training Center

Is the Sender One Training Center open to the public?

The Sender One Training Center is only open to our Youth Programs, active members, and member guests by reservation during specific times. Some adult training classes and competitions may be hosted in the space too.

What training boards are available at the Training Center?

MoonBoard Master 2019 and Kilter Board Homewall.

Where is the Training Center located?

The Training Center is located just walking distance from Sender One SNA in Orange County. In fact, it shares the same parking lot! Visit our Hours & Directions page for more details.

How can I access the Training Center?

Active members can book a climbing session online. Occasionally, we will host community events and adult training classes for non-members to attend.

Is the Training Center included with my membership?

Yes! We highly encourage active members to check out the Training Center for some competition-style climbs, the training boards, and a circuit system to help you change up your climbing session.


What Covid quarantine protocols is Sender One following?

We ask that anyone entering our facilities follows the current CDC guidelines which can be found here. COVID-19 updates and more detailed information about Sender One's Healthy and Safety Policies can be found here.

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