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Update: Sender One Training Center, Playa Vista, & Westwood

Update: Sender One Training Center, Playa Vista, & Westwood

Last year, we put a slight pause on all of our new location projects when the pandemic hit. As a precaution to safe keep our future and focus on our existing locations, we made the decision to reevaluate the grand opening plans for the Sender One Training Center, Playa Vista, and Westwood. Some of these decisions were our own, many were out of our control. With the start of the new year, we’ve been fortunate to resume some projects and we can't wait to have new spaces for the Sender One community in 2021!

Sender One Training Center - OPENING SPRING 2021

Construction kicked off in early January with the arrival of Vertical Solutions, who are providing beautiful bouldering walls for this space. The Sender One Training Center is located in the same plaza, McFadden Place, as Sender One SNA and right next door to Gear Co-op. Once completed, we will have limited operating hours for youth and training programs to practice while we slowly open up for member reserved hours.

Learn more about the space by reading our initial announcement.

Images of the Sender One Training Center in its early stages with steel in preparation for the climbing walls.

Sender One Playa Vista - OPENING SUMMER 2021

We are scheduled to begin construction in mid-February with a projected opening date this summer for our very first bouldering only climbing center. If you haven’t already, take a peek at the facility design and walls by Walltopia and head on over to Sender One Playa Vista’s homepage to sign-up for further updates.

Learn more about what this space will have to offer in our announcement post.

Renderings of Sender One Playa Vista's climbing walls. The final design of the space is not entirely reflected. See more here.

Sender One Westwood - OPENING 2022

Still, in its early stages of planning, Westwood is moving at a slightly slower pace with a projected opening in 2022. We have met with the design review board for Westwood Village and the wall designs are almost done. When we decided on opening our second bouldering only climbing center at Westwood Village, we knew that we’d face some challenges due to the historical value of the building. Stay tuned for additional information about Sender One Westwood later this year.

Learn more about this location in our announcement post.

Renderings of the exterior of Sender One Westwood. NOTE: This represents a design concept and not the final look. 

Although the unexpected events in 2020 slowed the progress of our new locations, we’re happy that we can begin moving forward and cannot wait to open these Sender One locations. We’re looking forward to creating more climbing experiences while welcoming existing members and new folx to the community!

Sender One vs. 2020: A Look Back

Sender One vs. 2020: A Look Back

Well, we’ve made it to the end of 2020 and maybe we can all agree that this year was not what we had in mind. It’s bizarre to reflect on what this year has been for Sender One. We could not have made it through this year without the strength and support of the climbing community, Sender One members, and our incredible staff. We won’t go into major detail as we look back on 2020 because let’s face it, who really needs to relive every moment this year has provided? Instead, we’re taking this moment to reflect on good news from the year and some of the hard lessons learned.

January & February

We hosted the 2020 Pan American Championships at Sender One LAX, qualifying Alannah Yip and Colin Duffy for the (now) 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Little did we know that this would be the last large international climbing event in the states for the entire year. What an honor it was to experience this!


Both Sender One locations were mandated to close for the first time as the rise of COVID-19 began impacting our local counties. At this point, we thought the closures would be short-lived. A real pandemic causing businesses to close and forcing us to stay inside, mask-up, and physical distance? Nah.

April & May:

Hello, at-home workouts, the Sender One online shop, and virtual yoga classes! With our locations still closed, we took action and got creative. While trying to maintain jobs and community engagement, we launched an online retail shop and provided virtual yoga and fitness classes. We even sold limited-edition Sender One hangboards, personally handmade by a few of our routesetters, and Sender One masks that were handsewn by another ultra-talented employee who is literally a knit-master. 

This was also the time many people and businesses, including ourselves, were reminded to reflect intrapersonally as the Black Lives Matter movement took rise over the killing of George Floyd (10/14/73-5/25/20), Breonna Taylor (6/5/93-3/13/20), and the many other unjustly deaths of Black individuals. We will always have a zero-tolerance for racism and understand that this fight for an equitable and just society is far from over. As we continue to learn from the collective community, we hope to always create ways to foster an inclusive and diverse climbing environment.


Sender One turned 7! Though we didn’t have our typical birthday bash, we were fortunate to reopen both locations during this month. It was interesting to reopen with new standard procedures, health protocols, and navigating through the so-called “new normal”. The amazing Sender One team really climbed together by getting the facilities ready to welcome back our members.

Also during this month, we held a virtual Pride