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Moms Who Crush

Moms Who Crush

We'd like to wish all the incredible moms a Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for being supportive, hardworking, understanding, and loving. We know it's not easy! Moms, you inspire us all and we appreciate you every day.

We took a moment to connect with some moms who are members of our community. Take a look at how they manage parenting and climbing in their own unique ways.

Happy Mother's Day!

Jessica Christensen

Sender One Member Since 2014

How do you balance motherhood and climbing?
I guess I don’t always see it as a balance since I’ve kind of gotten used to having Miles around. It just is. At first, it took a major lowering of expectations. If we (Erik, Miles, and I) could get out for a day, it was a success even if we only got a couple of routes in. It helps that I am pretty stuck on sport climbing. Trad is another story, actually, a funny but kind of sad one involving Miles. [We] would leave him at the base of Cyclops without realizing he only had a little battery left in his iPad. He was more than a little distraught when we re-emerged from the downclimb. Honestly, more battery and he would have never even noticed.

What is the biggest challenge of being a climbing mom?
The biggest challenge is really trying not to eat all of the rad snacks a 7-year-old’s metabolism can afford to eat.

Do your kids climb? If so, how do you get them excited about climbing?
Miles likes to camp, hike, and scramble and that’s all I care about. He participates in Mighty Monkeys but he likes and is most adept at pretty much any sport. We never push him to climb (or we try really hard not to). Ultimately, I'm good with whatever sport he chooses but it sure works out for him to like what I like for now at least.


What is your favorite thing about being a climbing mom?
Eating his snacks after I climb.

What kind of system do you and your climbing partner have in place when you are out climbing with the kids?
iPad with charge and downloads. We always saved that for the gym or when we are climbing. I know it isn’t an ideal babysitter but it keeps him in one place. Again, it’s also realistic expectations and sport or bouldering (ha) only. He is getting old enough to clean between us so we are trying to get him to set a goal, possibly Cyclops since we goofed on the aforementioned incident.

Do you have any advice for expecting and other climbing moms?
It’s your kid, if you are an okay to great person, then they will be too. Understand that the time with a little kid is so rad and weird and awesome and awful all at the same time and be patient, with them and yourselves. And also, charge the iPad, never plan on wifi, and pack snacks. And whiskey.