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Sender One Training Center

Santa Ana, CA

Welcome to the Sender One Training Center

The Training Center is currently only accessible to our Youth Programs and to active members by reservation.

Recently added Training Center features: MoonBoard Masters 2019, Kilter Board Homewall, and climbing circuit system.

Our purpose for the Sender One Training Center is to foster an inclusive environment for passionate individuals to develop and strengthen their climbing skills and knowledge while building lifelong climbers.


We're providing a space and culture that enables individuals to learn new skills, build confidence, and enhance their climbing.


We're promoting continuous growth, whether through physical gain or personal improvement.


We're creating bonds, not just with climbing, but with teammates, partners, coaches, and other climbers by sharing perspectives, finding creative beta, and climbing together.


Sender One Training Center
2100 E. Wilshire Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Suite B


Reservations Required for Member Sessions
Please see our full calendar for available sessions and to book online.


Sender One Training Center
(714) 881-3456
[email protected]

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