Announcing: Sender One Playa Vista - Sender One Climbing

Updated 1/14/21

We are beyond excited to announce that Sender One is growing!  Coming to you in 2021, we will be opening a 7,000+ sq. ft. world-class bouldering facility in Playa Vista, California.  For the past 6 years, Sender One has been devoted to discovering ourselves and connecting with others through climbing.  We cannot wait to expand our community and continue to provide amazing climbing experiences for climbers new and seasoned. 

Speaking of new climbers, if you live in the area, are new to climbing or have been wanting to try climbing, you may be wondering what the heck bouldering even is. Do not worry, we are here to help! Bouldering is a form of climbing where no climbing gear (ropes and harnesses) is required. All you need are some climbing shoes, chalk, and a desire to climb! Indoor bouldering routes involve walls around 12-15 feet and are designed for climbers at every skill level. Climbs may be inclined, or overhung, powerful, or balance focused, or all of the above! The best part is that climbing is a puzzle for your own self-discovery in a supportive and fun environment.

The Facility

This 7,000+ sq. ft. space will offer amazing and diverse bouldering walls, a welcoming climbing community, and offerings for new climbers, families, and more!  As with our Santa Ana and LAX locations, we will be working with Walltopia to provide you with the best terrain for all of your future projects and sends!  This is Sender One’s first bouldering-only location and we are so excited to bring everyone a unique variety of bouldering routes, as well as the same world-class experience they receive at our other full-service gyms. Check out the design mock-ups for Sender One Playa Vista here.

The Location

Sender One Playa Vista wil