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Started in 1978 as Asian Pacific American Heritage Week, and later given the full month of May, Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Month celebrates the myriad achievements, influences, and contributions of the AAPI community to our world.

Each May, we take the time to celebrate the talented and incredible people of the AAPI community. Join Sender One in learning a bit more and finding new ways to celebrate today!


AAPI Heritage in Climbing

While climbing has developed a modern reputation for being dominated by a white base of climbers, this hasn't always been the case. It is important to remember that this reputation is extremely modern and belies a rich history of indigenous climbing traditions that long predate V-grades, gyms, and popular knowledge in America.

While most of us know climbing as a sport, nowadays, many communities around the world have climbed from necessity and as a part of their culture for millennia. From the Miao in China to the Nepalese Sherpas, climbing has been an integral part of many AAPI cultures. Many climbers know that we "climb by instinct," but it's easy to forget how old the practice is. Whether climbing to bring to their final resting place those who've passed, or for the joy of seeing the world from on high, the history of climbing in the AAPI community is rich and ancient.

AAPI Climbing Follows

There's also a ton of AAPI Climbers out there right now changing the game and bringing the joys of the outdoors to a wider community. While we've only got space to highlight a few, you'll be pleasantly surprised if you follow along that many, many more people are advancing the cause of representation and spreading the joy of climbing!


Outdoor Asian isn't just about climbing--they celebrate the AAPI community in all manner of outdoor activities. With an Instagram full of great highlights, an absolute banger of a logo, and plenty of ways to get involved, Outdoor Asian is a magnificent group to keep eyes on!

Asian Bouldering Crew runs a lovely Instagram highlighting AAPI climbers, with short profiles and amazing photography that will get anyone pumped to go out to the crag today. ABC isn't afraid of necessary conversations or excellent bursts of inspiration. If you're out to find climbers who make you say "wow," their backlog is extremely worth your time to explore!

AAPI Heritage Month Events

Events in Los Angeles

LAPL is hosting a series of events celebrating AAPI Heritage & History, with plentiful readings and a great reading list!

Discover Los Angeles has an even longer list, with some events carrying through to the end of the year. From films to exhibitions, they've got your celebrations covered for May and beyond!

Events in Orange County

South Coast Plaza is celebrating with art you can appreciate from home, and history that can take you deeper!

Down in Irvine you'll find several celebrations, with the one occurring today focusing in on the Chinese American community!

We hope all of our community enjoys the celebrations and finds a new sense of appreciation for the beauty and strength brought to climbing and the world by the diversity of our community. Happy AAPI Heritage month!

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