How to Make Your Own Face Mask - Sender One Climbing

You get a mask! And you get a mask! Everyone gets a mask!

In all seriousness, face masks are scarce and hospitals are running out. It is highly recommended that we reserve surgical and N95 masks for healthcare workers on the frontline, combating Covid-19.
That's why we've put together a little how-to on making your own face masks at home using minimal supplies. We do want to note that it is still VERY important that we practice social distancing and to only leave the house or apartment for essential reasons. These simple masks will come in handy when you need to make a run to the grocery store or pick up a prescription at the pharmacy.


Gather your materials! All you need is a handkerchief or cloth napkin (ideally 100% cotton fabric or a quilted cotton fabric) and two hair ties or rubber bands. We recommend using looser ties so your ears do not fold over while wearing the mask.


Fold the top and bottom sides towards the center.


Flip it over carefully. Fold the top and bottom sides towards the center again.


Thread the ends of the fabric through your hair ties or rubber bands and flip it over once more.


Fold the left and right ends towards the center. This is the side that will cover your mouth and nose.


You're all done. Now you have a mask to help protect you while looking stylish. We also suggest that you wash this regularly, so it's good to have a few handkerchiefs or cloth napkins handy to swap out for a clean mask.

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