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UPDATED 3/4/2021

One of our core values is to Find Creative Beta. Since being mandated to temporarily close, our team has come up with ways to create jobs, keep the community engaged, be a source of care for kids, and utilize our spaces. We’ve organized kids camps, online yoga classes, and became a place to support distance learning for students. As Sender One remains closed (for now), we’re continuing to think of new ways to be a resource for the community.

Sender One has partnered with Dascena Labs and will be providing free Covid-19 testing in the Sender One SNA & LAX parking lots. There is currently an insufficient amount of free testing sites in the counties of LA and OC. Free means free, with or without health insurance. With new strains of the virus said to be more contagious, we want to provide this option to those who may need it and/or would like peace of mind.

Why is access to free Covid-19 testing so important? According to Dascena Labs and health experts:

  • More available testing helps fight the spread of the virus.
  • Testing is tracked by local health officials to determine the state of the pandemic.
  • Policymakers use results to guide reopening decisions.
  • Results help individuals make important health decisions.

Information about Dascena Labs’ free testing site at Sender One SNA & LAX:

  • These are drive-thru testing sites and individuals will remain in their vehicle at all times.
  • Face masks must be worn while car windows are down and when interacting with medical staff. Face masks can be lowered to cover only your mouth while the painless swab is being administered.
  • Accurate results will be sent via email within 48 hours.
  • No appointment is required, but please register in advance.
  • Hours of operation:  
    • Sender One SNA (BEGINNING MONDAY, 3/8):
      • 7 am -  4 pm, Monday - Friday
      • 9 am - 5 pm, Saturday & Sunday
    • Sender One LAX:
      • 7 am -  4 pm, 7 days a week
  • Locations:
    • Sender One LAX (parking lot), 11220 Hindry Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90045
    • Sender One SNA (parking lot), 1441 S. Village Way, Santa Ana, CA 92705

We hope that our decision to provide free Covid-19 testing will benefit the community. Although the stay-at-home order has been lifted in California, the pandemic is not over. Please continue to wear your mask (two is better than one!) and maintain social distancing if you need to leave your home for any essential reasons.

The road to reopening has been bumpy, interesting, and unexpected. Hopefully, we won’t need to be a Covid-19 testing site for very long and can welcome back our members and guests to climb with us!

For more information about Dascena Labs and to register for a free test, visit

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