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Find the perfect gift(s) for that special climber in your life this holiday season! We're putting together a number of gift ideas with items that can be conveniently found in our online shop. Purchase single items or mix and match to create a great gift bundle.



Mueller Tape ($4.00)
Whether they’re climbing crack, or just need a little extra support or skin protection, climbers can never have too much tape on hand. Help stock your buddies up with some of the best climbing tape out there.

Black Diamond Non-Refillable White Gold Chalk Shot ($6.00)
Avoid getting loose chalk into your belayer's eyes - these BD chalk shots are great for climbers chalking up on the wall without the extra chalk dust. 

Sterling Wicked Good Rope Wash ($3.00)
Help your friend keep their prized rope clean and in good repair with some rope wash packets from Sterling. Squeaky clean and send-ready ropes await!

Edelrid Aramid Cord Slings (6mm)
90cm ($20) or 120cm ($25)
Another excellent stocking stuffer! This sewn sling is made of high-strength aramid, delivering a significantly higher breaking strength than conventional slings. 

Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Gloves* ($16.00 - $18.00)
These half-finger gloves are available in many sizes, fits, and colors.  If you’ve ever found yourself being a bit of a hang-dog, this would be an excellent gift for your belay partner.

*Gloves are available in-store only at this time. Please email [email protected] for payment and shipping options, or to schedule a private shopping appointment at Sender One SNA.


Sender One Trad Longsleeve ($26.00)
Stay warm and stylish at the crag. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, and XL.

Edelrid Bulletproof 12cm Quickdraw ($30.00)
Edelrid’s extremely robust sport climbing quickdraw will make your rope climber’s day.  These draws and dogbones are built to last, just like your friendship.

Edelrid Bulletproof HMS Triple FG Carabiner ($36.00)
This one is a beauty. Show your special rope climber you care with this durable triple-action locking carabiner.  As the old adage goes, a Bulletproof carabiner is forever. (Wait, maybe that was diamonds...but this works too!)

Special Sender One Edition Sterling Torch Rope Tarp ($35.00)
The hottest rope tarp on the market right now. A must-have.


Y&Y Plasfun Belay Glasses ($60.00)
Or try the Y&Y Clip Up ($70.00) for your bespectacled buddy!
In a way this gift is two-fold.  They get a cool pair of magic glasses, and they get to skip a visit to the chiropractor with a strained neck from watching you send.

E9 Sacco Rope Bag with Tarp ($72.00)
100% Nylon comfortable and roomy rope bag with an adjustable closure buckle and supported strap. Available in two colors.

Last but not least…
Sender One's Special Limited Edition Sterling Quest Rope available in 50M ($185.00) and 70M ($265.00)
The Sterling Quest Rope is a lightweight workhorse, striking the perfect balance of weight and durability. It is a 9.6 mm rope and features a smooth sheath for reduced gear drag.
The silver colorway is exclusive to Sender One and was specially created for use during the 2020 Pan American Championships held at Sender One LAX, where Alannah Yip and Colin Duffy clinched their positions in the next Olympic Games for climbing.  Gift your rope climber BFF with this ultra-special piece of climbing history, and an excellent piece of gear for their sport climbing arsenal. 

Need more personalized suggestions? Email [email protected] for additional ideas and questions, or to schedule a private shopping experience in our Sender One Fulfillment Center. Order ahead and schedule a pick-up time, or shop in-person by appointment. Gift wrapping is available for items ordered ahead of time with a $10 gift wrapping fee. Please allow up to 3 business days for orders to process.

Still unsure what to get this holiday season? Sender One gift cards are a great alternative! Our gift cards never expire, can be purchased for any amount, and can be used for retail goods, or any Sender One offering. These make excellent stocking stuffers and can be picked up by appointment, mailed to you, or purchased online (SNA Gift Cards | LAX Gift Cards).

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