Global Climbing Day 2022 - Sender One Climbing

As many climbers will tell you, rock climbing is not just a sport - it is also a lifestyle that places a strong emphasis on community-building and inclusivity. To celebrate the diverse individuals who make up the climbing community, The North Face has partnered with dozens of gyms all over the world, including Sender One, to host Global Climbing Day on 8/20/22. Each of our gym locations will be celebrating Global Climbing Day with $18 guest passes and unlimited guest passes for members. 

Global Climbing Day is part of a broader, longer-term campaign by The North Face called "Walls Are Meant for Climbing." In spite of the negative connotations of "walls" today, this campaign reframes walls as a means of creating connection and collaboration, rather than a means of division. As rock climbing continues to expand in terms of accessibility and diversity, Global Climbing Day is an opportunity to bring together all kinds of climbers, regardless of experience level, or any other factors. 

We're excited to climb with you!

For more events related to Global Climbing Day...

Global Climbing Day Sufferfest (SNA)

Sender One SNA | Saturday, August 20th | 10AM - 4PM

As part of our Global Climbing Day celebration, join us at SNA for this stamina and endurance-based rope climbing challenge! Teams of two will climb together and compete for a 1-month membership and rope for each teammate. 

For more information and to sign up, click here!

Keep Climbing Climb Initiative

At Sender One, our purpose is to discover ourselves and connect with others through climbing. Our commitment to justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity is not limited to Global Climbing Day. Instead, we seek to constantly embody these ideas. 

To join us in representing and upholding these values, sign the Keep Climbing Pledge here! We believe through small acts in the collectiveness of the community that big changes are able to occur.

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