iSWOLation Workout Series: Week #2 - Sender One Climbing

Welcome to Week #2 of the iSWOLation Workout Series!

The at-home workouts and encouragement to MOVE is never ending! We're here to provide our community with ways to stay active while at home. In addition to our online virtual classes, our Sender One LAX Head Coach, Dom Barry, has put together a workout series for the upcoming weeks while we remain closed.

This guide is aimed to keep you moving and maintain a baseline of fitness, so no need to strap on your weights for this! Check out our other blog post for the full introduction of this workout series.
Each week we’ll have a new workout for you that will have a variety of exercises to help keep your body in shape. We'll also provide some exercise how-to videos that go along with each workout. You can view these videos and more on our YouTube Channel!
Aim to complete these exercises 3 days per week with 1 day of rest or cross training (a light run with your dog or bike ride around the neighborhood) in between each day you do this work out.

1. Warming Up

50 Jumping Jacks -
Smooth, controlled movements focusing on even movements and landing softly
10 Arm Circles -
Forward & Reverse Small/Med/Large Circles
5 Hip Circles

2. Activation + Stabilization

10 Scapula Push Ups x 1 Set

3. Strength

6 Clap Push Ups* x 3 sets (1 min. rest between sets)
*For an easier version, try Clap Push Ups on your knees as shown in the video below.
10 Push Ups x 3 Sets
(1 min. rest between sets)
10 Squat Jumps x 3 Sets
(1 min. rest between sets)

4. Core

1 min Hollow Body x 3 sets (30 sec rest in between sets)
1 min Russian Twists x 3 sets
(30 sec rest in between sets)
20 Side Plank Dips per side x 2 sets

5. Mobility + Supplemental

1 min Wall Slides
20 sec Thread the Needle x 2 sets (hold left and right sides)
1 min I-Y-T's

BONUS: Take a virtual yoga class each day you do this workout!

Check out our full schedule with classes each day for all different levels.

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