Keep Climbing Kind: Event Recap - Sender One Climbing

Sender One launched the Keep Climbing Kind campaign last month in an ongoing effort to bring inclusivity and accessibility to the climbing community. Keep Climbing Kind centers on the four pillars of the Sender One Cares Program which are to Send with Color, Send with Pride, Send with Womxn, and Care for the Crag. We believe it to be imperative that our workplace, programming, and member community represent the demographic of our neighborhoods. 

The first Keep Climbing Kind nights were held at Sender One LAX on Wednesday, July 21st, and at Sender One SNA on Wednesday, July 28th. Members and guests gathered to learn about local climbing organizations, participate in a group art project, climb together and commit to the Keep Climbing Kind Pledge.


Sender One is actively focusing on breaking down barriers that limit participation in the sport of climbing while creating a space that fosters a JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) mindset. The first step to progress is acknowledging that biases, differences, and deterrents exist within our climbing culture. We invite our community to reflect on areas where change is needed and partner with Sender One and our local climbing organizations to act on solutions and to commit to kindness by signing our Keep Climbing Kind Pledge.


Each of our palms is as unique as the individual it is attached to. We came together with different colors, shapes, and sizes to create a community art piece.


Limited edition stickers are available for purchase on-site at LAX and SNA. 100% of net proceeds will be donated to the climbing organizations that participated by attending our Keep Climbing Kind Nights. Stickers are 1 for $3 or 4 for $10.

The KEEP CLIMBING KIND - Participating Organizations

For each Keeping Climbing Kind night, we invited a few local organizations to participate and connect with the community.


Policy + Advocacy
Protect the places you climb. The AAC policy team is working hard with partners, lawmakers and agency leaders to address issues facing outdoor recreation. 

Climb smart, climb safe. For over 100 years the AAC has led climbing education by documenting successes and failures and recommending best practices. 

Get involved. Our Chapters work on a grassroots level in communities across the country by connecting members through local events, stewardship projects, and education.


BGC is a social enterprise that strives to facilitate mentorship, provide access, uplift leadership, and celebrates representation in the outdoors and climbing for People of the Global Majority*.

Our process is adaptive and emergent with a focus on building equitable and just relationships in all the efforts we commit to, including meet-ups and mentorship, resource sharing and redistribution, and employment and industry practices

Historically, we have focused on Women of Color in climbing, but recognize that our work goes beyond women such that our hope is to have a wider impact on all climbers, specifically those impacted by patriarchal systems.


Friends of Joshua Tree advocates, communicates, and encourages ethical and environmentally sound climbing practices, and works to shape park policy on climbing and climbing-related issues. Toward that end, Friends of Joshua Tree acts as the liaison between the climbing community and the National Park service.


Our mission is to become involved in the climbing community by hosting meet-ups for ladies (trans and cis), non-binary, 2 Spirit and friends, stewardship through crag clean-ups, highlighting climbers on our social media platforms, and partnering with climbing organizations for events, raffles, and giveaways.

Ladies Climbing Coalition

Breaking into climbing can sometimes be intimidating, and so climbing with other women can help alleviate some of the intimidation. It also just changes the experience of climbing. Hanging out, especially in nature, with a group of women is powerful, and we strive to show all women their own power.

Ladies Climbing Coalition ambassadors host ladies meet-ups in gyms across the nation, and we coordinate and facilitate low-cost climbing trips around the country for all women and non-binary folx who are comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women.

Womxn Who Climb

Womxn Who Climb is an intersectional space for women and non-binary people who climb to connect, share gear and crag advice, and discuss various topics that relate to climbing and each individual’s experiences with climbing (both positive and negative).

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