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June 7-9 Only

Routesetting at Sender One LAX

Our Commitment:

  • New routes and boulder problems every week, of wide-ranging difficulty
  • The average age of a climb is roughly 7-9 weeks before it is replaced with a new, imaginative challenge
  • Every set is unique and subject to the creativity of our routesetters

Latest Rope Climbs

Route LocationDate SetGrades# of Routes"Best in Show"Coming Soon
Broken Columns2024-06-185.7 - 5.12b6Black .12b set by Hijo
Broken Columns2024-06-175.7 - 5.11d9Black .11c by Kberri
Randy's Roof & Broken Columns2024-06-115.6 - 5.12c13Purple .11d set by Raz
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2024-06-105.5 - 5.12d6Orange .5 set by Haap
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2024-06-045.6 - 5.13d9Pink .10a set by Dudaaa
Randy's Roof2024-06-035.10c - 5.13a6Orange .12a set by Jedi
The Turkey Leg2024-05-285.10b - 5.11d4Black .11b set by Haap
Turkey Leg2024-05-2110d-112d4Black .12d set by Hijo
Turkey Leg2024-05-145.9 - 5.11d6Blue .11c set by Dvang
Turkey Leg2024-05-135.10a - 5.12c5Green .11d set by HOGG
Torch & Right Shoulder2024-05-075.7 - 5.13a4Black .10c set by Dill
Torch & Right Shoulder2024-05-065.9 - 5.12d5Blue .11c set by Jedi
The Torch and Right Shoulder2024-04-305.8 - 5.12a7Blue Comp Climb set by Haap
The Torch and Right Shoulder2024-04-295.10a - 5.13b6Orange .11c set by Hijo
The Torch2024-04-235.10c - 5.12d6Yellow .10c set by Hijo
Torch & Left Shoulder2024-04-165.10a - 5.12b5Green .11c set by RAZ
Torch & Left Shoulder2024-04-155.10c - 5.13c4Green .10c set by Jedi+Hogg
Left Shoulder2024-04-095.10b - 5.13a5Yellow .10d set by Kiwi
Left Shoulder2024-04-085.10c - 5.12a6Yellow .10d by Kberri
Broken Columns2024-04-025.7 - 5.12b9Pink .11c set by Raz
Broken Columns2024-04-015.8 - 5.12a10Orange .10d set by Dill
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2024-03-265.8 - 5.14a6Yellow .10b set by Kiwi
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2024-03-255.6 - 5.12b8Blue .11a set by Raz
Randy's Roof & Slab2024-03-205.5 - 5.12d7Pink .5 set by Kiwi
Turkey Leg & Top Ropes2024-03-195.7 - 5.12c9Blue .9 set by HiJoTurkey Leg & Top Ropes
Turkey Leg2024-03-055.10c - 5.13a4Purple .12a set by Dvang
Turkey Leg2024-03-045.10b - 5.11d8Blue .11d set by Hijo
Turkey Leg2024-02-275.10c 0 5.12d6Blue .11a set by Dill
Arch Wall & Turkey Leg2024-02-265.10a - 5.12c8Black .12c set by Dvang
Torch & Arch Wall2024-02-205/7 - 5.13a8
Torch Right and Arch Wall2024-02-125.6 - 5.13a5Pink .12b set by Dill
Torch & Arch Wall2024-02-065.9 - 5.13b17Yellow .10d set RAZTorch right & Arch Wall
Left Shoulder & Torch2024-01-3010a - 12d12Black .12d set by HijoRight Shoulder & Torch
Exit Wall & Left Shoulder2024-01-235.7 - 5.13c12Blue .12a set by HiJoLeft Shoulder
Sender Slab & Backwall2024-01-165.8 - 5.12b7Green .12b set by Dvang
Randy's Roof & The Broken Columns2024-01-155.8 - 5.12b18Orange .11a set by Jed
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2024-01-095.5 - 5.13c9
Randy's Roof2024-01-085.6 - 5.12b8Yellow .10b by Jed
Turkey Leg2024-01-035.10b - 5.12c5
Turkey Leg2023-12-195.10c - 5.11d4Green .10c set by Dvang
Turkey Leg2023-12-184.10b - 5.11b6Purple .11b set by Jedi
Right Shoulder2023-12-125.9 - 5.12c3
Back of The Turkey Leg2023-12-115.10c - 5.12c6Yellow .11d set by Jedi
Torch & Right Shoulder2023-12-045.6 - 5.12a6Pink .7 set by Jedi
Torch and Right Shoulder2023-11-285.10b - 5.13b6
Torch and Right Shoulder2023-11-275.11a - 5.12b5
Torch2023-11-215.12a - 5.13a3
Torch2023-11-205.11b - 5.13d5
Torch Left2023-11-175.10c1
Torch Left2023-11-155.11b - 5.12d3
Torch Left2023-11-145.10d - 5.13b3
The Left Shoulder2023-11-065.10a - 5.12c4
Left Shoulder2023-11-035.10a - 5.11b3
Left Shoulder2023-11-015.10b - 5.12c5Green .11a set by Raz
Left Shoulder2023-10-315.10c - 5.12d2
Left Shoulder2023-10-275.7 - 5.12a3
Broken Columns2023-10-255.10a - 5.11d6Black .11d set by Dill
Broken Columns2023-10-245.9 - 5.12a4
Sender Slab & Broken Columns2023-10-185.9 - 5.11d9Orange .11d set by Dill
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2023-10-175.7 - 5.12b4Purple .12b set by Dill
Sender Slab2023-10-115.5 - 5.11c10Blue .10a set by Jedi
Turkey Leg & Randy's Roof2023-10-045.10b - 5.13a6
Turkey Leg2023-10-035.13b1
Turkey Leg2023-09-275.10b - 5.12b5
Turkey Leg2023-09-265.10b - 5.12d5
Turkey Leg2023-09-195.9 - 5.12a4
Turkey Leg2023-09-135.10c - 5.11c7Yellow .10d set by Shark
Turkey Leg2023-09-125.10b - 5.12b4Yellow .11d set by Devan
Right Torch2023-09-055.10a - 5.12a4
Right Torch & Arch Wall2023-08-305.8c - 5.12b3Yellow 12a set by Dvang
Arch Wall2023-08-215.10b - 5.11a3Purple .11a set by Shark
Torch & Right Shoulder2023-08-165.10c - 5.12c7
Torch & Right Shoulder2023-08-155.10d - 5.12d4
Torch & Left Shoulder2023-08-095.10a - 5.12d6
Torch & Left Shoulder2023-08-025.10a - 5.14a7Orange .11a set by Shark
Left of the Torch2023-07-265.10c - 5.12d12
Broken Columns2023-07-195.7 - 5.12a7Orange .12a set by Kberri
Broken Columns2023-07-185.6 - 5.11d10Green .11d set by Devan
Sender Slab & Back Turkey leg2023-07-125.8 - 5.12a10Purple .11c set by MM
Speed wall & Randy's Roof2023-07-115.10a - 5.11d6Purple set by Devang
Turkey Leg2023-07-035.10b- 12.a2
The Torch + Right Shoulder2023-06-285.7 - 5.13a10
The Turkey Leg2023-06-275.9 - 5.11b6
Turkey Leg2023-06-215.12b - 5.13d9
Torch and Right Shoulder2023-06-145.10b - 5.12b8Blue .11a set by Kberri
Torch and Right Shoulder2023-06-135.10b - 5.13c5Blue .13c set by Dvang
The Torch2023-06-075.11c - 5.12c4Purple .12c set by Raz
The Torch2023-06-055.11a - 5.12c4
Torch Left2023-05-315.10b - 5.12b6Black .12d set by Dvang
Left Shoulder2023-05-305.10b - 5.11d3
Left of Torch2023-05-245.10b - 5.12b6Purple .12a Set by Dvang
Left of Torch2023-05-235.10b - 5.12c7Black .10c Set by Dill
Broken Columns2023-05-1710a - 12a10Green .10b set by Jedi
Broken Columns2023-05-105.6 - 5.10b10Yellow .7 set by Jedi
Turkey Leg2023-05-095.10c - 5.13a4Yellow .13a set by Dvang
Turkey Leg2023-05-035.10c - 5.12c4Green .12c set by Dill
Turkey Leg2023-05-025.10a - 5.11c3
Speed Wall2023-04-27Speed2
Turkey Leg (Backside)2023-04-195.10d - 5.12b3Yellow .11a set by Jedi
Turkey Leg (Back)2023-04-185.10b - 5.11a3Black .11a set by Airk
Torch and Right Wall2023-04-125.9 - 5.13a6Purple .11c set by Dyl
Torch and Right Wall2023-04-115.6 - 5.12c4Green .10d set by Airk
The Torch and Right Shoulder2023-04-055.7 - 5.10a5Blue .7 set by Jedi/Dyl
The Torch and Right Shoulder2023-04-045.10d - 5.13b4Pink .12a set by Dyl
The Torch and Right Shoulder2023-04-035.10a - 5.13a4Green .10a set by RAZ
The Torch and Right Shoulder2023-03-295.9 - 5.12b4Black .11d set by OS
The Torch2023-03-285.11c - 5.14a4Black .14a set by DG
Arch Wall2023-03-205.6 - 5.11c9Yellow 5.10d set by DG
Arch Wall2023-03-155.10b - 5.12b17USAC Level 1 Course
Torch2023-03-025.10b - 5.12b
Left Shoulder & Torch2023-03-015.9 - 5.12a5Yellow .9 set by Dyl
Left Shoulder & Torch2023-02-275.10b - 5.11c3Purple .11a set by Airk
Sender Slab2023-02-225.7 - 5.10c4
Broken Column2023-02-155.6 - 5.12a10
Sender Slab2023-02-145.5 - 5.12a10Green .10b set by Raz
Randy's Roof2023-02-095.9 - 5.13d6Yellow 13b set by RAZ/DG
Randy's Roof2023-02-085.11a - 5.11d3Blue .11d set by DG/Jedi
Turkey Leg2023-02-025.11a - 5.12a2Black/Purple .12a set by Devan and Dylan
Turkey Leg2023-02-015.9 - 5.12a6Orange .9 set by Olly
Turkey Leg2023-01-265.10b - 5.11d5Yellow .11d set by Raz
Turkey Leg2023-01-185.10c - 5.12d5Purple .12d set by DG
Speed Wall & Turkey Leg2023-01-175.10c - 5.12b5Orange .10c set by Dyl
Speed Wall2023-01-115.10a - 5.11d3Green .11d set by DG
Arch Wall & Torch2023-01-105.7 - 5.13a6Blue .8 set by Dyl
Arch Wall2023-01-045.8 - 5.11c7Yellow .11c set by DG
Right Torch, The Corner2023-01-035.9 - 5.11d7Green .10a set by Raz
Right side of the Torch2022-12-215.11b - 5.13a6Purple .12c set by Devan
The Torch2022-12-145.12b - 5.13d2Blue .12b set by RAZ + Jedi
The Torch2022-12-135.11a - 5.11c2
The Torch2022-12-075.10d - 5.12b4Orange .12a set by Jedi
Torch Left & Left Shoulder2022-12-055.10c - 5.13b5Pink .12a set by Jedi
Left Shoulder2022-11-305.10a - 5.12c5Orange .11c set by DG
Broken Column & Left Shoulder2022-11-295.9 - 5.12d12Orange .11c set by Dyl
Broken Column2022-11-285.6 - 5.12b10Blue .10b set by Jedi
Sender Slab & Broken Columns2022-11-215.5 - 5.12a10Purple .12a set by Dyl
Randy's Roof & Speed Wall2022-11-085.10b - 5.12c4Yellow .12a set by Airk
Arch Wall & Speed Wall2022-11-025.8 - 5.12d4Orange .11d set by Jedi
The Turkey Leg2022-10-315.10c - 5.11c5Orange .10c set by RAZ
Turkey Leg2022-10-265.10d - 5.12b3Green .10d set by KO
Turkey Leg2022-10-245.9 - 5.12c5Yellow .11a set by DG
Turkey Leg2022-10-195.10d - 5.13a4Black .11a set by KO
Turkey Leg2022-10-175.10b - 5.12a5Orange .10b set by RAZ
Arch Wall2022-10-125.8 - 5.11d5Blue .11b set by KO
Arch Wall2022-10-115.10a - 5.12b5Orange .10b set by DW
Arch Wall2022-10-105.10a - 5.11d5Pink .10b set by Jedi
Torch2022-10-045.10c - 5.14d6Green .13b set by David
Torch2022-10-035.11a - 5.12d4Black .11b set by Jed
Torch Center2022-09-285.11b - 5.12b4Orange .11c set by Jedi
Torch Left2022-09-195.10d - 12b3Yellow .10d set by Kristin
Left Shoulder2022-09-145.10a - 5.12b5Orange .11b set by Jedi
Left Shoulder2022-09-135.10a - 5.13a6Green .10a set by DW
The Left Shoulder2022-09-125.9 - 5.12a4Blue .11a set by JediThe Left Shoulder Cont.
Left Shoulder2022-09-065.10c - 5.11d2Left Shoulder
Broken Columns2022-09-055.10d - 5.11a2Black .11a by KO
Broken Columns2022-08-315.10d - 5.12b2Yellow .10d set by Jedi
Broken Columns2022-08-305.8 - 5.11c4Green .11c set by KO
Sender Slab & Broken Columns2022-08-235.8 - 5.12a8Yellow .10c set by KO
Sender Slab2022-08-175.5 - 5.10a6Orange .10a set by RAZ
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2022-08-155.8 - 5.11c4Pink .11c set by OS
Randy's Roof2022-08-105.10a - 5.11d4Yellow .11b set by Jedi
Randy's Roof2022-08-085.11b - 5.12d2Pink .12b set by TL
The Turkey Leg2022-08-025.10c - 5.12c5Black .12a set by TL
The Turkey Leg2022-08-015.10b - 5.12c4Pink .12c set by RAZ
Turkey Leg2022-07-275.9 - 5.12c4
Turkey Leg2022-07-195.10b - 5.12a5Yellow .11d set by MPTurkey Leg Cont.
Dihedral Wall2022-07-135.10c - 5.11c4Dihedral Wall cont.
Arch wall2022-07-125.7 - 5.12b4Pink .12b set by DylDihedral Wall
Right Shoulder2022-07-075.6 - 5.12d8Black .12d set by TL
The Torch2022-06-285.10b - 5.13b9
Left Shoulder2022-05-315.10b - 5.12a4Black 12a set by Czar
Left Shoulder2022-05-305.10a - 5.11d6Green 11d set by TL
Left Shoulder2022-05-255.10b - 5.11d3Black .10c set by TL
Broken Column & Emergency Exit Corner2022-05-235.8 - 5.12b7Purple .11a set by Jedi
Broken Column2022-05-185.7 - 5.11d5Pink .11d set by TL
Sender Slab & Broken Column2022-05-175.8 - 5.11d6Black .8 set by TL
Sender Slab2022-05-115.5 - 5.10a5Pink .10a set by Jedi
Learning Corner2022-05-105.6 - 5.94Orange 5.6 set by Arik
Randy's Roof2022-05-095.9 - 5.12a3Yellow 5.12a set by RAZ
Randy's Roof2022-05-035.11c - 5.13b3Yellow .13b set by Dyl
Randy's Roof2022-05-025.11a - 5.12d3Blue .11b set by Jed
Turkey Leg & Randy's Roof2022-04-275.10d - 5.12d5Black .12a set by TL
Turkey Leg2022-04-195.9 - 5.11c4
Turkey Leg2022-04-185.10a - 5.12d7Black .12d set by TL
Turkey Leg & Torch2022-04-135.10d - 5.12b4
Turkey Leg2022-04-115.10a - 5.12c6Pink .12c set by Os
The Torch2022-04-055.10b - 5.13c2Black .10b set by TL/Airk
The Torch2022-04-045.10d - 5.12b3Yellow .11a set by KO
Sender Slab & Speed Wall2022-03-305.5 - 5.11a3Blue .5 set by Theo
The Speed Wall2022-03-235.10b - 5.13a3Green .12c set by TL
Arch Wall2022-03-215.6 - 5.10c6Black .8 set by Kristin
The Corners2022-03-185.9 - 5.12b6Black 10d set by Theo
The Torch2022-03-155.10d - 5.12d3Green .10d set by TL
Left Shoulder & The Torch2022-03-095.11b - 5.12a3
The Torch2022-03-075.11c - 5.12b2Orange .12b set by KO/TL
Left Shoulder2022-03-025.10d - 5.12b3Green .11b set by JK
Left Shoulder & Randy's Roof2022-02-285.10c - 5.12c5
Left Shoulder2022-02-245.10a - 5.11d4Yellow .10a set by Arik
The Torch & Left Shoulder2022-02-225.10d - 5.12c3Pink .11a set by Arik
Left Shoulder2022-02-165.7 - 5.12d8Blue .10b set by RAZ
Sender Slab & Broken Columns2022-02-095.7 - 5.12b10Yellow .12b set by KO
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2022-02-035.6 - 5.10b5Black 5.10b set by RAZ
Randy's Roof2022-01-275.11d - 5.13b2
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2022-01-265.7 - 5.12a7Orange .8 set by Jedi
Randy's Roof2022-01-255.11a - 5.11c2
Turkey Leg2022-01-185.10b - 5.12a4
Turkey Leg2022-01-115.10a - 5.11c2Purple .11c set by AIRK
The Turkey Leg2022-01-045.10a - 5.11d6Pink .11c set by Devan
Left of Speed Wall/ Speed Wall & Torch2021-12-165.8 - 5.12a6Yellow .10c set by Cmed and Raz
Left of Speed Wall/ Speed Wall2021-12-155.9 - 5.12d5Black .9 set by Devan
Right Corner2021-12-095.6 - 5.11a6Yellow .9 set by Cmed
Right Corner2021-12-085.10d - 5.12a4Pink .11c set by David
Left Shoulder2021-12-025.11a - 5.12b2
Left Shoulder & Torch2021-12-015.10c - 5.13d6
Left Shoulder & Torch2021-11-305.10c - 5.13a5
Left Shoulder & Torch2021-11-235.9 - 5.11c6
Left Corner2021-11-175.8 - 5.11b6Purple .11b set by David
Sender Slab & Turkey Leg2021-11-035.6 - 5.13b6Black .11c set by Devan
Turkey Leg2021-10-275.11a - 5.12d4Purple .12d set by DevanMore Turkey Leg
The Torch and Right Shoulder2021-10-215.10d - 5.12b4Orange .11a set by RAZThe Turkey Leg
The Torch2021-10-135.11b - 5.13c8Green .12d set by RAZ
The Turkey Leg2021-09-285.10b - 5.11b3Pink .10d set by RAZ
The Turkey Leg2021-09-235.9 - 5.13a6Green .12a set by ECMore Turkey Leg
Backside of the Turkey Leg2021-09-225.11a - 5.12c5Black .11c set by Cmed
The Turkey Leg2021-09-165.10b - 5.12a6Pink .11d set by RazTurkey Leg
Arch Wall2021-09-145.7 - 5.11d9Green .11d set by Christian
The Torch, Arch Wall2021-09-095.10a - 5.12c5The Arch Wall
The Torch, Right Shoulder2021-09-085.10c - 5.12d5Purple .12a set by KS
The Torch2021-09-025.11d - 5.13b4Blue .12a set by KSThe Torch
The Torch2021-09-015.11a - 5.13a4Yellow .12c set by CMedThe Torch
Left Shoulder, The Torch2021-08-315.10c - 5.13a4Blue .11c set by CMedThe Torch
Left of Torch2021-08-255.10d - 5.13b5Purple .13b set by Devan
Left Corner2021-08-195.9 - 5.11d8Yellow .10a set by RAZLeft Shoulder
Broken Column2021-08-185.6 - 5.12c10Pink .12c set by CMedLeft Corner
Sender Slab2021-08-125.5 - 5.11d10Yellow .10c set by Eduardo
Turkey Leg2021-08-055.10b - 5.12c4Purple .11d set by ChristianSender Slab
Turkey Leg2021-08-045.11a - 5.12a3Orange .11a set by DevanSender Slab
Turkey Leg, Randy's Roof2021-07-295.10d - 5.12d4Blue .10d set by Kody
The Turkey Leg2021-07-285.11a - 5.13b6Green .12d set by KrisTurkey Leg, Randy's Roof
Randy's Roof, Shorty Wall2021-07-215.6 - 5.12b4Black .6 set by David Woo
Turkey Leg2021-07-145.10b - 5.12c5Green .11b set by Kris
Turkey Leg2021-07-135.8 - 5.12a6Purple .12a set by Christian
Turkey Leg2021-07-085.10c - 5.11b2
Speed Wall2021-07-065.10b - 5.12d3Blue .12d set by Kody
Arch Wall2021-06-305.6 - 5.12a8Orange .12a set by Kris
Right Corner2021-06-295.10a - 5.11d4Green .11d set by Kody
The Torch and Right Corner2021-06-225.11a - 5.13b3
The Torch2021-06-105.11d - 5.12b2Orange .12b set by Jordan
The Torch2021-06-065.12a - 5.14a2
The Torch2021-06-025.11a - 5.13d5Purple .13d set by Jordan
The Torch2021-05-275.12b - 5.13a3Black .13a set by Eduardo
The Torch2021-05-205.10d - 5.12a3Green .10d set by Eduardo
The Torch2021-05-185.10c - 5.13a2
Left Shoulder2021-05-135.10c - 5.11c4
Left Shoulder2021-05-125.10a - 5.12a8Orange .11d set by Kris
Left Corner2021-05-105.9 - 5.11c4
The Turkey Leg2021-04-075.10d - 5.13c7
The Torch2020-07-135.12b - 5.12c2
Left Shoulder, Right Corner, Turkey Leg2020-07-095.9 - 5.12a3
Arch Wall2020-07-085.11a - 5.11d2
Sender Slab, Left Corner, Turkey Leg2020-07-065.10a - 5.12a4Black .12b set by Christian
Sender Slab, Turkey Leg2020-07-025.7 - 5.12c5Black .10c set by Kody
Turkey Leg2020-03-125.10c - 5.12d4Black .11b set by Eduardo
Turkey Leg (overhang)2020-03-115.12a - 5.13a3Blue .13a set by Kody
The Torch2020-03-095.11b - 5.13b3Pink .11d set by Kody
Turkey Leg2020-03-045.10d - 5.12a4
The Torch2020-03-035.10b - 5.12d11
Turkey Leg2020-02-185.10b - 5.12a5Pink .10d set by Devan
Turkey Leg2020-02-135.10a - 5.13a5Pink .11a set by Christian
Turkey Leg2020-02-115.9 - 5.12d6Purple .11a set by Devan
Arch Wall2020-02-105.7 - 5.11d5Green .11b set by Jordan
Arch Wall2020-02-055.6 - 5.12b8Blue .12b set by Kris
Torch2020-01-305.11a - 5.12c3Pink .12c set by Jordan
Torch2020-01-275.10b - 5.12c4Black .11b set by Kris
Left Corner2020-01-225.8 - 5.12a8Pink .10b set by Kody
Left Corner2020-01-165.9 - 5.12a6Orange .11c set by Christian
Broken Column2020-01-155.7 - 2.12b12Green .11c set by Kris
Sender Slab2020-01-135.8 - 5.10d5Green .10c set by Marcus
Sender Slab2020-01-095.5 - 5.11d12Orange .7 set by Eduardo
Turkey Leg, Randy's Roof2020-01-085.10c - 5.12c8Pink .10c set by Devan
Turkey Leg2020-01-065.10b - 5.13a3Green .11d set by Jordan
Turkey Leg2019-12-195.11a - 5.12d4Black .11d set by Kody
Turkey Leg2019-12-185.10b - 5.12c3Blue .10b set by Christian
Turkey Leg2019-12-165.10c - 5.11d3Yellow .11a set by Jordan
Turkey Leg2019-12-135.10a - 5.12c4Purple .11c set by Eduardo
Turkey Leg2019-12-105.11c - 5.12a2Black .11c set by devan
Turkey Leg2019-12-095.10c - 5.11d3Orange .10c set by Marcus
Torch2019-12-055.11d - 5.13b4Blue .12b set by Christian
The Torch2019-12-045.11c - 5.13d2
Turkey Leg2019-12-025.10d - 5.11a2
Turkey Leg2019-11-275.10a - 5.13b8Black .13b set by Kody
Speed Wall2019-11-265.9 - 5.13a10Blue .11d set by Ben
Left of Speed Wall2019-11-215.6 - 5.10a5Black .9 set by Devan
Torch, Right Shoulder2019-11-185.10d - 5.12d4Orange .12d set by Ben
Torch Center and Right Side2019-11-135.11b - 5.13c5Blue .11d set by Kris
Torch2019-11-065.11c - 5.13a3Blue .11c set by Ben
Torch Left2019-11-055.10c - 5.12d5Orange .12d set by Ben
Left Shoulder2019-10-315.10a - 5.12b5Blue .12b set by Kody
Left Shoulder2019-10-305.10a - 5.12a6Orange .11b set by Christian
Left Corner2019-10-285.9 - 5.11d8Black .11a set by Jordan
Broken Column2019-10-235.8 -5.12b8Orange .11a set by Jordan
Sender Slab2019-10-175.6 - 5.12c9Green .11c set by Kris
Shorty Walls2019-10-165.6 - 5.10c8Black .7 set by Ben
Turkey Leg, Randy's Roof2019-10-145.10a - 5.12a8Blue .10c set by Marcus
Turkey Leg2019-10-105.10b - 5.13a5Blue .12b set by Kody
Turkey Leg2019-10-095.10c - 5.12c3Purple .12c set by Kody
Turkey Leg2019-10-075.10b - 5.128Blue .11c set by Kody
Turkey Leg2019-10-035.10a - 5.12a4Yellow .11d set by Kris
Turkey Leg2019-10-025.10b - 5.12b4Orange .10c set by Kris
Turkey Leg2019-09-305.8 - 5.12c4Black .12c set by Ben
Speed Wall2019-09-265.10a - 5.13b5Blue .13b set by Kody
Arch Wall and Torch2019-09-255.6 - 5.12d7Pink .10c set by Ben
Torch2019-09-235.10d - 5.12c4Yellow .12a set by Kody
The Torch2019-09-185.11a - 5.14a4Black .11c set by CMed
The Torch2019-09-165.11b - 5.12c3Black .12b set Ben
Left Shoulder, Torch2019-09-105.10b - 5.13a4Yellow .13a set by Devan
Torch2019-09-095.10d - 5.12a3Green .12a set by Kody
Turkey Leg2019-08-215.11a - 5.12c4
Turkey Leg2019-08-205.8-5.12d4Black .12d set by Moses
Slab2019-08-075.5 - 5.11c6Purple 10d set by Kris
Speed Wall2019-07-185.10b - 5.11c5Black 11c set by Kris
Speed Wall2019-07-175.7 - 5.13a6Pink 13a set by Devan
Speed Wall2019-07-155.7 - 5.11b7Blue 11b set by Kody
Speed Wall2019-07-085.10b - 5.11b3Orange 11b set by Kody
Torch2019-07-035.10c - 5.12c5Purple 12c set by Marcus
Right of Torch2019-07-035.10c - 5.12c5Blue 11d set by Brian
Torch2019-06-275.11a - 5.13a5Yellow 12a set by Devan
Right of Torch2019-06-275.8 - 5.13a5Yellow 12a set by Devan
Torch2019-06-255.11b - 5.12d4Blue 11b set by Devan
Torch2019-06-245.12b - 5.13a2Yellow 13a set by Kody
Torch2019-06-175.12a - 5.13a
2Green 12a set by Cuz
Torch2019-06-135.11d - 5.12d4Purple 12b set by Devan
Torch2019-06-125.10d - 5.12d4Yellow 12d set by Devan
Left of Torch2019-06-105.10a - 5.12a3Pride 10a set by Brian
Left of Torch2019-06-065.10c - 5.12a5Pink 11b set by Kris
Left Corner2019-06-055.8 - 5.12a6Green 10c set by DG
Left of Torch2019-06-035.10c - 5.12a6Purple 11b set by Kody
Left of Torch2019-05-305.9 - 5.12a7Green 11a set by Kody
Left of Torch2019-05-285.9 - 5.11c12Pink 11c set by Brian
Broken Pillars2019-05-235.6 - 5.10b9Yellow 10d set by Kris
Sender Slab2019-05-215.4 - 5.11d8Green 7 set by s0obs
Turkey Leg2019-05-205.10a - 5.11b3Purple 10a set by Cuz
Broken Pillars2019-05-165.10d - 5.12d4Pink 11d set by Devan
Turkey Leg2019-05-155.10c - 5.12b3Green .12b set by Devan
Sender Slab2019-05-135.5 - 5.94Yellow .8 set by Marcus
Turkey Leg2019-05-095.10a - 5.12c9Yellow 10b by Kris
Broken Pillars2019-05-085.11c - 5.12b6Green 12a set by Marcus
Turkey Leg2019-05-065.10c - 5.12c5Blue 12c by Marcus
Slabs2019-05-025.10b - 5.12b6Blue 12b set by Kody
Speed Wall2019-04-305.11b - 5.13a4Purple 13a set by Kody
Slabs2019-04-255.8 - 5.10d4Yellow 10c set by Kris
Slabs2019-04-235.6 - 5.11b6Green 10d set by Devan
Turkey Leg2019-04-165.11c - 5.12b4Yellow 11c set by Devan
Torch Right2019-04-115.5 - 5.11b8Orange 10b set by Kris
Torch Right2019-04-105.10d - 5.12a5Blue 11b set by Kris
Torch2019-04-085.12d - 5.13b2
Torch2019-04-045.11d - 5.13c4Blue 13a set by Devan
Torch2019-04-035.11a - 5.12c3Yellow 12c set by Cuz
Torch2019-04-015.11c - 5.12b2Black 12b set by Cuz
Torch2019-03-285.11a - 5.12c4Black 12a set by Kody
Torch2019-03-275.11b - 5.13a3Yellow 13a set by Kody
Torch2019-03-215.10d - 5.13a6Yellow 11b set by Kris
Torch2019-03-205.10c - 5.12c5Blue 12c set Kris
Exit Corner2019-03-185.10b - 5.11d3
Broken Column2019-03-115.10b - 5.12a3
Sender Slab, Broken Column2019-03-075.8 - 5.11c8
Sender Slab, Broken Column2019-03-055.7 - 5.12a7
Sender Slab, Broken Column2019-03-045.4 - 5.11c10
Sender Slab2019-02-285.4 - 5.10c10Blue .10b set by Kris
Turkey Leg2019-02-195.11d - 5.12d2
Turkey Leg2019-02-145.10d - 5.12a4Green 5.11c set by Kody
Turkey Leg2019-02-135.10b - 5.12b8Yellow 5.11c set by Brian
Turkey Leg2019-02-115.10b - 5.11d5Yellow 11c set by Brian
Turkey Leg2019-02-075.10d - 5.12a4Blue 5.10d set by Devan
Turkey Leg2019-02-075.10a - 5.12a4Blue 10a set by Devan
Turkey Leg2019-02-065.10a - 5.11d6
Speedwall2019-02-045.10c - 5.13a4Yellow 5.12b set by Marcus
Left of Speedwall2019-01-315.8 - 5.12d12Yellow 5.12b set by Marcus
Right Torch2019-01-285.7 - 5.11c12Pink 5.10d set by Brian
Torch2019-01-275.10b - 5.12c4Black .11b set by Kris
Right Torch2019-01-245.9 - 5.12d8Yellow 5.11a set by Kris
Torch2019-01-235.10d - 5.12b4
Torch2019-01-215.11d - 5.14a3
Torch2019-01-175.11a - 5.13a4
Left Torch2019-01-155.11b - 5.13d4Orange 12a set by Wes
Left Torch2019-01-145.11a - 5.13a4Yellow 13a set by Marcus
Left of Torch2019-01-105.10a - 5.12b12
Broken Column2019-01-035.10a - 5.12a12
Broken Column2018-12-205.9 - 5.12c9Black 12c set by Kris
Sender Slab2018-12-195.8 - 5.11c14Blue 11b set by Kris
Sender Slab2018-12-185.8 - 5.11d12Pink 11b set by Brian
Turkey Leg2018-12-175.10c - 5.12b6Green 12a set by Marcus
Turkey Leg2018-11-305.11c - 5.12a2Black .11c set by Adriel
Turkey Leg2018-11-295.10b - 5.12b4Orange .11b set by Brian
Speed Wall and Turkey Leg2018-11-215.10a - 5.13a8
Torch2018-10-295.11a - 5.12d3Green .11a set by Kody
Exit Corner2018-10-105.8 - 5.12d6Orange .10a set by Devan
Broken Column2018-10-085.9 - 5.11c7Orange .10a set by Marcus
Broken Column2018-10-045.8 - 5.11d10Yellow .11b set by Kris
Sender Slab2018-10-035.5 - 5.11d15Orange .11b set by Kris
Randy's Roof2018-10-015.10a - 5.11d5
Turkey Leg2018-09-275.10b - 5.13a8Blue .12b set by Cuz and Black .11a set by KT
Turkey Leg2018-09-265.10c - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by Marcus
Turkey Leg2018-09-195.10b - 5.12a8
Speed Wall2018-09-175.10a - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by Kody
Sender Slab & Torch2018-09-125.8-5.11d7
Torch, Arch Wall, & Right Corner
2018-09-035.7 - 5.12d11
Arch Wall2018-08-275.10d - 5.11d4
The Torch2018-08-235.11a - 5.11d2Pink 5.11d set by Devan
The Torch2018-08-165.11a - 5.13c6Purple 5.12c set by Brian
Left Shoulder2018-08-135.10a - 5.13a4Yellow .13a set by Kody
Left Shoulder2018-08-085.8 - 5.11d6Green .10d set by Devin
Broken Column2018-08-025.8 - 5.12b6Blue .12b set by Kody
Sender Slab & Broken Column2018-08-015.6 - 5.11c10Blue 11a set by Kris
Sender Slab2018-07-305.7 - 5.12a7Orange 5.7 set by Marcus
Sender Slab2018-07-265.4 - 5.10a9Green .10a set by Kris
Turkey Leg & Randy's Roof2018-07-255.10a - 5.12b10Green .10a set by Devan
The Turkey Leg2018-07-235.11c - 5.12d2
The Torch2018-07-025.11c - 5.13b3
Turkey Leg2018-06-265.10c - 5.12c5Blue .11d set by Marcus
The Torch2018-06-215.11a - 5.13a4
Torch2018-06-185.11a - 5.11d2
Torch2018-06-145.11b - 5.12c3Green .12a set by Kris
Torch, the Corners2018-06-135.10a - 5.12b3Pink .10a set by Brian
Left Corner, Left Shoulder2018-06-115.9 - 5.12c6Blue .11d set by Marcus
Left Shoulder2018-06-075.10c - 5.12c4Yellow .12c set by Kody
Broken Column2018-06-045.7 - 5.12a7
Sender Slab2018-06-015.6 - 5.11b7
Sender Slab2018-05-305.4 - 5.12a13
Randy's Roof, Sender Slab2018-05-255.5 - 5.11d10
Turkey Leg2018-05-215.10d - 5.13a7
Arch Wall2018-04-125.9 - 5.11c6Green .10d set by Brian
Torch Right Flank & Arch Wall2018-04-115.7 - 5.10d6Blue .10d set by Moses
Right Corner2018-04-095.8 - 5.11b5Pink .11 set by Kris
Turkey Leg, Randy's Roof2018-03-135.10a - 5.13b8
Turkey Leg2018-03-055.9 - 5.11d3Yellow .11 set by Kris
Turkey Leg2018-03-015.10a - 5.12c4Purple .12 set by Kody
The Torch2018-02-125.11d - 5.13c3Yellow .13a set by Marcus
Arch Wall2018-02-085.7 - 5.11b9Orange .10a set by CUZ
The Torch, Right Corner2018-02-015.10a - 5.12c5Blue .12a set by Kris
The Torch2018-01-315.11b - 5.12d5
The Torch2018-01-295.11a - 5.12d3Blue .11d set by KT
Torch2018-01-255.10c - 5.11c2
Left Shoulder2018-01-225.10c - 5.13a3Orange .13a set by Kody
Left Shoulder, Torch2018-01-185.11a - 5.12c3Pink .11d set by KT
Left Shoulder2018-01-175.10b - 5.12b7Green .12b set by MP
Left Corner2018-01-155.7-5.11d9Yellow .10d set by KS
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2017-12-215.5 - 5.10d8Pink .10d set by KS
Turkey Leg2017-12-185.10b - 5.12d6Blue .12d set by Kody
Turkey Leg2017-12-145.11b - 5.12c3Black .11b set by Kody
Turkey Leg2017-12-125.10d - 5.12b8Blue .11c set by Brian
Turkey Leg2017-12-075.10a - 5.11d4Orange .10d set by Kody
Turkey Leg2017-12-065.10c - 5.12a6Pink .10c set by Marcus
Arch Wall and Turkey Leg2017-12-045.5 - 5.12c7Black .11b set by Kris
Speed Wall2017-11-285.10b - 5.12c6Green .12b set by Kody
Arch Wall2017-11-275.6 - 5.11b4Blue .10b set by Kody
Right Corner2017-11-225.7 - 5.10c5Blue .10c set by Moses
Right Corner2017-11-165.10b - 5.12b5Orange .10b set by Kris
The Torch2017-11-135.10d - 5.11a2Purple .10d set by Marcus
The Torch2017-11-095.11a - 5.13b3Yellow .11a set by Kris
The Torch2017-11-075.11b - 5.12d7
The Torch2017-11-065.11a - 5.13b4Yellow .12a set by Kody
Left Shoulder2017-10-315.10c - 5.12b6Green .12b set by Marcus
Left Shoulder2017-10-305.8 - 5.12c6Orange .11d set by Kody
Sender Slab, Left Corner, & Left Shoulder2017-10-235.7 - 5.12b17Green .12a set by Marcus
Sender Slab, Broken Column2017-10-195.6 - 5.13a11Green .13a set by Kody
Sender Slab & Broken Column2017-10-185.4 - 5.12a18
Turkey Leg & Randy's Roof2017-10-115.10b - 5.11d6
Turkey Leg2017-10-095.10c - 5.12d6Black .12d set by Kris
Turkey Leg2017-10-055.11a - 5.12c6Orange .11d set by Kris
Turkey Leg2017-10-025.10c - 5.11d3Blue .11c set by Kris
Turkey Leg2017-09-265.10b - 5.12a2
Turkey Leg2017-09-255.9 - 5.12c4Green .11b set by Kris
Turkey Leg2017-09-205.11a - 5.11c3
Turkey leg2017-09-195.10a - 5.12b6Orange .12b set by Kody
Torch and Speed Wall2017-09-145.10a - 5.12c7Green .11c set by Kody
Torch & Arch Wall2017-09-135.6 - 5.13a19
The Torch2017-09-115.11c - 5.14a3Green .14a set by Kody
The Torch2017-09-075.11b - 5.13c3Pink .13a set by Kody
Torch & Arch Wall2017-09-065.11b - 5.12d4
The Torch2017-08-295.12a - 5.13b2
The Torch2017-08-285.11a - 5.12a3Orange .11a set by Kris
Left Shoulder & Torch2017-08-235.10d - 5.13a10Pink .13a set by Kris
Left Shoulder2017-08-215.9 - 5.12a4Blue .12a set by Kris
Sender Slab, Left Corner2017-08-155.10a - 5.12a12Pink .11a set by Kris
Sender Slab2017-08-145.5 - 5.11b9Yellow .10d set by Kody
Randy's Roof & Sender Slab2017-08-095.6 - 5.11c11Blue .11a set by Marcus
Turkey Leg, Randy's Roof, Sender Slab2017-08-085.7 - 5.12a7Blue .11c set by Kris & Purple .12a set by KodyTurkey Leg (backside)
Turkey Leg2017-08-075.10d - 5.13a4Green .12b set by Kody
Turkey Leg2017-08-035.11a - 5.12d3Blue .12c set by Brian
Turkey Leg2017-08-025.10b - 5.12b4Green .12b set by Cuz
Turkey Leg2017-07-315.10b - 5.11d6Orange .11a set by Kris
Turkey Leg2017-07-275.10c - 5.12a2Orange .10c set by Kris
Turkey Leg2017-07-265.10b - 5.11d4
Turkey Leg2017-07-255.10b - 5.1b3Yellow .12b set by Kody
Turkey Leg2017-07-195.10c - 5.12a4Orange .11a set by Brian
The Arch Wall2017-07-175.7 - 5.11d6Blue .10a set by Kris
Torch, Right Corner, Arch Wall2017-07-125.9 - 5.12c9Yellow .10a set by Jonny
Torch, Right Corner2017-07-115.10b - 5.14b6Blue .11b set by Kris
Torch2017-07-105.12b - 5.14a3Orange .12b set by Marcus
Left Shoulder, Torch, Right Corner2017-07-065.10a - 5.12c6Pink .11a set by Kris
The Torch2017-06-295.10d - 5.12d4Green 5.11d set by Kris
The Torch2017-06-285.11c - 5.13a4Blue .11c set by Devan
Left Shoulder2017-06-265.10a - 5.11d4Rainbow .10a set by Marcus
Left Corner and Left Shoulder2017-06-225.10a - 5.12c10Orange .11c set by Devan
Broken Column and Left Corner2017-06-215.7 - 5.11d8Yellow .11c set by Marcus
Broken Column2017-06-195.9 - 5.10d4Yellow .10b set by Kris
Sender Slab2017-06-145.5 - 5.11c8Blue .10c set by Marcus
Randy's Roof, Sender Slab2017-06-135.5 - 5.11b10Yellow .11a set by Moses
Torch, Arch Wall2017-06-075.8 - 5.14a6Yellow .12a set by Kody
Right Corner2017-06-065.9 - 5.11a4Pink .10b set by Kris
Turkey Leg & Left Corner2017-06-055.7 - 5.11c6Blue .11c set by Kody
Left Corner & Left Shoulder2017-05-315.8 - 5.11c5Yellow .10b set by Marcus
Turkey Leg2017-05-305.10c - 5.12b5Green .11c set by David
Torch, Turkey Leg, Arch Wall2017-05-295.7 - 5.12b5Orange .10a set by Kris
Front Side of the Turkey Leg & The Corners2017-05-245.8 - 5.12b12Blue .12c set by Brian
The Turkey Leg2017-05-175.11a - 5.12a5Pink .12a set by Brian
Left Shoulder and The Torch2017-05-165.10b - 5.12c10Green .10d set by Kris
Sender Slab, Broken Column, Turkey Leg2017-05-025.9 - 511a6Pink .10d set by Brian
Sender Slab and 5 Degree Wall2017-04-275.6 - 5.11b8Orange .8 set by Kody
Arch Wall, Randy's Roof, Sender Slab2017-04-185.6 - 5.11d8Orange .10d set by David
Arch Wall, The Corners2017-04-115.6 - 5.11d5Black .11a set by Brian
Turkey Leg, Left Shoulder2017-04-055.10a - 512c8Yellow .11a set by Kris
Torch, The Corners2017-03-215.9 - 5.12b6Blue .11d set by Kody
Torch, The Corners2017-03-205.10a - 5.12c4Green .12c set by Moses
Turkey Leg, Left Shoulder, The Torch, The Corner, Arch Wall2017-03-185.7 - 5.14c21
Left Shoulder2017-03-085.11a - 5.11c2Green .11c set by Randy
Left corner & 5 Degree Wall2017-02-275.10a - 5.12c2Green .12c set by Kody
Left Corner & 5 Degree Wall2017-02-235.10c - 5.12a7Blue .11a set by Brian
Left Corner & 5 Degree Wall2017-02-225.10b - 511b3Yellow .11b set by Chad
Randy's Roof, Sender Slab, Broken Column, Dihedral Wall2017-02-165.7 - 5.11d10Yellow .11d set by Kody
Sender Slab2017-02-075.5 - 5.12b15
Sender Slab & Torch2017-02-015.6 - 5.13c7
Sender Slab & Torch2017-01-255.7 - 5.12a6
Sender Slab & Torch2017-01-255.7 - 5.12a6

Latest Boulder Problems

Boulder LocationDate SetGrades# of Routes"Best in Show"Coming Soon
The Visor and The Wave Wall2024-06-19v1 - v1016Purple v9 set by Kberri
The Visor2024-06-12v2 - v1115Purple v6 set by Kiwi
The 602024-06-05v1 - v1012Blue v8 set by RAZ
The Ship2024-05-29v1 - v1314Pink v5 set by Dill
Top Out Right & Slab Wall2024-05-22v0 - v1029Yellow v1 set by Dill
Top Out Boulder2024-05-08v1 - v1126Yellow v8 by Queez
Top Out Left2024-05-01v0 - v920Green v3 set by Hogg
The Wave & Learning Corner2024-04-22v0 - v1016Black v4 set by Jedi+HOGG
The Wave2024-04-17v0 - v919Purple v6 set by Dvang
The Prow & Wave Wall2024-04-10v0 - v1014Purple v5 set by Kberri
The Ship & Prow2024-04-03v1 - v1117Purple v10 set by Dvang
The Learning Corner & The Ship2024-03-27v0 - v1325Yellow v4 set by Jedi
Sunset Slab2024-03-15v0 - v924Blue v6 set by Hijo
Top Out Right2024-03-06v0 - v1225Blue v5 set by Jedi
Top Out Boulder2024-02-28v1 - v1020Pink v5 set by Kberri
Learning Corner & Top Out2024-02-21v0 - v1019Blue v6 set by Dill
The Wave and Learning Corner2024-02-13v0 - v1021Yellow v4 set by Raz
The Prow and Wave Wall2024-02-07v0 - v1121Orange v5 set by Raz
The Ship2024-01-31v3 - v1023Blue v5 set by DillThe Prow
Sunset Slab & the 452024-01-24v0 - v926Yellow v6 set Dvangthe 45 & the 60
Top Out (Right)2024-01-17v0 - v922Yellow v3 set by Dvang
Top Out (Left)2024-01-10v0 - v1234Blue v7 set by Raz
Sunset Slab (Back Side)2024-01-02v0 - v911
The Wave Wall/Learning Corner2023-12-20v0 - v1219Pink v5 set by Hijo
The Visor2023-12-06v1 - v1022Black v10 set by HiJo
The 60 & Visor2023-11-29v1 - v1120Pink v3 set by Kberri
The Stern2023-11-22v0 - v109Orange v5 set by Kberri
Sunset Slab and Top Out Boulder (fill in)2023-11-13v0 - v1227
The Top Out2023-11-09v0 - v1140
Top Out Left2023-10-30v0 - v1022Purple v8 set by Prez
The Learning Corner2023-10-23v0 - v922Purple v7 set by Dill
The Wave2023-10-19v0 - v1022Yellow v7 set by Ivy
The Visor2023-10-10v3 - v106Orange v6 set by Dill
The Visor2023-10-09v2 - v813Purple v8 set by Dill
The Ship2023-10-02v1 - v1018Yellow v6 set by Jed
Sunset Slab & The Stern2023-09-25v0 - v1021Purple v4 set by Shark
Right Top Out2023-09-18v0 - v1020Blue v2 set by Ivy
Left Top Out & Barrel Wall2023-09-04v1 - v1124Yellow v5 set by Kberri
Left Top Out2023-08-28v0 - v920Yellow v6 set by Ivy
The Wave & Learning Corner2023-08-14v0 - v917Pink v8 set by Ivy
The Visor & Wave2023-08-07v0 - v1020Blue v5 set by Ivy
The Ship, Sunset Slab2023-08-01v1 - v1220Yellow v8 set by Devang
The Ship, Sunset Slab2023-07-31v0 - v720Blue v4 set by MM
The Ship, Sunset Slab2023-07-27v5 - v910
Top out Right2023-07-17v0 - v1214Purple v1 set by MM
The Top Out Boulder2023-07-10v0 - v926Black v7 set by Dvang
The Top Out Boulder (Left)2023-07-05v0 - v1026Black v4 set by Dvang
The Wave + Learning Corner2023-06-26v0 - v1122Black v6 set by Dill
The Visor & The Wave2023-06-12v0 - v916Blue v8 set by Dill
The 60 and Visor2023-06-09v3 - v85
The 60 and Visor2023-06-08v2 - v1017Pink v5 set by Raz
Sunset Slab2023-05-29v0 - v921Black v5 set by Kberri
Top Out Right2023-05-22v0 - v1020Blue v3 set by Dill
Top Out2023-05-15v0 - v1024Orange v7 set by Dill
Top Out2023-05-08v0 - v925Purple v6 set by Kristin
Wave Wall & Learning Corner2023-05-01v0 - v927Orange v6 set by Dvang
The Wave Wall2023-04-24v0 - v1114
The Ship (Prow)2023-04-17v0 - v1019Orange v10 set by MarcusWave Wall
Top Out Boulder2023-03-27v0 - v613Green v4 set by Jedi
Sunset Slab & Learning Corner2023-03-24v0 - v623Blue v4 set by Raz
Top Out Boulder2023-03-22v0 - v1135Blue v10 set by Raz/DG
The Wave & 402023-03-21v0 - v926Black v6 set by Raz
Sunset Slab2023-03-17v1 - v35
Wave Wall, Learning Corner, Sunset Slab2023-03-16v3 - v89USAC Level 1 Course
The Wave Wall2023-02-28v1 - v79Black v7 set by Dyl
The Stern and Wave Wall2023-02-23v1 - v913
The 60 and Stern2023-02-20v2 - v1126
Sunset Slab & 45 Degree2023-02-06v0 - v820Green v6 set by DW
Top Out Boulder (right)2023-01-30v0 - v616Black v6 set by David
Top Out Boulder2023-01-23v1 - v1023Black v9 set by DG
Left Top Out Boulder2023-01-16v0 - v1123Yellow v2 set by KO
The Wave & Learning Corner2023-01-09v0 - v1027Black v5 set by KO
The Wave2023-01-02v0 - v917Purple v4 set by DW
The Ship Starboard2022-12-19v1 - v1012Purple v8 set by Devan
The 60 & Visor2022-12-12v1 - v1122Yellow v5 set by Raz
Sunset Slab & 452022-12-06v0 - v1026Yellow v4 set by Dyl
Top Out Boulder2022-11-22v2 - v1112Blue v5 set by DW
Downstairs Boulders2022-11-14v0 - v1016Black v4 set by KO
Top Out Boulder2022-11-10v0 - v1040Black v4 set by OS & Purple v5 set by Prez
The Wave Wall & Learning Corner2022-11-01v0 - v924Black v3 set by KO
The Ship & The Prow2022-10-25v0 - v1022Orange v7 set by DW
The Slab2022-10-18v0 - v922Black v7 set by DW
Top Out Boulder2022-10-05v0 - v817Purple v4 set by Devan
Top Out Boulder2022-09-26v1 - v1020Purple v7 set by Devan
Top Out Boulder2022-09-20v0 - v921Black v3 set by DylTop Out Cont.
Sunset Slab & The Ship2022-09-07v0 - v919Pink v6 set by OS
Wave-Wall & Learning Corner2022-08-29v0 - v523Blue v4 set by RAZ
Summer Send-Off
(Entire Downstairs)
2022-08-27v0 - v1150
Top Out Boulder2022-08-16v0 - v916Blue v3 set by Airk
Top Out Boulder2022-08-10v2 - v813Purple v6 set by Dyl
Top Out Boulder (Left)2022-08-03v0 - v1011Top Out Boulder (Center)
The Stern2022-07-26v0 - v816
The Sunset Slab2022-07-18v0 - v812Green v2 set by KOThe Ship
The Wave Wall & Learning Corner2022-07-11v0 - v1016Sunset Slab
The Upstairs2022-06-29v2 - v88
The Prow and Wave Wall2022-06-22v0 - v916Black v6 set by KO
The Ship & The Prow2022-06-07v2 - v89Purple set by Dyl
The Ship & The Prow2022-06-06v1 - v915Purple 7 set by KO
The Stern2022-05-24v1 - v912Black v7 set by Airk
The Sunset Slab & 452022-05-16v0 - v818Orange v8 set by Jedi
Up Stairs Area2022-05-10v2 - v114Yellow v2 Set by RAZ
Top Out Right2022-05-04v0 - v1217Blue v5 set by Kristin
Top Out Boulder2022-04-25v1 - v1017Blue v6 set by RAZ
Top Out Boulder2022-04-20v0 - v714Orange v3 set by KO
The Learning Corner & Slab2022-04-12v0 - v1016Orange v1 set by Raz
The Wave & The Prow2022-04-06v0 - v1017Orange v2 set by Jed
The Wave Wall2022-03-29V1 - v1214Blue v2 Set by Arik
The Slab & The Ship & The Stern & The Prow2022-03-22v0 - v916Blue v6 set by Arik
The Stern & The Ship2022-03-15v0 - v1113Green v5 set by Theo
Top Out Right, Sunset Slab, The Stern2022-03-08v0 - v1016Blue v2 set by Dyl
Top Out Right2022-03-01v0 - v1115Black v4 set by Airk
Barrel Wall2022-02-23v1 - v1115Blue v6 set by TL
Top Out Left2022-02-17v2 - v118Blue v10 set by Raz
Top Out Left2022-02-15v0 - v814Yellow v4 set by TL
The Wave Wall & Learning Corner2022-02-08v1 - v712
Wave Wall & Learning Corner2022-02-02v0 - v913
The Prow + Wave Wall2022-01-20v0 - v1019Yellow v6 set by Jed
The Ship + Prow2022-01-12v3 - v810
The 45 and 602022-01-06v2 - v912Blue v5 set by Devan
Sunset Slab and the 452022-01-05v0 - v1123Black v6 set by Devan
Top Out Wall Right2021-12-21v0 - v510Blue V5 set by CMed
Barrel Wall2021-12-14v0 - v1024Yellow v7 set by Mikey
Upstairs Left2021-12-07v0 - v1020Yellow v4 set by Jordan
The Learning Corner & Sunset Slab2021-11-24v0 - v1323
The Ship2021-11-16v0 - v1020Blue v6 set by RAZ
The Ship & The Wave2021-11-02v0 - v1020Yellow v2 set by Jordan
The Ship, Sunset Slab2021-10-26v0 - v1020The Ship
Sunset Slab2021-10-20v0 - v810Green v4 set by CMedThe Ship
Top Out Right2021-10-14v0 - v1015Blue v2 set by KS
The Barrel2021-09-30v1 - v1118Green v4 set by ECTop Out Right
Top Out Left2021-09-29v0 - v1019Purple v4 set by DG
Learning Corner Slab2021-09-21v0 - v815Yellow v6 set by Kody
The Wave Wall2021-09-15v0 - v920Yellow v6 set by DGThe Learning Corner
The Ship and Wave Wall2021-09-07v0 - v1217Purple v8 set by Cmed
The Ship2021-08-26V1 - V1020Yellow v7 set by RAZMore Ship
Sunset Slab and the 45 degree wall2021-08-17v0 - v1022Orange v6 set by Kody
Top Out Right2021-08-10v0 - v1220Yellow v1 set by Christian
Top Out Boulder Center2021-08-03v1 - 1119Blue v10 set by Devan
Top Out Left2021-07-27v0 - v818Yellow v3 set by Devan
The Learning Corner2021-07-15v0 - v827Yellow v6 set by Christian
The Wave Wall2021-07-12v0 - 119Purple V5 set by Devan
The Ship2021-07-07v0 - v810Blue v6 set by Kody and Christian
The Ship2021-07-01v0 - v1013Green v6 set by Kody
The Ship2021-06-23v1 - v1020Green v7 set by Kris
45 Degree2021-06-16v1 - v119Black v6 set by Devan
Sunset Slab2021-06-07v0 - v711Orange v2 set by Kody
The Top Out Boulder2021-05-26v0 - v1320Green v6 set by Kody
Top Out Left and The Barrel2021-05-19v1 - v1222
Top Out Left2021-05-11v0 - v712Yellow v4 set by Devan
The Wave Wall2021-04-22v0 - v1117Green v6 set by Kody
The Prow2021-04-08v2 - v1010
Sunset Slab and 60 degree2021-04-01v1 - v1115Orange v7 set by Devan
Sunset Slab & 45 degree2021-03-25v0 - v1012
Top Out Boulder2021-03-17v0 - v911
Downstairs2020-07-07v1 - v1010Black v6 set by Christian
Top Out Boulder2020-07-01v1 - v99
Upstair right2020-03-10v0 - v1018Orange v7 set by Kody
The Ship2020-03-05v0 - v1112Blue v6 set by Jordan
Sunset Slab & The Ship2020-03-03v0 - v1039Balck v7 set by Christian
Upstairs (left)2020-02-12v0 - v1125Purple v6 set by Kody
Wave Wall2020-02-06v2 - v97Purple v6 set by Ben
The Wave Wall2020-02-04v0 - v714Purple v5 set by S0obs
The Wave Wall2020-01-28v1 - v129Yellow v6 set by S0obs
The Ship2020-01-21v2 - v1114Blue v8 set by David
Sunset Slab, The Ship2020-01-14v0 - v1315Green v6 set by Kody
Sunset Slab, The Ship2020-01-07v0 - v1114Black v4 set by David
The Learning Corner, Sunset Slab (Back Side)2020-01-02v0 - v721Black v6 set by Randy
Upstairs (right side)2019-12-17v0 - v817Orange v2 set by Kody
Top Out Boulder2019-12-11v0 - v1222Purple v8 set by Kody
Top Out Left2019-12-03v0 - v916Black v4 set by Devan
The Ship2019-11-25v0 - v921Blue v8 set by Jordan
The Ship2019-11-19v1 - v1222Blue v6 set by Devan
The Ship2019-11-14v0 - v1213Blue v9 set by Jordan
Sunset Slab, 45 Degree2019-11-12v0 - v1020Green v6 set by Ben
The Learning Corner2019-11-04v0 - v719Yellow v5 set by Jordan
Top Out Right2019-10-29v0 - v1123Black v6 set by S0obs
Top Out Left2019-10-23v3 - v126Yellow v3 set by Ben
Top Out Left2019-10-22v0 - v1023Black v5 set by David
The Ship2019-10-15v0 - v913Blue v4 set by Kody
The Ship2019-10-08v1 - v1312Yellow v7 set by Kody
The Ship2019-10-02v1 - v913Purple v6 set by Devan
The Ship2019-09-26v3 - v85
The Ship2019-09-24v0 - v1119Purple v6 set by Devan
Sunset Slab2019-09-18v0 - v814Yellow v5 set by Kody
Learning Corner2019-09-11v0 - v719Pink v5 set by Devan
TLC, Sunset Slab, &The Ship2019-08-22v0 - v819Blue v2 set by Eduardo
Sunset Slab & The Ship2019-08-19v0 - v910Blue v6 set by Ben
Everywhere2019-08-17v0 - v1160
The Wave Wall2019-08-05v0 - v913Purple v6 set by Kris
The Ship2019-07-16v0 - v1020
Learning Corner and Sunset Slab2019-07-09v0 - v821Orange v6 set by Kris
Learning Corner2019-07-02v0 - v1028Blue v7 set by Devan
Top Out2019-07-01v1 - v1212Blue v12 set by Kody
Topout Left2019-06-26v0 - v1022Pink v7 set by Marcus
The Ship and Learning Corner
2019-06-18v0 - v7

19Purple v6 set by Devan
The Wave Wall2019-06-11v0 - v1220Orange v6 set by Devan
Topout Right2019-06-04v0 - v1010Purple v7 set by Kris
Barrel2019-05-31v0 - v119Blue v10 set by Marcus
Topout Left2019-05-29v0 - v1022Black v8 set by Devan
The Wave Wall2019-05-22v0 - v922Purple v5 set by Marcus
Top Out Right2019-05-14v0 - v811Yellow v7 set by Devan
Top Out2019-05-09v2 - v96Blue v9 set by Cuz
Upstairs Barrel2019-05-07v0 - v1215Black v6 set by Devan
The Prow2019-05-01v0 - v1019Orange v5 set by Marcus
Learning Corner2019-04-30v0 - v1120Yellow v6 set by Marcus
The Ship2019-04-22v0 - v719Yellow v6 set by Kody
Ships Prow2019-04-18v0 - v1041Orange v5 set by Devan
Sunset Slab & 45 Degree2019-04-09v0 - v1022Purple v7 set by Devan
TLC & Sunset Slab2019-04-02v0 - v1022Yellow v6 set by Kris
Upstairs Right2019-03-26v0 - v1022Blue v2 set by Jordan
Upstairs Left2019-03-19v0 - v1022Green v9 set by Devan
The Ship2019-03-11v0 - v1130
The Ship2019-03-06v0 - v1131
The Stern2019-02-26v0 - v1119Yellow v5 set by Devan
Sunset Slab and Learning Corner2019-02-20v0 - v1021Purple v10 set by Marcus
Learning Corner2019-02-12V0 - V1020Purple V1 set by Devan
Upstairs2019-02-07V0 - V88Blue v8 set by Kody
Wave Wall2019-02-06v2 - v97Purple v6 set by Ben
Upstairs2019-02-05V0 - V1120Purple V4 set by Kris
Upstairs2019-01-30V0 - V1224Purple V3 set by Brian
Wave Wall2019-01-22V0 - V1025Blue V7 set by Devan
Ships Prow2019-01-16V0 - V1019Orange V3 set by Brian
45 Degree2019-01-08V0 - V1112
45 Degree2019-01-07V0 - V1017Orange V5 set Kris
The Wave2018-11-06v0 - v1120Yellow v6 set by Kody and Orange v8 set by Brian
The Ship (Prow)2018-10-30v2 - v1120Blue v3 set by Kody
The Ship2018-10-24v0 - v1120Orange v2 set by Devan and Purple v5 set by Kris
Learning Corner2018-10-09v0 - v925Purple v5 set by Devan
Upstairs Center2018-10-02v0 - v1013Yellow v6 set by Adriel
Top Out Left2018-09-18V0 - V711Black V4 set by Kody
The Stern2018-09-18V0 - V79Yellow V5 set by DG
The Ship (Starboard)2018-08-22V1 - V1218Black V5 set by Moses
The Wave Wall2018-08-14v0 - v820Pink v8 set by Brian
Learning Corner2018-08-07v0 - v820Yellow V4 set bt Kody
Top Out Right2018-07-31v0 - v1020Purple v4 set by Brian
The Wave2018-07-17v0 - v1120Black V3 set by Kody
The Ship2018-06-26v1 - v1117Green v3 set by Devan
Top Out (Right), Learning Corner2018-06-19v0 - v620Pink v3 set by Devin
Pink V6 set by Kody
The Barrel, Top Out Right2018-06-12v0 - v1123Black v3 set by Kris
Top Out Left2018-06-06v0 - v815Black v4 set by Marcus
The Ship (Stern)2018-05-31v0 - v914Black V1 set by KS
Green V6 set by Cuz
The Ship2018-05-29v0 - v1023Orange v1 set by Kris and Green v6 set by Kody
Sunset Slab, The Ship2018-05-15v1 - v1024Green v1 set by CUZ
Top Out Boulder2018-03-08v0 - v810
Top Out Left/Center2018-03-06v0 - v1017Blue v3 set by Devan
Sunset Slab & Ship's Bow2018-02-06v0 - v918Yellow V7 set by KS
The Learning Corner2018-01-30v0 - v824Orange v6 set by KT
Top Out2018-01-25v0 - v105
Top Out Boulder2018-01-23v0 - v1124Green v5 set by Kris
Top Out Left2018-01-15v0 - v1121Yellow v3 set by KS
The Wave Wall2017-12-20v0 - v1018Yellow v5 set by Brian
The Prow, Wave Wall2017-12-19v0 - v1120Green v6 set by Kris
The Ship2017-12-05v1 - v1121Blue v5 set by Kris
Top Out Boulder2017-11-30v0 - v1116Blue v8 set by Kody
Top Out Center & Right2017-11-29V0 - V1118Pink v4 set by Christian
Top Out Left2017-11-21v0 - v1121Blue v3 set by Kody
Sunset Slab & The Learning Corner2017-11-20v0 - v823Green v1 set by Marcus
The Learning Corner & Wave Wall2017-11-14v0 - v820
The Wave Wall, The Stern2017-11-02v0 - v1024Pink v6 set by Kris
The Ship2017-10-26v1 - v1114Blue v11 set by Kody
The Ship2017-10-24v2 0 v1014Yellow v7 set by Brian
Top Out2017-10-16v0 - v918Purple v5 set by Kody
Top Out Boulder2017-10-12v0 - v1225Black v6 set by Kody
Top Out Left2017-10-10v0 - v815
The Ship2017-10-04V0 - V917
Downstairs2017-10-03v0 - 828Purple v7 set by Kris and Yellow v7 set by Jonny
The Ship2017-09-05v1 - v920
The Ship2017-08-31v0 - v1040
Top Out Boulder2017-08-17v0 - v1040
The Stern & TLC2017-08-10v0 - v720Blue v4 set by Kris & Pink v6 set by Kody
The Wave Wall2017-08-01v0 - v916Blue v6 set by Jonny
The Ship2017-07-25v2 - v1018Yellow v10 set by Brian
The Ship2017-07-20v0 - v1114Yellow v7 set by Brian
Downstairs2017-07-13v0 - v414Blue v1 set by Kody
Sunset Slab and The Stern2017-07-06v0 - v1120Yellow v0 set by Devan and Purple v10 set by Devan
Top Out Left2017-06-27v0 - v924Blue v7 set by Kris
Top Out Right2017-06-20v0 - v1017Purple v3 set by Kris and Pink v4 set by Kody
The Learning Corner2017-06-15v0 - v817Yellow v3 set by Brian
The Wave Wall2017-06-12v1 - v68Purple v4 set by Kris
The Wave Wall2017-06-08v1 - v711Pink v4 set by Kody
The Wave Wall2017-06-01v2 - v86Yellow v5 set by Kris
The Ship2017-05-25v0 - v1022Pink v8 set by Kody
The Ship and Sunset Slab2017-05-18v0 - v1122Green v3 set by Kody
Top Out Right2017-04-25v0 - v710
Top Out2017-04-20v0 - v1118Green v5 set by David
Top Out Left2017-04-13v0 - v711Purple v1 set by Brian
The Ship2017-04-10v2 - v77Green 7 set by Kody
The Prow2017-04-03v2 - v78Blue v6 set by Kody
The Learning Corner, Wave Wall2017-03-23v0 - v717Orange v1 set by Kody
Downstairs2017-03-18v0 - v1345
The Ship2017-03-02v2 - v1020Green v8 set by Brian
The Wave Wall2017-03-01v0 - v1310Purple v7 set by Brian
The Wave Wall & The Stern2017-02-28v0 - v915Green v6 set by Kody
The Learning Corner, Sunset Slab (backside)2017-02-21v0 - v816Orange v6 set by Kris
Top Out Right2017-02-14v0 - v1126
The Ship (Starboard)2017-01-31v0 - v1022

Meet Our Routesetters

Moses Potter

Director of Routesetting

Marcus LaCavera

SNA Head Routesetter

Mike Rohsler

LAX Head Routesetter

Devan Gutierrez

Lakewood Head Routesetter.

Jordan Keyes

Jonathan Kennedy

Jed Ngo

Kristin Okamoto

Steven Vanderburg

Derek LaCavera

Dylan Sestak

Evan Daniel

Massimo Pelusi

Bella McNabb

John Hickey

Chris Brey

Eli Tracy

Silas Chang

Harper Nelson

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