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The month of May focuses on Mental Health Awareness. Follow our blogs this month as we share topics on mental health!

As a climbing gym, Sender One fosters physical health and wellness on a daily basis, but we also understand that as a whole, “there is no health without mental health,” as the World Health Organization states. 

Mental Health Awareness Month is about breaking the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness so that we can focus on treatments and resolutions for a stronger and happier life. Check out this list of books that dive into different perspectives of those experiencing mental health issues while providing guidance and insight on improving our own mental health. 

If you are struggling with balancing your mental health, we encourage you to speak with a mental health professional. 


Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

Lori Gottlieb

“Rarely have I read a book that challenged me to see myself in an entirely new light, and was at the same time laugh-out-loud funny and utterly absorbing.” - Katie Couric

The Noonday Demon

Andrew Solomon

“Depression is a country that the undepressed can’t enter, but Solomon… bends all his energy and talent as a writer to sending us snapshots from this terrifying land.” - Nicci Gerrard, The Observer


Glennon Doyle

“Doyle might just be the patron saint of female empowerment. . . . Here she inspires other women to listen to their intuition and break free of what cages them. . . . Her memoir has a message as clear as a ‘go’ signal: Find and honor your truest self.”- People (Book of the Week)


Daring Greatly

Brené Brown

“What I find remarkable about this book is the unique combination of solid research and kitchen table story-telling. Brené becomes such a real person in the book that you can actually hear her voice asking, “Have you dared greatly today?” The invitation in this book is clear: We must be larger than anxiety, fear, and shame if we want to speak, act, and show up. The world needs this book and Brené’s unique blend of warmth, humor and ass-kicking makes her the perfect person to inspire us to dare greatly.” - Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.

Emotional First Aid

Guy Winch

“The advice Winch offers in this refreshingly useful book is both practical and practicable—down-to-earth techniques that really can bring relief when things feel like they’re falling apart.” - Anneli Rufus, author of The Big Book of Low Self-Esteem

The Courage to be Disliked

Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga

“[The Courage to be Disliked guides] readers toward achieving happiness and lasting change… For those seeking a discourse that helps explain who they are in the world, Kishimi and Koga provide an illuminating conversation.” - Library Journal


How it Feels to Float

Helena Fox

“A perfect, surreal exploration of mental illness and grief. Fox’s writing is poetry, bringing the reader to the brink of Biz’s madness and back again as she finds new ways to make meaning, and new people to make it with. . . . How It Feels to Float is a visceral reading experience that captures the way in which many teens struggle with mental illness. It is a lesson in acceptance and understanding, and readers will be deeply moved.” - Books+Publishing

Turtles All the Way Down

John Green

“This novel is by far [Green’s] most difficult to read. It’s also his most astonishing. . . . So surprising and moving and true that I became completely unstrung. . . . One needn’t be suffering like Aza to identify with it. One need only be human.” - Jennifer Senior, The New York Times


Laurie Halse Anderson

“With naked emotion, brutal honesty and a narrative that’s simultaneously captivating and claustrophobic, Wintergirls gives readers a haunting window into the disordered thinking behind eating disorders.” - Norah Piehl, BookPage

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