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We'd like to wish all the incredible moms a Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for being supportive, hardworking, understanding, and loving. We know it's not easy! Moms, you inspire us all and we appreciate you every day.

We took a moment to connect with some moms who are members of our community. Take a look at how they manage parenting and climbing in their own unique ways.

Happy Mother's Day!

Jessica Christensen

Sender One Member Since 2014

How do you balance motherhood and climbing?
I guess I don’t always see it as a balance since I’ve kind of gotten used to having Miles around. It just is. At first, it took a major lowering of expectations. If we (Erik, Miles, and I) could get out for a day, it was a success even if we only got a couple of routes in. It helps that I am pretty stuck on sport climbing. Trad is another story, actually, a funny but kind of sad one involving Miles. [We] would leave him at the base of Cyclops without realizing he only had a little battery left in his iPad. He was more than a little distraught when we re-emerged from the downclimb. Honestly, more battery and he would have never even noticed.

What is the biggest challenge of being a climbing mom?
The biggest challenge is really trying not to eat all of the rad snacks a 7-year-old’s metabolism can afford to eat.

Do your kids climb? If so, how do you get them exc