Mother's Day 2022 - Sender One Climbing

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and we at Sender One want to take a moment out to celebrate all the moms who make our lives shine!

Many of us our moms were there not only for our first steps but our first sends! Whether teaching us to appreciate the beauty of nature, wrangling us to get to school on time, or being the support we need in hard times, moms truly make the world go 'round.

This year, we're offering you a few last-minute ideas for the perfect outing. We're also celebrating the moms of the Sender One Team (some of them who're part of the Sender One Team!) with stories of how they got us started on our journey to loving this world!


Outing Ideas

Crystal Cove

Crystal Cove is a true gem, tucked right into the middle of Orange County between Newport and Laguna. From tide pools to adorable beach town streets, the shores are beyond breathtaking. Guaranteed Instagram posts and framed family photos abound. If you're more into hiking, the trails in the park are among the prettiest and most accessible coastal sage scrub in Southern California. Truly, there's something for bring a smile to every mom here!

Find out more about the park!

Children play in the sands at Crystal Cove

Griffith Park

For Angelenos, Griffith Park is iconic--and it's obvious why. Trains? Got it. Zoo? Got it. Stars? Got 'em. Caves, hikes, trees? You bet ya. The hardest part of visiting Griffith park is deciding exactly what to do. If choosing is hard, the Fern Dell path is highly recommended and will make you forget about the roaring city in a heartbeat!

Plan your day here!

Malibu Creek

Home to our recent Crag Cleanup, Malibu Creek Sate Park feels like stepping into another world from Los Angeles.  With 15 miles of creek-side trails, beautiful natural pools, and some pretty fun climbing spots, Malibu Creek is a real get away even on the busiest day. Trust us, it's worth the little bit of extra drive to see it all!

Check it out here!

Moms of the Sender One Team!

Sheri & her daughters in Zion National Park, Utah

Sheri (Nicole P's mom)

"My mom, Sheri, has always been adventurous and outdoors focused. One time my sister, my friends, and I were climbing at Pine Mountain and didn't have service. My mom and my friends' mom decided to drive up there to try to find us (which is not too easy if you're not a climber). They found us and tried bouldering outside for the first time. My mom even got to the top of some boulders! We relaxed after by drinking the bottle of tequila they brought up. It was amazing for her to go out of her way to share my passion for climbing (and tequila) with her."

- Nicole P.

Laura & Bryce in Yosemite National Park

Laura (Soph and Bryce's Mom)

Not only is Laura a double-mom to two members of the Sender One team, she's also a Yoga instructor at SNA! Laura passed on a life-long love of adventure and the outdoors to both of her children, with frequent trips to Yosemite, morning surfing expeditions, and of course introducing both Bryce and Soph to Sender One.

Soph will always remember the trip Laura took them on to Catalina, where they camped out in the hills and Laura read them "The Little Prince" (they now have a tattoo with a passage from the fox chapter). Bryce, meanwhile, will never forget the when, at only 11, he got pancreatitis in the middle of Yosemite and had to be hauled out through six miles of trail. Suffice to say, he was a little heavier than the average day pack. Thankfully, Laura is one of the strongest and most determined people out there!

Melody & Crystal with the utterly cute Penny.

Melody (Crystal's Mom)

"Growing up, we weren’t outdoorsy, but we visited Taiwan and a number of other countries as much as we could afford. My mom put a lot of effort into maintaining our Chinese and Taiwanese background since she only moved to the United States a couple of years before I was born. We were fortunate to be immersed in different cultures. One memory of my mom was when she came to my elementary school and taught my class how to make dumplings and how to write their favorite word in Chinese calligraphy. As a kid, this was just normal for me, but as I got older, I realized just how much effort it takes to hold on to your family’s culture especially going to American schools, dating white guys, and being within the minority. Now, I find myself looking for Chinese recipes to try that I can cook for my mom and reaching for the savory and sweet items at the Asian market that remind me of my childhood. Beyond keeping our culture alive, my mom is ultra-supportive, hilarious, and just the absolute best!"

Whether you're heading out for a hike, or staying in for a well-deserved morning in bed, Sender One wishes all the moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!

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