Nationals Training Camp 2023 - Sender One Climbing

Nationals Training Camp 2023

Get ready for the 2023 Youth National Championships with Sender One during our Nationals Training Camp!

Camp Details

We are excited to be hosting our second Nationals Training Camp at Sender One! This camp will include full competition rounds in each discipline, feedback and review from Sender One coaches and guest coaches, warm-up and injury prevention from a climbing physical therapist, and technique and comp strategy development.

Attendance will be capped to 40 Climbers, ensuring focused instruction with our coaches and therapist.
12  M/F  C
14  M  BAJR
14  F  BAJR



Eligible for all Divisional Participants in Sport and Bouldering 

Pricing & Booking

2 day: $399 - Any Single Discipline
3 Days: $639 - Ropes + Speed 
4 Days: $709 - Bouldering + Speed 
4 Days: $709 - Bouldering + Ropes
5 Days: $919 - Bouldering + Speed + Ropes



Daily: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Our Coaches


Christian Mercene

Sender One SNA
Head Coach

  • Christian is the head competition climbing coach at Sender One SNA.
  • Christian has been climbing for over 11 years and coaching for over 5 years. He is bouldering and sport climbing at an elite level, bouldering v12 and has climbing multiple 5.14 routes.
  • Christian excels at analyzing climbing technique & movement to create effective strength training programs for his athletes. He has coached athletes to a National & Worlds level. He bases his training principles around injury prevention.

Laurel Melton

Sender One SNA
Programs Manager

  • Laurel has been climbing for 15 years, including 8 years competing in the USAC youth circuit.
  • 3x representative of Team USA at international speed climbing competitions.
  • 5 years of coaching experience, both with her college team and the Sender One youth programs

Michelle Mitchell

Sender One LAX
Head Coach

  • Michelle has 10 years of climbing experience and has been a climbing coach since 2020
  • Michelle has a passion for Sports Medicine and Long-Term Athlete Development
  • Specialties include Youth Fitness and Sports Performance
  • Education: B.S in Human Biology, M.S. in Sport Psychology, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Ross Fulkerson

USA Climbing
National team

  • Ross is a professional climber and all-around adventurer. For the last two years, he has competed on the IFSC World Cup Circuit as part of the US National team and made Finals at the Salt Lake City Bouldering World cup. 
  • He started a youtube channel dedicated to sharing behind-the-scenes experiences, tips, and tricks for becoming a better climber and outdoor-based content for the climbing community.
  •  Stemming from his extensive experience in high-level competitions, his specialty is understanding and coaching what it takes to execute complex movements in demanding environments. 

Steve Gaspar

Head Coach

  • Steve's team The Rock Warriors are the current Region 31 Champions.
  • Steve has set multiple USAC Youth Sport Climbing Nationals and countless championship-level events, in all disciplines.
  • Steve specializes in developing personal training programs, working on mindset, competition preparation, and wellness.
  • Steve is also an ISSA Certified Sports Nutritionist, & DNA Wellness Specialist with over a decade of professional experience.

Conner Gurzi

Head Coach
Flow Stone

  • Connor has been climbing for 18 years, coaching for 10 years, and setting for 6.

  • He has coached many high-level athletes over the years and has route set for numerous Regionals, Divisionals, training camps, and the most recent NACS at Flowstone. 

  • He especially loves working through complex movements and getting into the subtleties of body positioning.

Marco Giacomangeli

Head Coach
Grotto Climbing

  • Msrco is studying to complete his degree in kinesiology
  • Marco believes that setting and coaching are synonymous with each other and integral to athletes achieving their full potential. 
  • With years of experience working with a diverse range of athletes, Marco specializes in teaching individualized solutions and developing unique exercises.

Our Physical Therapist


A PT will be joining us to lead warm-up mobility routines tailored to that day's disciplines. They will also train athletes on how to recover between days, to keep climbing at your peak thru the event.

Their integration into our camp staff ensures a focus on total wellness and sustainable performance, on and off the walls.

Chris Zipser

PT, DPT, Owner
At Climb Pain Free

Header Photograph Courtesy @TheShortBeta

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