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Sender One’s purpose is to discover ourselves and connect with others. We commit ourselves to offering an inspiring climbing, yoga, and fitness experience; an opportunity for self-discovery, and a sharing, social atmosphere for every customer, partner, and guest who walks through our doors (or who we meet outside of our doors).


How We Started

Sender One’s origin is the story of what indoor rock climbing means to each of the founders. For each of them, indoor rock climbing was an avenue for self-discovery and a wellspring for community during transitional times in their lives.

Co-founder’s Wes Chu, Wes Shih, and Alice Kao met in 2011 and started climbing together at a local gym in Los Angeles.

When the founders opened the first Sender One, they found in each other a shared experience and motivation for climbing—to discover themselves and connect with others. This became Sender One’s core purpose–a purpose they all wanted to share with as many people as they could. While people initially come to climb the beautiful walls, they stay because of the communities they find and what they learn about themselves through climbing.

Who We Are

Alice Kao

Alice Kao

Chief Executive Officer

Wes Shih

Wes Shih

Chief Operating Officer

Core Values

Share Your Passions
You love something; something makes you happy—whether it’s climbing, working with kids, or teaching. Pass that love along so that others can experience what you feel.

Find Creative Beta
Harness your imagination thoughtfully by finding novel and interesting approaches to our everyday responsibilities.

Learn from Your Projects and Send them
Learn and grow from each task, challenge, and interaction. And follow them through to the end.

See the World from Other People’s Perspectives
Treat others as they would want to be treated by conscientiously putting yourself in their shoes. Help others to also understand your point-of-view.

Climb Together
Work together, support each other, share ideas, and earn trust.