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In 2011, co-founders Alice Kao, Wes Shih, and Wes Chu began climbing together at a local gym in Los Angeles. For each of them, rock climbing was an avenue for self-discovery and a wellspring for community during transitional times in their lives.
When the founders opened the first Sender One, they found in each other a shared experience and motivation for climbing -- to discover themselves and connect with others. This naturally became Sender One’s main purpose -- a purpose they wanted to share with as many people as possible. While visitors may come to climb on the beautiful walls, they end up staying because of the community they find and what they learn about themselves through climbing.


Sender One’s purpose is to discover ourselves and connect with others through climbing.

Every individual who climbs with us has a unique story. We vow to foster a space that offers inspiring climbing, yoga, and fitness experiences; an opportunity for self-discovery, and a sharing, social atmosphere for every member, new visitor, guest, and partner who walks through our doors (or who we meet outside of our doors).


These are the core values we live, breathe, and demonstrate every day.


Share the love for something that makes you happy -- whether it’s climbing, working with kids, or instructing.
Allow others the opportunity to experience what you feel.


Harness your imagination and find novel approaches to shared responsibilities.


Allow learning and growth from each task, challenge, and interaction while seeing them through to the end.


Conscientiously see things from the perspective of others and help them understand yours.


Work together, support each other, share ideas, and earn trust.


Tackle challenges head-on while accepting the possibility of falling; knowing and trusting that your teammates have your back.


Current Locations:

Sender One SNA (Santa Ana)

2013: We opened the doors to our very first full-service climbing facility in Santa Ana, California.
This gym is home to the original Sender City and offers bouldering and 50-foot rope climbing walls, including the iconic “Ice Cream Cone” feature. Round out your training on the fully kitted MoonBoard and our hangboards.
In 2018, we rented out the adjacent building which now houses two beautiful yoga studios, space for our aerial silks program, and an expanded fitness area.

Sender One LAX (Los Angeles)

2017: We said hello to our second full-service climbing facility and first in Los Angeles, California -- a short five-minute drive away from the Los Angeles International Airport.
This gym offers Sender City, a two-story bouldering area, top rope and lead climbing, yoga, and fitness. It is currently the tallest rope climbing facility in Southern California with the iconic centerpiece dubbed “The Torch” standing at 60 feet tall with 40 degrees of overhanging terrain.
End your sessions by watching planes close by from the top out boulder or relax in the sauna.

Sender One Playa Vista

2021: Announcing our third location and first-ever bouldering only facility! A beautifully designed space inspired by the Playa Vista neighborhood and nearby ocean. This gym offers 7000+ SF of essential bouldering terrain, a Tension Board, a Tread Wall, and a fitness area.
Conveniently located at Runway Playa Vista, walking distance from restaurants, shops, entertainment, and Whole Foods.

Sender One Training Center

2021: Nestled in the same complex and a short walk away from Sender One SNA, the Sender One Training Center is a space that focuses on dedicated trainers and competition climbers. This addition to the Sender One family houses two adjustable climbing boards, beautiful bouldering terrain, competition-focused routesetting and holds, and more training tools to meet the needs of any climber looking to get strong. It is currently open to our climbing teams and members during limited hours.


Sender One Westwood

Our fourth and second bouldering only facility is coming to Westwood, California. The Westwood Village neighborhood is in the middle of everything you need except climbing, but we’re about to change that! We can’t wait to repurpose an old movie theatre and transform it into a world-class bouldering facility for the community to enjoy and thrive in.
Coming 2022

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