Parking at Sender One LAX - We Hear You, and We’re Here for You - Sender One Climbing

Since Sender One LAX opened three years ago, the community has grown and flourished. We are grateful for the climbing experiences that we share with our Sender One family every day!

With more and more people joining the fun, we know a frequent challenge is finding a place to park.  We wanted to let you know that we are working on improvements.

As a first step, staff will no longer park in the gym’s lot during peak weeknight and weekend hours.  At the same time, we are in discussions with our neighbors and nearby parking lot owners to make more parking available to everyone in our community.  Please check out our parking map on the right for options outside of Sender One LAX’s general parking. 

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation, patience, and understanding while we work to make parking more accessible for Sender One LAX’s members and guests. 

We always want to hear your suggestions. If you have other thoughts related to parking or any other topics, we have suggestion forms available on our community board.  You can also reach out to us through our various electronic channels. 

Thanks for being awesome!

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